Kasey Goes To Europe!!!

OH MY GOSH Y'ALL. IT'S HERE. I'm leaving for Europe today. I may be on the way already, depending on what time you're reading it. I have been going back and forth on what to do while I'm gone, so that y'all don't forget all about me! I mean, obviously you're all going to keep up with my adventures on the instagram right? I've decided I'll be using my own hashtag, because I'm a little obnoxious but also I love hashtags. How cool is it to see all of your pictures in one place? see my wine habit under #lemmewineaboutit. Anyways. Here's my plan: 

guest posts // first of all, I have some megababes who totally stepped up to the plate [see what I did there? y'all. I'm hilarious.] so those posts will be spattered about.

did I mention social media? // keep up with me on instagram + twitter. but probably mostly instagram more than anything. I may break the whole "one instagram per day" thing. sorry not sorry. also #kaseygoestoeurope !

The most important piece of information here, is that while I'm going to be pretty MIA here in blogland, I love all of you! I'll be busy falling in love with Europe. Insert all the heart eye emojis here.  Anything I have to see?

Atlanta Blogger Holiday Meetup!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY. I know it's been an entire week. I also know that MeganAllison, AND Caitlin already posted recaps, but I want to tooooo okay? Okay. First things first, it took me five days to be able to laugh and not immediately grab my abs and go "ouch" like a little baby. Obviously I have to go back to Pink Barre!  

I honestly live .4 miles away from Pink Barre in Buckhead and quite honestly didn't know there was anything else in that shopping center aside from the wine store, the Italian place, and Zoe's kitchen. I tried to walk, but you know, Ben Franklin and DST prevented it. good thing I didn't walk, I wouldn't have been able to get home.
okay. I don't like eggnog, but those eggnog cookies were to. die. for. 
Also, I love all of the ladies in the Atlanta Blogger Network. Even the ones I haven't met IRL. I've never felt like there is an awkward down time when we get there. It's such a stellar group of ladies [and gentlemen...] that I always feel comfortable being myself. you know, everyone has that personality they present when they're not sure how they'll be received, in this case I definitely wasn't too shy to be the one to start the champagne drinking. 
As far as barre class goes, I will absolutely be going back. Yes, I did whine and hurt for a week, but imagine how awesome I would feel if I went all the time. PLUS I'd be in better shape and have abs and have an excuse to wear yoga pants more. Also, allegedly, it will help me with balance. In case you need me to paint you a word picture, I'm about as graceful as a bull in a china shop. Oh. And if you're wondering? I totally won the sweater contest. Obviously.

Also, being the bad blogger I am, I totally didn't take a picture of my gift bag. That doesn't mean I don't love all of the things inside of it! So I'd like to thank all of our beautiful sponsors: Pink Barre, Glow Dry, Rafflecopter, Brownie Brittle, Inkspot Workshop, PLA Beauty, and Moxie Makery. Also, can we talk about what rockstars Becca + Melissa are for putting this together? Especially all of the treats that Melissa made. I'm gonna need that cookie recipe. I might be biased, but I think the Atlanta Bloggers are the best -- especially since I make those faces + they still let me come play. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden Lights

Saturday night I took my little brother to the Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. At a cool $41.50 for the two of us to go, I maybe expected too much out of the trip. Somehow, I've never been to the gardens before period. That might make me a bad Atlanta resident. This sounds like a terribly negative review. It's not. We had a great time, I took a lot of fun pictures, but I don't think I will be going back. Also, I wouldn't recommend waiting in line for the Rainforest adventure, but I would recommend getting a drink from the bar first. Anyways, here are some of my pictures! I recently bought a "nifty fifty" lens so I figured why not figure out how to use it by taking pictures of Christmas lights?
Have you been to see the lights? What did you think about them? 

Five Christmas Things That Freak Me Out

Since everyone is writing all about the Christmas things that they love and look forward to, I thought I'd march the other way and talk about the stuff that really creeps me out. Gives me the holiday heebie jeebies if you would (oh man, that probably sounds so much funnier to me than anyone else..

Elf on a Shelf okay, maybe this is because I don't have kids or whatever but a tiny elf reporting everything back to Santa is just weird to me. Plus they look SUPER creepy. I probably would have had nightmares about them if I had one when I was a kid. 
so many inappropriate elf on the shelf things here
that line "say, what's in this drink?" in Baby, It's Cold Outside I mean, hey buddy, what is in her drink? Why you gotta put something in your lady's drink at Christmas? Or ever? I'm sure she just means it's stronger than she realized, but still. What's up with that? Actually. You know what, just the whole song. It seems a little aggressive. She said she can't stay, lend her your coat + let her go home bro.
those "Elf Yourself" videos or really any of the videos where you put your head on something/someone else's body. I don't know why. It just freaks me out. Probably because your face isn't going the way the rest of the body is and it could totally be like a horror movie. 
the Grinch // okay. I know it's a popular Christmas story but MAN does it freak me out. I don't know why. The cartoon one gave me nightmares as a kid, but then I got over that just in time for them to make one with real people which is even more terrifying. It doesn't help that the people at the front of my dad's neighborhood make + sell wooden cutouts of him.
mistletoe // this could go either way. I mean, if you're caught under the mistletoe with someone you want to kiss, okay, but what if it's someone you don't want to kiss? what if it's that creepy guy who followed you near it, just hoping you would get close enough for him to say "hoo ohh look who's caught under the mistletoe!"
awkward mistletoe moments
Honorable mentions: eggnog, because what even IS eggnog? are you drinking eggs in rum? it sounds gross ; that song about grandma getting run over by a reindeer, like did she die + we all just think it's okay? it sounds a little like she hit the eggnog too hard + didn't make it home ; he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake do you ever feel like somebody's waaatchin' you?
What things about the holidays make you uncomfortable? I'm linking up with Sarah + Karli because I'm a fan of awkward situations at Christmas and because I named five things! HEY FRIDAY! 

2014 Favorites!

It's that time of year where everyone starts saying, "can you believe how fast this year went by?" time flies when you're having fun or something. Since Helene is doing the best songs of 2014 today, (also since her Worst Songs of 2014 was so on point) I had to play along! Since I can never follow any rules, I'm going to do my overall favorites this year. Not just songs!   
The Best Songs Of 2014
books // I didn't do a lot of new reading this year, I embraced a #nonewbooks attitude, so I reread all the Harry Potter books, some more than once. I did really enjoy Where'd You Go Bernadette + Teatime for Firefly though!

movies // I really had to think about this to realize that I didn't see that many movies this year. I did love Mockingjay [part one obviously] and Divergent [that was this year, right? I tried to say Frozen, but I think I saw that last December. It all blends together....]

songs! // last, but certainly not least -- my favorite jams of this year! 

back to the shack // HELLO WEEZER IS BACK. I think that alone was worth getting excited for. I really dig this one though back to the strat with the lightining strap

leave the night on // okay, so maybe Sam Hunt is from our neck of the woods too, but come on, "sky's dropping jupiter around us like some old Train." come. on. 

be your last // oh I just discovered this one recently, but it has to make the list. it's too cute. I love her voice. also baby we're all just sinners trying to keep our hearts intact.

all through the night // remember when Grey's Anatomy only did songs that were covers of other songs? This one still makes me cry a little. 

diamond rings + old barstools // because. Tim McGraw. Obviously. it ain't like watered down whiskey and coke, I guess some things just don't mix like you hope, like me + you

blank space // if that video didn't seal the deal, I don't know what will. Tay will never be a guilty pleasure for me [obviously we're on a nickname basis right?]

jealous // HELLO. I touched on this the week before last, but man am I a Nick Jonas fan. You have to watch the video, obviously. 
I really thought I would have more to say here today when I started out! Apparently I wasn't too adventurous this year. I'll have to work on that for 2015! What were your favorites this year?

Where In The World?

I'm late to the party today because that intro class we took at Pink Barre last night kicked my booty. Oddly enough, I definitely plan on going back. I might just be hooked. ANYWAYS it's time for Write or Die and Hashtag Humpday. Also. By the by. If you haven't heard of these linkups, I don't know why, but you really should. Ch-ch-ch-check 'em out!

Now, the prompt for WODW is if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be. Well, I have recently blogged about that answer being Ireland. I am the most stubborn person you will ever meet fairly stubborn, and so I'm going to keep Ireland at the top of that list until I get there. Seems like a solid plan, right? #goalsetting. So instead, I'm making up the rules as I go along, and we're going to do some of the fictional places I want to go. Obviously. 

HOGWARTS // if you didn't see that one coming, you haven't been paying attention. I'm not talking the studio, or Harry Potter world, or that place in Poland for that super intense LARP thing. I'm talking actual Hogwarts. Moving staircases, talking pictures, rooms that appear out of nowhere, towers, Quidditch fields, Forbidden Forest... the whole shebang. I'm still waiting on my Hogwarts letter. 
Gatsby's House in West Egg // a little party never killed nobody. I would have fit in so well in the 1920's. I love to dance. I want all of the clothes that Daisy wears in all the movie adaptations. I'm listening to jazz music as I write this. Contemplating a glass of champagne. It just all seems so glamorous. Yes, I've read the book a thousand times. I know how it ends. I just also like the idea of a man throwing the best parties in the hopes that I would show up. you feel me, right ladies? #champagneforbreakfast
old sport
The Library in the Beast's Castle // okay so maybe just the whole castle in general. Also, I feel ya Belle, if I was told explicitly not to go to the west wing, that's the first place I would want to go to. But that library y'all. You could live in it. You could literally spend your entire life in there and not read all the books. So many more fictional places I could go to! #booksfordays
oh, I've just read the most wonderful story
Tara // there are a lot of opinions about Gone With the Wind, I love to hear them all. I did, however, cry big fat alligator tears the day I learned that Tara was, in fact, a movie set. That there wasn't actually a house somewhere that happened to be spared on the March to the Sea. I always imagined when I grew up and married my own Rhett Butler that I would live in that house. I'm kinda sad thinking about it not happening now... #fiddledeedee
I'll think about it tomorrow
So let's be real, this isn't an exhaustive list. I'm sure sometime down the road I'll be writing about another set of fictional places I would visit. or live in, forever. You know what they say about people who read, something about living thousands of lives. Where would you go? What fictional [or real life places] should I add to my list?
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Top Five Ways To Win Your Tacky Sweater Party

Okay, so in all fairness, I had this post planned for Friday but I did not have my act together, so I'm really sorry if you lost your tacky sweater contest because you were missing my tips. That's on me. Anyways. It's not even a little bit of a secret that I love Christmas sweaters. I also love anything that has to do with accessorizing my Christmas sweaters. So, feel free to use this as a guide, unless you're competition involves me, then pretend you never read this.. I'm lookin' at y'all, Atlanta Bloggers...
tacky christmas sweaters

hair accessories // I have been known to wear the bows intended for outside on giant trees in my hair. I'm not talking the ones that go on Christmas presents, I'm talking the ones that have wires attached to them so you can mount them on the fence. The bigger, the better when it comes to hair accessories. I'm talking gluing tinsel + tree ornaments to a headband. It ties the outfit together.

SOCKS // okay. I have an issue with matching socks, I think it's bad luck. So when I have Christmas socks, they usually don't match (weird fact  about my superstition, if I'm wearing matching socks, I'm probably wearing mismatched ones under them, you know, just in case..) socks can really tie your outfit together.
ugly sweater 5k

jewelry // My absolute favorite jewelry you can make yourself for less than $10. Michael's has a section dedicated to tiny Christmas trees. Grab the tiny Christmas tree ornaments of your choice, some earring hooks, and pliers, boom instant Christmas earrings. You can never go wrong with the oversized Santa ones that are already made either. Don't forget the necklaces that light up. ONE DAY I will have a sweater that lights up. one day.

hair //  I have always wanted to do the whole hairdo like a Who from Whoville thing, but I'm scared if I pulled all of my hair up like that I'd fall over... so I usually go with my braided pigtail look (more bows, duh)

THE SWEATER // Now, no pressure here. But the sweater is really what matters most. Obviously. The trick to getting the best sweaters though? shop for them in the summer. I get my Christmas sweaters at the Goodwill in like, June. It's the best because no one is really thinking oh I should totally be on the lookout for this year's sweater! in the middle of the summer. (maybe I shouldn't have shared this with the internet, now I'm going to have sweater competition in June...)

That's it! The easiest way to kick booty at your Christmas sweater party! Now. I want to see your tacky sweaters! You can always see mine on insta..

A Weekend of Christmas Sweaters!

Good Monday morning! Or afternoon. Let's be honest, I probably won't get my act together until after lunch today anyways. I always try to take the whole "Monday is a clean slate" attitude, but it apparently takes me at least two cups of coffee and half a day to get my chalk together. did I just take that metaphor too far? It is a metaphor right? Similes use the word "like" right? Wow. Okay, so my attention span is on point today. Since I can't keep it together + completely failed at last week's wishes, I'm going to be obnoxious + share this past weekend as it looked through my Instagram feed/camera roll. Ready, GO!
top row :: I asked my mom if we had any pictures of me completely terrified of Santa, turns out,  we've been pals since day 1! | the picture that would be my Christmas card if I had acted fast enough to send them out, on National Ugly Sweater Day! even though all of my sweaters are adorable. | only the prettiest new lens for Ringo the Rebel..

bottom row :: FINALLY a wine glass my size! also the only picture of how fantastic I looked for the fancy party Saturday night. Somehow I didn't take any other pictures there or at the tacky sweater party that followed. hashtag blogger fail. | coffee + pre-5k breakfast at Cafe Intermezzo full of people watching Saturday morning. (rethinking the way I organized these pictures, because they're in the wrong order for Saturday.) | Mom + I enjoying the beer we "ran" for in the Ugly Sweater 5k! (ps, I 100% recommend that one. hardly anyone actually runs, everyone is just having fun!


Four Eyes

Okay. So I touched on how I hate buying glasses [and contacts ps, for what that's worth.] and so I was over the moon when Firmoo reached out to me to try out a pair of their glasses. So, they sent me glasses in exchange for an honest review of their product. Can I just tell y'all, I love them. 

First of all, I've never ordered anything eyewear related online, once I tried to do the whole 1-800-contacts thing and I couldn't even copy the prescription from my contact box right. [I'm so cute, right?] The Firmoo website made it so easy though. I didn't even have to try to guess what meant what on my prescription and they're perfect! I did have that whole pupillary distance adventure though........ 

Second of all, I love them. My dad keeps saying "but they're so big.." which is almost nice. I have always favored larger frames, because I hate when there is a frame around my eyeballs. You know? Like I really hate that when you wear glasses there's just a frame around your field of vision. Since I opted for the pair I picked, there's no frame. I love it. 

Honestly, I plan on picking out a pair of sunglasses to do my presciption with, I may never wear contacts again. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I will definitely wear them substantially less because I dig these frames so much. Honestly, after I got them I wore them every day. I couldn't tell you why I still don't have a good picture in them, let's be honest, that face up there is probably the best one you're gonna get anyways!

I definitely suggest you head on over to Firmoo's website! Right now they're doing a buy one pair, get one free  -- you could get a regular pair and sunglasses for less than you would pay the eye doctor for one pair of glasses! Have you used Firmoo or any of the other online glasses places? Or are you one of those special people who can see all on their own?

Aren't You Just A Precious Little Snowflake...

In keeping with my rule breaking, and tendency to write posts that seem to always tie back to that special herb Cheech + Chong enjoy so much, I'm probably taking this "what makes you unique" prompt to ridiculous destinations. get excited. You know it's why you keep coming back, don't lie.

I like to call it my personal brand of crazy. I've realized that the media is going to paint girls as crazy anyways, so maybe if I embrace it I'm totally going against the grain right? That's some shaky logic, but I'm going to roll with it. 
I wave at everyone. I'm like that baby that just learned how to wave. Except I'm about to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my 21st birthday. Oh, you didn't rear end me after that car stopped short? you get a thank you wave! oh, hey sign spinner on the sidewalk! you get a wave! oh, you're just behind me in traffic? you get a wave! I've also been known to wave at strangers walking home. I'm really just asking to be kidnapped. 
I actually love my Christmas sweaters. I don't think I would consider them tacky. I think they're fantastic. Yesterday I was driving home in my sweatshirt that makes me look like a snowman + absolutely jamming to T.Swift. #Yourewelcome people of Atlanta. Oh my god, I'm totally going to take a picture in that sweatshirt + caption it "some people are worth melting for" with heart eyed emojis. Just of me and maybe my boyfriend Jose Cuervo...
Have I ever mentioned that I'm loud? I'm super loud. If you think I've mentioned it too many times, you probably haven't seen me IRL, because you'll be using the whole "Kasey. we're inside" statement too. Can't help it. I'm just REALLY EXCITED ALL THE TIME! My inner monologue is in all caps. #LOUDNOISES
I have the attention span of Dory, without the memory issues. I can most accurately describe all aspects of my life with Disney characters, for example I hate wearing shoes, like playing outside, and can totally paint with all the colors of the wind. I would die for that library that Belle gets. My hair totally looks like Ariel when I get out of the pool (jk lol no it doesn't). I'm an adult. Obviously.
cinderelly cinderelly
My internet stalking abilities are on. point. All I need is generally a first name. I found Meredith in a crowded ballroom because I had seen her picture on twitter. (okay so maybe this is a really creepy thing. I wonder if I can uncreepiate this situation...)
I always feel like somebody's WATCHIN meeee
Those are definitely the top reasons I'm #special... What makes you unique?

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Apparently part of my new blogging plan is to include more recipes. That was a total surprise. but. These are too fantastic not to share. So when this was first posted on Oh. Bite It, at least five separate people sent it to me, because obviously. So I had to try it! Honestly. it's super easy and they taste like funnel cake. You don't even taste the tequila.
Okay. So, you'll have to forgive me, because I took all of these pictures like, two days after I got my camera. I'm loving it though, because I can see that in a couple of weeks my pictures drastically improved. So that's a plus right? ANYWAYS. This is so easy. Here's what you need:
  • tequila, duh. 
  • powdered sugar
  • angel food cake (I got mine for $4 with my kroger plus card 'cause ain't nobody got time or eggs for that.)
  • oil (I used canola oil, because I don't really know what the difference is + my dad said it would work fine... haha)
  • pot 
First things first, this is going to make a mess. Don't say I didn't warn you, okay? I'm asking for a cute little personal deep fryer because I'm so obsessed with this stuff. So what you're going to do is chop the angel food cake up into cute little cubes. They're gonna stay about that size, so whatever you determine to be tasty poppable size. Then, get the oil warm. I test to see if it's ready by dripping some water in it, you'll know if it's ready. Okay! Now the fun part! I poured a bowl of tequila, woo wooooo! So don't soak it! Just dip it in the tequila. If you get it way too soaked it will absolutely explode. It's crazy. So, dip the cake in tequila, drop it in the hot grease for a couple seconds until it turns golden brown, and then take it out! let them dry on a paper towel, you know like bacon! Then sprinkle powdered sugar on top of them and enjoy!! Careful though, the booze doesn't cook out! 
Okay, so I didn't take any after pictures, because I was busy eating my tasty tequila bites. Let me know if you try this out! They're soooo tasty! 

Weekly Wishes + December Goals

Oh man, I totes forgot to do weekly wishes last week! So I don't have any wishes to catch up on. Let's start with November goals, huh? 

November Goals
start planning for europe : big. fat. fail. that's definitely going in December because HOMYGOD I leave in 21 days. Three. Weeks. From. Today. I'll be on a plane to Amsterdam by way of Philly. ahh

participate in the holiday hunny challenge : fail pants here too. I've been hitting roughly my 2 miles a day quota but nothing else. so half a fail. I could still get to #100byChristmas...

take more pictures : I was better this month fo'sho. check out November Through The Lens + Instagram! 

December Goals:
create a packing list + plan for Europe : eleven days is a long time right? I have to pack strategically. I am also genuinely freaking out about it and I think a list will make me feel a little less nervous. 

set up guest posts for while I'm gone : wanna be a poster? I mean, eleven days is a long time. shoot me an email if you're up for it!! 

pictures. duh.

create a set of goals for 2015. because it's a new year and we'll obviously need some new goals. 

this week's wishes 
spending freeze // because Europe costs money, or something. I mean I want to go see Harry Potter + Hogwarts + the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. 

plan who to sponsor in January // because that's the first step in my plan to make this space something other people will pay to sponsor, duh! 

What are your goals this week? 
The Nectar Collective

Five Things Fantasy Football Taught Me

I'm not sure if we've covered whether or not I'm a good loser, I'm not. I definitely need Sarah's "what I said when I was losing" t-shirt. Actually, while you're over there, I kind of want it all. Should have put that on my Christmas list too.... I definitely get really sassy. I don't handle it well. So having easily the worst Fantasy team in our "No Punt Intended" league has been super tough for me, but I've learned some life lessons.

yep, still a super sore loser. // I bet you thought I was going to say that losing a lot taught me to not be a sour sport. Well it didn't. I didn't grow up getting trophies for showing up, you got trophies for winning. (side note. I don't think everyone should get trophies. makes you lazy. winning is actually important.) I don't like to lose especially if I know I'm trying really hard. GUYS. 

that whole "my life is an example of murphy's law" applies here too // I swear "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong" should be Kasey's law. I usually think it's hilarious. Here's how it works, if I start Matt Stafford, Big Ben has a helluva game. If I bench Steven Jackson for Mark Ingram, then Steven Jackson runs forty million yards and scores all of the touchdowns. Also, you're more likely to get injured if you play for me. 

I should have stuck to my strategy of picking colors + cute players// granted, I was a little of a space cadet during the draft , I did do my research, and I picked players I thought would do well. I usually draft/pick teams for pools/etc based on like. Team colors. Mascots. Whether or not I think that player is a babe. I also usually do really well. That's what I get for trying to research! 

even yahoo sports gets sassy // if you didn't see it in my "November Through The Lens" collage, Yahoo sent me a push notification that I had won the moral victory by losing by THIRTY POINTS (thanks Buffalo.

that one win last week was even better than if I was undefeated (no it wasn't.) // nope. absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. losing all year doesn't make that one victory even better. nope. it makes me stomp my foot and shout "HEY, WHY DID IT TAKE Y'ALL SO LONG TO GET IT TOGETHER?" Obviously, I should probably only coach tiny humans if I decide to coach. You know, the ones where it's cute when they run to third instead of first. 

So, that's what being 1-12 through this season has taught me. Next year, I'm drafting based on how cute the players are. #sorrynotsorry. Linking up for Fan Friday AND Oh, Hey Friday! Have you learned anything about your life by losing a lot? 

Thursday Things: My Favorite Songs This Week

HEY. I bet you thought I forgot to blog today! Busted. THEN, after I saw Santa, my dad + I were jamming in the car, so I figured I could totally show up for some jams today! 
A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on
 First of all, #TBT on Spotify is on point every week. I recommend subscribing. Just remember, they update it every week so if you really love a jam (like me with the 00's throwback) save it to your own playlist (then share it on your blog and pretend you're really that clever.. oh. wait..). This week, it's 80's jams. solid. we [my dad + I] just had a mini-office dance break to Karma Chameleon
Also. If you follow me on the twitter, then you're already aware, but I literally cannot get enough of the new Nick Jonas album. when did he grow up and become so handsome? am I allowed to think he's handsome? or is that weird because I'm old?

I discovered this next one because Steph shared it one day, then I tried to tell my friends about it and got a lot of Kasey, we've already heard that one, get up with the times. Hi. My name is Kasey and since I don't listen to the radio ever I never know there are new songs. So I'm always behind the times. #notahipster :/
OH MAN WHILE WE'RE DANCING. This one too. It's cute and lovely and it makes me happy. I love to dance. 
Okay. Last of all. If you haven't seen the Hunger Games yet, I'd tell you to. I read the books, I was super interested to see how they broke the last one into two movies, it wasn't so much as a Harry Potter book, you know? Where you gotsta. ANYWAYS turns out J. Law has some pipes on her. This song is incredible. I'm obsessed. 
Do you have any new jams for me since I'm so behind without the radio and all of my obsessive 1989 car jams? What do you think of these songs? 

A Coffee Date

Hello, my name is Kasey and I have a real problem following rules. Admitting you have the problem is the first step right? I've been such a space cadet this week, so obviously today won't be any different. I did get a surprise hair cut this morning. Obviously, nothing drastic because I'm a scaredy cat and very attached to my side braid. ANYWAYS. Today's WOD prompt is about if you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be + why? But really I want to have coffee with all of y'all! So I'm combining that, hashtag humpday, and that fun "if we were having coffee.." thing that's going around. 
If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have no idea where to start in the whole preparing for this trip to Europe thing. Like I know I need to get my act together, but what do I wear? What do I pack? The horror stories about pickpockets have me really freaked out. Like is someone going to try to rip my camera off my shoulder? Okay. maybe I should switch to something without caffeine.. #fullpanicmode

If we were having coffee, I would probably whine about how we had to turn the AC on in the apartment last night because it was eighty degrees. I had all the windows open and fans on and it was just too much. I love that it's spring right now but I did not even a little bit want to turn the stupid AC on. #ugh.
If we were having coffee, I would probably shout randomly in the middle of my own sentence that I could just die, because I hit 30,000 views yesterday and I #literallycannoteven. 
If we were having coffee, I'd have to confess I haven't started any holiday shopping. I mean I know kinda what I want to get/do for everyone, but I'm woefully unprepared for it to be December right now. #notevenready
If we were having coffee, I'd tell you how pumped I am for the Atlanta Bloggers tacky sweater party. Also that I have three tacky sweater parties to attend in the same week and I am happier than a pig in mud. #sweatersfordaaaayyyyssss 
If we were having coffee, you probably would have already seen the shaky picture of my bar progress. I'd also brag about how I made a hashtag for it because, social media y'all. #deckerbarcart
Add caption
If we were having coffee, I'd have to get up and dance around when Shake It Off inevitably came on the radio, then I'd admit that in the car, I've been listening to 1989 on repeat. Every day. I've listened to it a gazillion times and I am very not sorry. #danceparty
haters gonna hate hate hate
Obviously, if you'll let me, I'll talk your ear off. I'd probably talk at a Gilmore Girls speed because this would be my like 4th cup of coffee and MAN would I be hyper. What would you tell me if we were having coffee? 

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