I made some kickass cakes in mason jars tonight

Well, they look & smell kick ass. I will take them to work tomorrow and see what the boys think of them. Here is a picture though!


I am so excited. I can't even contain this excitement a little bit. My heart is racing, I'm ready to start packing, and I'm not even going for another FIFTY THREE DAYS.

BUT IT'S JFM. It's Athens. It's home. I just want it to be May already.

I have the same superstition levels as a pitcher.

If you know anything about baseball, and I'm assuming you wouldn't take the time to read this if you didn't, you'll know that pitchers are the most superstitious. I fall into that category. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that if I don't wash my socks the team will win more, that's gross. But during UGA's run between South Carolina and LSU I wore the same outfit for every game. I washed it, obviously, but same outfit. It was ruined by LSU though, jerks.

I'm completely convinced that if a team has more players wearing their socks up, that they will win. So far, here in Midland, I'm 2-for-2 in that aspect. Tonight I picked 1-15 UTPB over 11-7 LCU. Everyone told me it was ridiculous, that LCU was going to cream UTPB. I was convinced, since the UTPB short stop had his socks up, that they would win. They did, upset of the year apparently. I just thought everyone should know that.

I didn't forget about you!

It's been an incredibly fast couple of days. Except for how lazy I was yesterday, I've been running around like a crazy person. I'm going to talk about some ridiculous stuff in no particular order.

First. This birth control thing. I have no idea what started this debate. Obviously I should go back and read everything from the beginning, but I'm irritated at this point. The only people I've seen with a negative stance on insurance paying for it are men. Show me a woman, who's ever taken birth control for any reason, that thinks they should have to pay in full. I think it's an intelligent investment. It's less expensive than paying for an unwanted pregnancy. It shouldn't be this big of a deal. The government really needs to stop stepping in on religious issues. Also, I would have more money to spend in the consumer market that runs this country if I wasn't spending $30 a month on something that I need for reasons other than preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

Second. THE SEASON STARTS IN A MONTH. That is all.

Third. It's 80 degrees outside all week, and then the weekend comes? It doesn't top 70. I don't understand. I want to lay out and start my suntan base so that when the season starts I don't get fried. Obviously.

Fun Fact: Responding Honestly to Survey's Accomplishes Nothing

A cable company that will remain nameless, called to follow up on my satisfaction survey today. When they asked why I was not happy with my service, they told me it was the apartment complex's fault. Not theirs. If I didn't think it would be like pulling teeth to get the apartment people to do something about it, I'd try. In short. I'm paying premium for tv that plays like a scratched DVD.

In other news, happy leap day!! I hope everyone enjoyed their extra 24 hours today! I celebrated by going on an adventure to the laundromat and having breakfast for dinner, it's quite obviously the simple things in life. There are only 42 days until our home opener! It's all downhill from here!