Twenty Thoughts While Updating My Resume

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, I'm still searching for that forever job. I've sent my resume countless places, tweaked it easily four thousand different times. I have a folder on my computer that has no less than twelve different versions I have updated in the past year. I hate resumes. During my last update, I jotted down my thoughts while trying to update my resume for yet another round of job applications. 
  1. I hate that they're not supposed to have color. Black + white is so not my vibe. 
  2. I don't think I can be described in bullet points, no matter how much I like to use them here.
  3. I genuinely cannot pick a font that is easy to read, fits with all of the information I have to put on one page, and also somehow helps me stand out. 
  4. I always feel like I could explain any of the bullet points in so much more detail if you would just talk to me. I would gladly make a video resume if that was a legitimate thing. 
  5. All of my recent volunteer work was done through my previous jobs, not a volunteer organization but I can't really put that into words for you. 
  6. I haven't held a leadership role in any community positions because my career path causes me to move around keeping me from making two or three year commitments, but there's not a way to put that on there. 
  7. What if this hiring manager only reads resumes in Times New Roman. Why why are there so many fonts? I really love fonts guys. 
  8. I know my internship was four, almost five years ago, but don't they need to know I worked my way up? I started out unpaid? 
  9. Do I give my major GPA or my cumulative GPA? because they're very different. If I give my major GPA because it's higher, will they think I'm hiding something? If I give my cumulative GPA will they think I'm an idiot since it's just barely over 3.0? Accounting was really hard at UGA. So were all of those classes I took when I was an engineering major. 
  10. Are you sure I can't make my name like a logo? Can't I make it red? That would be so pretty. 
  11. What if the hiring manager spells his name Casey + thinks I spelled mine wrong? 
  12. Should I try to go by Kathleen? Is Kathleen more professional since it's my legal first name and Kasey is just what people call me because you cannot shorten it to Katie
  13. Oh wait I can't go by Kathleen because of what happens when you google search Kathleen Decker you get all of the stuff about that one Nets intern..
  14. What if the hiring manager went to UF and throws my resume away because I was told to put my education first instead of last? 
  15. Should I reword the description of this event to focus more on my skills under pressure rather than the size and moving parts of the event? 
  16. Does it sound braggy if I say it had the largest turnout in the history of the event? Or does that just show I did a good job?
  17. OH NO. Did I spell "detail oriented" right? Did I even put that on there?
  18. Do all of these bullet points line up?
  19. Crap what happens if they google search and end up on my blog and they don't like that I said I didn't like to wear shoes in my "about me" section?
  20. Oh, what happens if they go to my blog and see this list I should probably stop making this list. 
As I was making this list the other day, I was also working on my cover letter. Can we just talk about how cover letters are the worst? Just read my resume, if I meet the qualifications, call me. What do you stress about when making your resume updates? Any suggestions? Also, linking up for Listed Tuesday, because obviously.


Monday is like a bad penny y'all. Keeps showing up. This past weekend, I easily lost ten years off of my life by not breathing for the last three minutes of the UGA game. Then the Falcons broke my heart, again. So let's recap on Weekly Wishes + goals. OH and I guess since October is Wednesday, I should probably set those goals too. I can't handle it. Let's start with September's goals!

september goals ::
increase followers -- Y'ALL. I particpiated in Rebekah's September giveaway and not only did I grow followers, but I made new friends! OH AND I HIT 100 BLOGLOVIN' FOLLOWERS. A HUNDRED! 

make more pinable images to strengthen photoshop skills -- I played around with photoshop a lot. even used it to edit all my fancy camera pictures. so, success

take more pictures --  I've already started putting together my September Through the Lens [I always want to spell it lense and that's not a word] post + I took oodles more pictures this month than last month. 

blog every weekday in september -- I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO GO. y'all. ONE MORE DAY AND I ALREADY WROTE AND SCHEDULED IT! sorry for the screaming.  

organize my closet // nope. I actually made it worse. oops. we'll just roll it over to this week..

write + schedule my posts for #blogtober14 // oops. I didn't finish this, but I did start it. soo that's sort of a success. 

plan something cool for Thursday because I'm holding the Blog Baton! // oh good! I did accomplish one of them!! I had all sorts of fun holding the Blog Baton last week! 

this week's wishes :: 
work on my editorial calendar //  so I made one, but I haven't really done anything else with it. Now it's time to plan posts + be organized. boom. 

organize my closet... for obvious reasons. 

knock three things off of my fall bucket list // uh oh. that's probably a lot. but I have at least one, maybe two planned for this weekend. so I should be able to swing three! 

october goals :: 
blog every weekday in October // if I could do it in September, why can't I do it in October?

master at least one aspect of manual shooting with my camera // I'm still learning how to get the right lighting + aperture settings down. so I'll keep taking pictures and get better. 

get on top of my budget // in line with needing to organize my closet and be an adult, I should really get on top of my budget as well. so I'll be pinning and researching and building something I can really stick to. I promise I'll share if I come across anything super helpful! [other than ebates, because if you shop online and you don't use ebates, you're throwing money away.]

That's it for me today, what are your goals for October? 
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What's a Hobnail Boot + Other Things You Need to Know for Georgia Tennessee

The University of Georgia rivalry with the University of Tennessee differs from the UGA/USC rivalry because Herschel scored his first touchdown against Tennessee, Tennessee has had their song that drives us crazy (Rocky Top.) longer, and they wear orange. Georgia fans abhor the color orange. It's just not our shade. Auburn wears it, Florida wears it, and Tennessee wears it. So here are some things you need to know before you head to Athens for this one!
uga football tennessee rivalry

Hobnail Boot
I remember where I was and what I was doing the day Larry Munson died. Larry Munson left the University of Georgia with an abundance of outstanding calls. One of which was "he stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose" I remember it. "touchdown! my God a touchdown!" I was 12. I had to look up what a hobnail boot was. That was already a big game, but that play, that game matters in our history. Watch, here you can see Mark Richt tell the story better than me: 

Tennessee Leads
Tennessee leads the series 21-20-2, with nine of those 21 coming in a row from 1989 to 1999 [they didn't meet in 1991..] Tennessee has been through a lot the past few years, but we for sure haven't forgotten what a powerhouse they have the potential to be. Georgia has won the past four in a row, last year by the skin of their teeth. It's always a close game, because in the SEC, you never know what could happen

Rocky Top. 
It's imperative not to let Tennessee win because you will have to hear Rocky Top a million times. You will absolutely never in a million years get that song out of your head. I know I exaggerate quite often, but this is the truth. Here, listen to it, then tell me you don't have it stuck in your head. good ole' rocky top.

In 2007, my freshman year, an unranked Tennessee beat us and beat us bad. They won 35-14, were our only loss that year, and kept us out of the BCS National Championship because the head-to-head loss kept us out of the SEC Championship game.

the color orange.
Listen. Orange is not a good color okay? There are very few people who look good in the color orange. Tennessee orange is a special brand of orange too. It always reminds me of Home Depot + prison jumpsuits.
Hutson Mason said it best, "if you don't take Tennessee seriously, they will beat you and ruin your season." Don't forget to enter for the $100 to J. Crew! Check that out! I'm also linking up with Sarah + for Oh Hey Friday! What games are you watching this weekend?

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Thursday Things -- A Reintroduction

So I'm on the verge of 100 followers on bloglovin' which is probably enough to give me a heart attack, but it means there are lots of new people here! I've seen a lot of "reintroduction" posts lately, so I figured now's as good a time as any! Also, today you can catch me on the Blog Baton -- which if you're not already following, you really should be. So, here we go! 
name : actually, it's Kathleen if I'm in trouble or the waiter is reading my credit card. I go by Kasey, my parents gave me that nickname when I was born because they didn't want me to be called Katie. fun fact:  my dad had a stalker named Katie, so that's where Kasey comes from. My mom has also told me she wanted to name me Zoe. So there's that. 

age : okay, I'm 25. I don't want to talk about it. I wanted to stay 22 forever. 22 was a good year. 

why did I start blogging : I think I originally set "Kasey at the Bat" up when I was moving to California for work, but I really started blogging after I built a couple of social media programs and also I was told I really should after my blogs about winter meetings. [ps, it's super weird to be able to go to someone else's blog + see your name as a category..]

where am I : Atlanta, currently. I am always disappointed when the flight attendants only say "Welcome to Atlanta." If I ever got into working for an airline, I would always close with "welcome to Atlanta where the playas play" because. you have to.  

what do I blog about : okay, so it's a lot of sports stuff, working in sports, lists about really anything, and I link up confessions every Wednesday, because I think my life is pretty hilarious...

it's happy hour, I'm drinking a : tequila sunrise. yum. 

most recent netflix binges : Scandal, Warehouse 13, HIMYM, AND ON OCTOBER FIRST, GILMORE GIRLS. 

favorite teams : Braves, UGA, Falcons, Blackhawks (okay, so I'm a little bit of a bandwagon fan, they keep taking my hockey teams away..) I love a good MiLB game, no matter who the team is..

guilty pleasures : disney channel original tv shows, really any kind of animated movie, the SyFy channel, Reece's in the freezer, rereading Harry Potter books, 90's pop music...

 So, that's a lot you probably didn't want to know just learned, tell me about you! Guilty pleasures, favorite cocktails, netflix binges, I wanna know it all! 

That Time I Maybe Broke My Foot Dancing...

Does anyone else sound Wednesday out like Owl from Winnie the Pooh? A blustery wiiiindsday? No? Just me? Well that's embarrassing. Let's see what other ridiculous statements I can make!
Vodka and Soda

There's a pretty solid chance I broke something in my foot dancing on Friday night. I'm hoping that I can sneak out and not have to go to the doctor. In the category of things I definitely broke on Friday night, dancing, we should have a moment of silence for the super cute dress I had on. Sorry LC, it didn't hold up. Good thing I was wearing a vest over it or we would have had some serious issues. 
While we're on the subject of Friday, if you read Becca's blog, you know Music Midtown was last weekend. For some reason, this meant Uber prices went up. Now they went up for NYE, but it wasn't unbearable. However, our safe rides on Friday night? Totaled $71. YES. SEVENTY. ONE. DOLLARS. Uber does this great thing, where they tell you how much the ride should have been ($9 each way, so $18 total, if you're wondering. It was only 4 miles each way.)
I try really hard not to have favorite players because, you know, I'm a girl. If I have a favorite player on a team it's obviously because I think he's a babe and not because I think he's a great player. That being said, I've always had a soft spot for pitchers, and I would really like to have some words with the Braves offense for hanging our starting rotation (especially Alex Wood) out to dry. They can only pitch so many one run games and you have to score runs. I'm not mad Braves offense, just disappointed.

I might have gotten more excited than is reasonable when I discovered they finally got Shake it Off on Spotify.
That's really all I have for today. Some other important things have happened, the Mighty Ducks reunited, Hillary Duff said she'd be down for a Lizzie McGuire reunion, and Emma Watson reminded us why we love her. Don't forget to enter to win $100 to J. Crew! What do you have to confess this week? Let's shake shake shake shake shake it off. 

It's Fall, Y'all!

PSA:  IT FEELS LIKE FALL IN ATLANTA TODAY. So obviously, I would be a terrible blogger if I didn't talk about fall, sweaters, leggings, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes right? Right. So I'm making a fall goal list. I didn't do so hot on my summer bucket list, so here's hoping I'll do better on Fall!  I'm linking up for Listed Tuesdays + for my Fall Bucket List!
Our Nashville Life
corn maze // there are more options than you would expect for this in Georgia. like this one, this one, or this one!
bonfire + s'mores // I mean, is it even possible to have a bonfire without s'mores?
hike kennesaw mountain // the view from the top is already incredible, but when the leaves all change colors, I can't even explain.
pumpkin beer // DUH. Pumpkin beer is my favorite of all the seasonal beers. I'm so excited.
spiked apple cider // because apple cider needs a little Captain in it.
oktoberfest in helen, ga // okay this is cheating because we have it planned for next weekend, but beer and pretzels in Helen, count me in.
pumpkin patch // if you looked at the corn mazes, they're usually attached to pumpkin patches, hello, two birds, one stone.
hay rides // see above. also I love a good hay ride, is that just me? I'm never gonna grow up.
georgia/georgia tech game // this is thanksgiving weekend, in Athens, and there are few places prettier than Athens in the fall.
camping // this is going to be a hard sell, my friends like to sleep indoors. anyone want to go?
apple picking // there are four billboards on my way to work advertising apple picking. it looks like so much fun!

Things that felt like cheating to put on the bucket list: caramel apple treats, watching Hocus Pocus, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin shaped Reece's cups, and dressing up for Halloween. What's on your fall bucket list?

Weekly Wishes + A Giveaway!

Oh, Monday. Here you are again. I'm in a substantially better mood than last Monday because the Falcons played pretty well on Thursday night and UGA did okay too... So we're back again for weekly wishes with the Nectar Collectivelet's see how I did!
last week’s wishes ::

use "teach yourself photography" lessons every day // I took easily 400 pictures last week. how about that? I mean, I like to take a bunch of pictures at once to make sure I get a good one [+ even more candid ones, because those are usually so much better]. I shared some from the Braves game, how do you think I'm doing?

continue to limit spending on dining out // ALL I wanted for dinner Thursday night was takeout + I managed to refrain mostly because I didn't want to miss any of TNF. So I did well again this week! 

Work out every day this week // okay so I didn't get any long runs in, or even any really long walks in, but I did get about a mile every day -- so that totally counts. 

this week's wishes ::

organize my closet // Thursday night I cleaned the apartment, obviously because it wasn't on my to-do list for the week. I have an oversized walk in closet that will hold all of my clothes and probably could be a bedroom, so I shouldn't have piles of clothes on the floor, because apparently at 25 you're supposed to pretend to be an adult. So closet organization + maybe cleanout are in order. 

write + schedule my posts for #blogtober14 // in keeping with my new addiction to blogging every weekday, I've already decided which prompts I'm going to use so, in theory, I should be able to write those ahead of time + schedule them. hello preplanning!

plan something cool for Thursday because I'm holding the Blog Baton! // YEAH! You read that right! I will be taking over the Blog Baton Instagram on Thursday, September 25th + I'll have to do some fun stuff, obviously! 

Hand in hand with my September goal of increasing followers, I'm participating in this killer giveaway that Rebekah put together! What would you do with $100 to J. Crew?
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Baseball Behind The Scenes With Ben Baker

Today we're going to meet a good friend of mine from California, Ben Baker. Well Ben isn't from California, but we worked together with the Visalia Rawhide what feels like a million years ago. Anyways, when I graduated from college I picked up and moved all the way across the country. I had previously never lived more than an hour and a half from home and thought it was a solid decision to move three time zones away.
So, like I mentioned, Ben and I met in California where we shared a giant four person cube like area. Ben Baker is the salesperson anyone would die to have. That kid could sell sand in a desert and all of the other sales cliches. Without anymore unnecessary explanations, here's my interview with Ben! 
What did your career path look like? Did you major in a specific sports related field?
I've wanted to work in sports my entire life...I'm one of the lucky few who actually knew what I wanted to do. I went to Indiana Tech where I majored in Business Administration and I had a concentration in Sports Management. I started off as an intern with the sports marketing department at Notre Dame. I then went to work for an independent baseball team in Texas, unfortunately after my initial season there the league & team had significant financial issues and folded. I spent a few months back in Indiana selling cars to pay the bills until I left for Visalia to take a gig as a Group & Event Coordinator. I loved Visalia, the staff we had was amazing and I have great memories from there (read meeting me, obviously) but I chose to leave and pursue my career in hockey--and here I am.

What is the biggest difference between working in minor league baseball and working in hockey?
Pros: No pulling tarp, weather isn't a factor, & no 12 game home stands
Cons: No 12 game home stands (baseball is about the grind, and I love it...and actually miss those long homestands) (okay this is actually a real thing. I miss 12 game homestands too. obviously those of us who choose to work in baseball are gluttons for punishment or we'd just rather be at the ballpark than anywhere else..)

What is your favorite memory from working in sports?
I was fortunate enough to be a part of a championship run here in Florida. During the 2011-2012 season we made a historic run and clinched the Kelly Cup for the first time in franchise history in front of a standing room only crowd of 7,000+. We clinched it in overtime over Las Vegas and I was standing behind the net when the winner went in during OT. The place went nuts, I went radio flew off, I'm hugging co-workers, friends, and random people. Oh, and I got a ring out of it too.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone looking for a career in sports?
Take your internships seriously--even the grunt work. It can sometimes suck, but in order to succeed you HAVE to do it. I've been in mascot suits getting pulled in every direction by kids, full green spandex body suits running through the stands, & cut 10,000 bookmarks by hand (hey, I helped with that thank you.). And in fact, I still do some of that. But it's worth it...I go to work every day at an arena and get paid for it.

What made you originally choose baseball?
I played the game growing up and it was just a natural fit for me.

What is your most outrageous story from working in sports?
Oh there's plenty--and not one sticks out more than another. There was the time we had a knife wielding man in the stands, or the time I had a bounce house deflate when it was full of kids, let's not forget about the time I was in a green spandex suit and the back of it ripped, or the time I had an on field contestant puke in a giant hamster ball, oh and the time the drunk guy fell into the dugout during dizzy bat. (I got in trouble for that + subsequently had to make everyone play dizzy bat in right field instead of the first base line...)

So there you have it! Straight from the mouth, er well e-mail? of Ben Baker! If you don't believe him about the green body suit, I obviously have a picture. Duh.

Is there anything specific you would like to see/know about working in sports? What do you want to see on the next edition of Baseball Behind the Scenes

Thursday Things :: Braves vs. Nationals

Since I talked myself into buying my fancy camera, I have carried it everywhere. Grocery store, pizza place, you name it, I want to bring my camera along. Obviously I'm going to get my money's worth out of it. Anyways, Tuesday I went with a big bunch of my family to catch the Braves + the Nats. Sadly it had to be the game where the Nats clinched the East, so I don't want to talk about it. Instead, here are some pictures I took! 
freddie freeman braves atlanta
justin upton atlanta braves
jason heyward braves atlanta
No, I don't want to talk about the Nationals winning anything [I hope they don't score a single post season run. not even one.] or the current state of the Braves, or any of my sports teams for that matter. I just want to share pretty pictures. What do y'all think? 

Fake Fall Confessions

I keep seeing pictures of fall colored leaves on Instagram and reading about people wearing boots and sweaters and I'm starting to get jealous. It's a balmy 82 degrees here right now, so it's no where near time to wear boots and leggings unless you want to sweat out those last 5 pounds.
Vodka and Soda

I have only had one pumpkin spice latte since they were released early. I have, however, discovered a pumpkin spice tea [which I'm yet again not surprised that it contains zero actual pumpkin] and it is delicious. No sugar, milk, etc required. So I confess to being on the all pumpkin spice everything bandwagon. sorry bout it.

I am the poorest loser. I don't like to lose and I take it personally when my teams lose. I was at last night's Braves game and got very angry at the gNats for celebrating on our pitcher's mound, then coming back out for the postgame concert and celebrating more. Salt in the wound man, don't be a big fat jerk.
baseball manager tossed
Speaking of being a poor loser, when the Falcons lost on Sunday completing a weekend of sports letdowns for me, I acted like I had just been dumped by a long time boyfriend. I laid in my bed and watched Netflix and moped. I was absolutely pathetic.
I have been carrying my camera around everywhere taking a ridiculous amount of dog pictures, and last night baseball pictures, and I feel zero parts sorry for turning into that girl who totes around her DSLR and pretends to be fancy.
I'm genuinely surprised with my ability to stick to my goal of blogging every week day so far, since we're just about as close to halfway through September as it gets! These are all the confessions I have today, so head on over to Kat's place to see what everyone else has to say! What do you have to confess this week? 

Wanderlust :: Ireland

Today's prompt for Blog Every [Week]Day in September is : If you could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week vacation right now, where would you go and why?

I can say this with zero hesitation or thought, Ireland. Hands down. Nowhere else comes close. I've wanted to travel to Ireland for as long as I can remember. I have family from there, as the lady at the DMV told me, I have a good Irish name, plus green is my favorite color. These are not all the reasons I want to go, it's hard to explain, but I feel like I need to go. My goal is to get there before my 29th birthday. Or for my 29th birthday, but that would be frigid.
image from here
Cliffs of Moher // This list was going to be places that aren't already on everyone's list, but these cliffs have to be on the list. Pictures are breathtaking, so I can't even imagine what they must be like in real life. Obviously I have to see them in person.

Leap Castle // I may hate horror movies, but I'm a little more than obsessed with ghosts and stories about places being haunted. This is rumored to be the most haunted of all of the fancy castles in Ireland.
image from trip advisor 
The Titanic Museum in Belfast // I was obsessed with the Titanic before Kate + Leo got on it, but they definitely made me love it more, I was pretty bummed when I found out they weren't real people though. Obviously I couldn't be driving distance from the birthplace of the Titanic and not see it in person.

ALL of the Pub Crawls // I love a good Irish pub in America. I have never felt more like an idiot then when a waitress rolled her eyes at me for ordering "Smithwicks" and saying it like it's spelled, sorry I'm not a world traveler yet lady. Anyways, you can't read a guide to traveling Ireland without a pub crawl being mentioned. There are literary ones, historical ones, I'm hoping ghost related ones. I would be a fool not to crawl around the pubs.

I would really probably need more than two weeks in Ireland, but if I could go anywhere in the world right this minute, that's where I'd go. What else do I need to add to my list of things I absolutely must see when I get to Ireland?

Also, linking up for Listed Tuesdays!

Weekly Wishes :: Eight

No, I do not want to talk about that game Saturday or anything else any of my sports teams did this weekend. All I want to do is sit in bed and eat froyo and not talk about how the SEC officials redefined a first down or how the Braves got swept again. I just don't okay? So let's do weekly wishes, see what I did last week, and where I am on this month's goals!
last week’s wishes ::

limit spending by not going out for dinner // success! Well, sort of. I did go out on Tuesday night, but my mom bought my dinner, bonus – I didn’t go out to eat any over the weekend either, so of the $50 I budgeted for the weekend, I still have $35. How about that?

create an editorial calendar for the rest of 2014. // okay so I didn’t finish this, but I started. I also wrote out all of the ideas that I have for the rest of September in my planner. I decided I wanted to make something reusable rather than something that would just cover me for the rest of 2014. So, half win at least!

get back to applying for jobs //  I’ve applied for two this week, and I think I’m going to go to the Falcons thing on Thursday. Even if I don’t find a job, maybe I’ll get in front of the right people. Even if I don’t get in front of the right people, I’ll at least get to go to the Falcons game. So the silver lining has a silver lining..

this week’s wishes ::

use these "teach yourself photography" lessons every day // I want to practice every single day this week to [duh] become a better photographer. I’m going to make sure I get my money’s worth for everything.

continue to limit spending on dining out // maybe I should really sit down + build a better budget, but I’m thinking eating at home more will make my life better. Not that I’ll be bailing on adventures or anything, just less drive through + takeout.

Work out every day this week // no excuses. I’m going to hit that #100byHalloween if my legs fall off in the process. so this is going to happen.

september goals ::

increase followers – I’ve been doing well in all of these! I’ve been slowly but surely increasing followers all around, so if you’re new, welcome! Plus, this month I’m hanging out on Becca + Steph’s side bars! Check that out!

make more pinable images to strengthen photoshop skills – still a work in progress, I did use photoshop to resize + watermark all of my pictures from my fancy new camera!

take more pictures – I am taking pictures of ridiculous things, but it’s so much fun. I’m also toting my camera everywhere. Sorry not sorry for being that person.

blog every weekday in september – hayooooo 11 for 11. How about them apples? oh + not to brag, but thanks to making myself sit down + work on an editorial planner, I have all of this week at least planned if not already half finished. boom

Being able to track the progress of my goals here really keeps me honest. It also helps me visualize my success and honestly it's a nice little ego boost that I normally need on Monday. I'm predicting this to be a great week, I have the Cole Swindell concert tomorrow to look forward to, and you know, pay day on Friday! What are your goals for this week? 

The Nectar Collective

5 Things You Need To Know: UGA/USC Rivalry

Okay. I know people west of the Mississippi reference a completely different University when they say USC, but for me it's always meant South Carolina. The crazy thing about the SEC is that every team is your rival, when you're playing them. Here are five key things you need to know about this rivalry going into the game Saturday. [at 3:30 pm, you should watch it, it's going to be a good one.]

First, and probably my favorite, be on the lookout for the grown man throwing a temper tantrum. The Ol' Ball Coach starts with his clipboard, that's the first thing he'll throw. The more worked up he gets, he'll move on to his headset, but my absolute favorite is when he get's so mad that he throws the visor. I mean, it's just the best.
Second, this match up is never about which team is better against any other team. This game never comes down to the better team winning, it always comes down to whoever wants it more. Sometimes it comes down to who has the ball last. This game is almost always our first SEC match up, it doesn't matter how we did against Clemson, this game is the first game of the season that really matters.

Third, USC plays that terrible Sandstorm song at their stadium. It's obnoxious but it really seems to work. I don't like it one bit. Nope. Home turf is really important in this one. The fans are always a factor. 

Fourth, it's important to remember that we have played South Carolina in 66 games, the record stands with Georgia leading 47-17-2

Fifth, a loss in this game doesn't impact the standings as much as you would think it should. In 2011 and  2012 we lost this game, but still won the East. Last year, we won this game, but South Carolina finished a game ahead of us. It's like all football ranking rules are suspended for this game. 

Needless to say, this game will test our team more than you really want your team to be tested this early in the season. If you're looking for me, I'll be wearing my lucky dress and stress eating fried tequila. Today I'm linking up with Sarah, Karli, and Amy. I'm all over the place! How many times do you think the visor will be thrown? 

Thursday Things -- My First DSLR Pictures

So in like, three years, when I'm substantially better at using my fancy new camera because of all of the tutorials I have pinned and just experience, I'll be able to come back to this post and laugh at how I thought I was doing pretty okay. Without further ado, here are my favorites from my first full day playing with my new toy!

It seems that my dogs were the most willing subjects for me to take pictures of. So, there's that! My current motto is fake it 'till you make it. Do you have any tips/tricks/suggestions for me? 

I'm Running Out Of Creative Confessions Titles..

Another Wednesday, another round of confessions with Kat! I was even prepared confessing things as they happened this week!
Vodka and Soda
I almost yelled at a Spirit Airlines "customer service representative" because I'm not allowed to pay for a damn carry on bag for someone else. Then I remembered I was dealing with the same company that made me do a GOOGLE SEARCH to find their customer service number, and a company that made a joke out of and used the gross invasion of privacy regarding photos as a marketing ploy. Safe to say I will never use Spirit ever again, regardless of how inexpensive their flights are.
I've been trying to make more of an effort to comment on blogs, but I still feel like that obnoxious younger sibling who wants to play with the big kids. I really don't know why it's outside of my comfort zone, because I could make friends with a damn wall..
I can't stop won't stop listening to Spotify's 00's TBT playlist. I've added it to the TBT playlist they made when it was all ladies too. It's such a great collection. Zero parts sorry for blasting "to the windows" in the office. Totes appropriate.
My fancy smancy camera came in yesterday, I almost had to add our UPS delivery man to the list of people that I inappropriately hug and confess my love to. I then proceeded to wear my camera around everywhere I went yesterday and today.. My first ever picture was of my furry roommate. I'm obsessed.
I keep reading the best way to grow your follower base on Instagram and Twitter is to use hashtags, but I always feel so ridiculous if I use more than one that I'll make fun of myself and tag #hashtag
I have been outsmarted by technology quite a few times. Most recently by my new phone case, I managed to put the whole waterproof shockproof whatever else proof case on while the phone was on vibrate, you know from that little side switch. Well now I can't get it to turn on the sound. Which is fine, my phone is almost always on silent. Except I can't hear sound in Instagram videos. womp.
I support the whole not giving the cable companies control of internet speeds, but the whole "internet slowdown" movement today has made it super hard  for me to find the right gif's for this post. So I'm calling it quits here because, as the saying goes, I literally can't even. 

What do you have to confess today?