Is it Monday yet?

All of a sudden everyone wants to come to Rawhide games. It's great, we love when people come to games! However, the season ending on Sunday has caused people to realize they need to redeem all of their special coupons and vouchers. For example, I have FIVE ceremonial first pitches on Sunday (forget about the 107 on Saturday between double header for the world record.)

I'm just grasping for the aspects of the job that make it totallytworth it. The feeling after helping feed those less fortunate at the Visalia Rescue Mission, the little adorable kids who are stoked about meeting a player or their very first ever ball game.

I'm trying to live by this quote Kacey & I saw on the Kirby Puckett bobblehead box:
"He never had a bad day. I don't care how bad things were going on or off the field, Kirby found a way to make you laugh... He was a breath of fresh air in this game." — Frank Thomas

End of the Season Meltdown

We're at this point now, where we've played 63 of our 70 home games. We've surpassed our group sales, BIS (butts-in-seats) goal, and we're already planning a trip to Phoenix & to the Rawhide Wild Wild West Town. We've all but checked out. Rightfully so, we've worked a ton. Luckily, we're rewarded for our hard work and have today off (as well as the rest of the weekend).

I don't even know what regular people do with three day weekends, but my plans are pool all day today, party later tonight, lake all day tomorrow, and absolutely nothing all day Sunday. I am so ready for the offseason, but I know probably three weeks into it, I'll be ready for baseball again.