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I can safely say that I've been told no more times than I've been told yes. It takes a lot of hard work to stay positive about everything when everyone is telling you essentially that you're not good enough. That someone out there is better than you. Not even career wise -- in life. It's so important to realize that you are more than your job -- your life doesn't have to revolve around how you earn a living. If I couldn't be working in some form of baseball -- I could always be volunteering. Youth sport organizations never have enough volunteers. I just have to find a way to be positive about my current situation. I can't sit + think -- all this work I've done + what do I have to show for it? a part-time job? I have to think I've worked so hard that I'm too qualified for the available jobs + so very lucky to be able to stay in baseball. 
So for everyone struggling -- I've found that counting my blessings makes the day so much better. As soon as you start focusing on the good instead of the bad -- you realize there's so much more good. Happy thirsty Thursday everyone!!

Jams-a Make Her Dance

Today is a good jam day. I've decided since I don't listen to the radio -- unless it's spotify radio -- that I should share my ridiculous workout playlists. As I mentioned before -- I kill songs -- so not only is it my workout playlist -- it's my singing at the top of my lungs in the shower, car, + pool playlist too. 

I don't know how people workout with their songs in a specific order -- I'd feel like I was trying to get to that last song so I could be done + probably would end up hitting fast forward a couple of times + still justifying that I had worked out. My life is always on shuffle. So in no particular order -- here are my jams for March:

Doo-Wah-Doo :: Kate Nash -- this is such a lady jam. Kate is just tellin' it like it is about this hotter than shit girl -- plus she calls her shady. Kate Nash is also absolutely adorable herself + I love all of her jams.
Dark Horse :: Katy Perry -- I'm late to the party on most hit songs that the radio has already destroyed -- so I still love this one.. bonus :: this chick's workout routine
My Friends Over You :: New Found Glory -- the ultimate f-you song man. Plus it's super fast + makes you run faster! Also I really just love this song + I'm not going to make any excuses for you.
Talk To Me -- Dance With Me :: Hot Hot Heat -- if this jam doesn't make you wanna move -- you might wanna see a doctor. The cowbell opener really seals the deal.
Boyfriend :: RaeLynn -- this girl is just too cute + how could you not love her?
Ants Marching :: Dave Matthews Band -- because first of all -- I don't know if I can make a playlist without Dave on it + second of all -- this is a good outside workout jam. 

You can find the rest of my jams here -- on Spotify obviously:
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Summer Lovin'

The Daily Tay

I'm a lot cuter + happier with a good tan. Vitamin D y'all -- works wonders. I love to be outside -- my job is outside in the summer + so I end up with a super cute polo + khaki shorts tan line.
Sundresses on sundresses on sundresses. I own more sundresses than anything except maybe bikinis + they're a lot harder [read :: not impossible] to wear in the winter time. Plus no one looks cute in winter clothes + everyone looks cute in summer clothes!
Concerts concerts concerts. Last summer was the Summer of Concerts -- 2014 is Summer of Concerts II -- Dave Matthews, 420 Fest, Luke Bryan [for the millionth time..] + more. I cannot wait. 
SO many baseball games -- the ones I'll be working + the ones I'll be attending. Baseball is my favorite season + it's definitely a summertime pastime. 

Not pictured -- but also a reason I'm ready for summer :: bonfires, bikinis, pool parties, longer days, lightning bugs, beach trips, books to read by the pool, margaritas, floating coolers, lake times, tubing, thunderstorms, flowers, sleeping with the windows open, crickets, fishing, cheap sunglasses, flip flops, bare feet, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, day drinking, it's socially acceptable to wear swimsuits anywhere, I have a new waterproof speaker for pool times, my hair looks better in the summer, tank tops, zero need for sweaters, did I mention tans? I think they should be mentioned again... I am too excited. Tomorrow is the first day of spring + then it's so so so close to summer!!

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Fan Friday :: Why We're Still Excited About Spring Training

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Ask any professional baseball blogger if it's okay that the Braves haven't won many Spring Training games until this week + they'll say something along the lines of the outcome doesn't matter or it's all about brushing the rust off -- which is all fine + good. Then I want you to ask yourself, as a fan, how much do you like your team losing? I hate it when they lose. I also imagine them all as like 10 year old little leaguers who just want to make mom proud. Here are some reasons we should still be excited about Spring Training.
It means that actual baseball season is so so very close. The further we get into these games the closer we are to real baseball where the outcome absolutely matters. April is always an exciting month but you can't put too much stock into it. Last year -- the Braves won what felt like every single game we played in April + it gave us the best kind of cushion for later in the season when we had some key guys get hurt + needed to work new guys in their place.
watch the whole video here
It means they'll be playing better as a team. You see a lot of professional teams who pay tons of money for their guys + they don't function well as a team. Some sports that's cool -- but not baseball. You have to work together + be able to count on the other guy to slow up when you call the ball + back you up just in case you undershoot it. You need to know that when you field a ground ball at short your second baseman is going to be ready for the 6-4-3 double play.
There are so many incredible prospects getting their shot at a big break. You have names that a casual fan recognizes (Tommy LaStella, J.R. Graham, etc) + you have guys who you may have never heard of before they got to Orlando (biggest example -- Evan Gattis last year.) These guys bust their butts in the minors + to get an invite to Big League Spring Training is a BIG deal. They might not immediately make the roster -- but we'll know how they mesh with the current guys + can definitely keep an eye out for them in the future. 

While we're on prospects -- in my completely biased opinion -- Atlanta has the absolute best farm + player development system. The guys with those huge off season contracts? Freddie Freeman, Craig Kimbrel, Jason Heyward, Julio Teheran, Andrelton Simmons -- they all came up through the Atlanta farm system. Talk about an awesome ROI. I think that's the reason this team is always so strong.

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Is That REALLY the Example You Want To Set?

I've never been the type of girl who felt like I needed to put a full face of makeup on to go to the gym or the grocery store or class or really anywhere that wasn't a special occasion or fancy. I also have never had qualms about going out in public in my workout clothes. Generally I keep my tennis shoes on when I head out in public too -- you know to complete the hey I worked out/am going to workout after this theme alive.

So -- yesterday -- we stopped by Chick Fil A for lunch + I'm wearing my workout clothes but with flip flops. Mind you -- there are easily 15 other women in this particular location wearing their gym clothes as well -- but I was the only one without a toddler. As I'm standing at the register ordering my food -- a grown man points me out to his children + when I go to sit down with our food I hear him say "girls like that just don't have a reason to get dressed in the morning" Um. Excuse me? Apparently in order to wear your workout clothes in public you have to be chasing a toddler around? I'm not really sure what else could have applied for "girls like me"

My biggest issue was that this was a grown man with kids (hey -- why weren't they at school? How is their uniform of jeans + t-shirts any more 'dressed' than me?) felt the need to exclaim -- rather loudly -- that I had nothing to get dressed for. I've never had a problem with what others think about me -- but the fact that he felt the need to point me out + say I had nothing to get dressed for genuinely ticked me off. What if yesterday was my one day off to go for a run? What if I had run to meet my dad there + swapped to flip flops in the parking lot? What if I was a college student on Spring Break + just woke up to get a chicken sandwich? What if I was a yoga instructor + those were my work clothes?

The reason I was in workout clothes -- as if I needed to justify my decision -- was that I had planned to go on a run after we had lunch + I didn't see the reason in getting two sets of clothes dirty that day. My office is in the backyard of my house + I really don't interact with any people face to face -- so it doesn't matter what I wear. That's the end of that rant.

Do-Wah-Doo by Kate Nash on Grooveshark

Little Known Facts About Me + Weekly Wishes :: Three

I am recovering from fun adventure reuniting with two of my favorite people in the world who know every last thing about me -- so I thought I would share some [probably not] interesting facts about my life.

one :: I'm the kind of person who just destroys a song. When I like it -- I'll listen to it over + over again until I can't stand it anymore.
two :: I think it's bad luck to wear matching socks + I'm very superstitious.
three :: while we're talking about socks -- I absolutely cannot sleep with socks on -- doesn't matter how cold it is.
four :: I read my horrorscope every day [also I call it a horrorscope] -- I'm not saying I plan my life around what the stars are telling me to do -- but I totally take it into account [especially when it's something along the lines of double check your bank balance -- you might have missed something]
five :: I have a tendency to say exactly what's on my mind -- sometimes without saying it in my head first..
six :: I never take a bad picture -- see above. Obviously by that I mean I don't take myself seriously + I think pictures people would call "bad" are hilarious.

It's been a minute since I did my weekly wishes -- so I have four this week to make up for it. I'm also doing pretty good on my March goals! I didn't quite hit 25 miles last week -- but 20 is pretty close. So here are this week's wishes:

one :: spend $0 this week. Monday - Friday without spending any dollars (I've made plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day so I will be spending this weekend...) It's going to be a challenge -- but I spent some serious cash in Raleigh + I have to make up for it this week. 
two :: do all of my 25 miles this week outside. It's going to be so pretty + the vitamin D is good for you!
three :: unplug. turn my phone off for at least two hours each day. maybe more + enjoy my surroundings.
four :: write + schedule this week's blog posts in advance. 

The Nectar Collective

The Heart of Dixie by Danielle Bradbery on Grooveshark

March Goals

I was semi-successful with February's goals -- I managed to only have two soft drinks the entire month of February (one was on the 28th -- so I don't know if it even really counts) + I did a recipe that I totally could have found on pinterest but didn't... So here's what I've got in store for March:

goal one :: pay off my credit card with the highest interest rate + get all credit card balances below $1,000.

goal two :: run/walk/jog/skip/elliptical 25 miles a week -- hit 100 miles by the end of the month -- gotta get fit for that Peachtree Road Race in July!

goal three :: blog at least twice a week. check this week off already!

goal four :: save $1 for every $1 spent on booze.

What are your goals for March?

Brewery Tours + Tastings :: Not Just for Beer Snobs!

If your local brewery isn't your favorite hangout -- I'm here to convince you otherwise. Living in the Atlanta area -- I'm pretty spoiled. We have excellent choices from the big dogs like SweetWater to up + coming places like Red Hare -- both of which should be on your Atlanta Bucket List if you're visiting + like to have a good time. So far I've explored SweetWater, Red Hare, Monday Night, + Red Brick. You should visit all of those places + try their beers too.

Reasons your local brewery should be your new hangout ::
  • drink tickets :: most places you visit [read :: all the breweries I've ever been to] usually charge $10 + that gets you a souvenir pint glass + 6 drink tickets. Depending on how cool your bartender is + how well you tip them, the pours vary from about 3/4 of a glass to almost full [pro tip :: always tip your bartenders.]
  • live music :: most of these brewery venues are pretty cool + planned for tastings. The thought process behind them being that they can double as event venues when not being used for tastings. Depending on your brewery of choice -- there will be some type of live music aspect :: Red Hare has music year round whereas SweetWater only has it during the warmer months. I'm a sucker for a live band. 
  • happy hour[s] :: weekday tastings are usually right after work -- so 5:30 - 7:30. Let's be honest -- who doesn't want [need] a drink or two to unwind after work? It's a great place to unwind + hang out with your coworkers. Hate your coworkers? It's a great place to meet your friends + forget about your coworkers!
  • souvenir pint glasses :: okay -- so my souvenir pint glass collection is to the point where if I go to a brewery [or Taco Mac pint night...] + I already have one [or 6..] of that particular glass -- I'll leave it for someone else to take home. I love the glasses though -- my house will probably only have pint glasses to drink from. 
  • chill atmosphere :: unlike the bars in Buckhead -- breweries tend to have a laid back vibe. It's not that much of a fight to get to the bar + no one will hand you a shot of fireball when you least expect it. However, in my experience, brewery tours do tend to lead to a night out on the town.
  • encouraged day drinking :: Saturday + Sunday tastings are during the afternoon! These are also the days that the breweries will most likely put on all sorts of fun activities -- beer release parties, birthday parties, food trucks! 
  • drink local -- it's good for your soul :: most of these places are put together by people who were like "man -- we should buy a bar!" They're your neighbors + they're in it for mostly fun [obviously a little for the money] but you know you already shop local -- so you should drink local too!

My Atlanta Brewery Bucket List ::
  • Terrapin -- I know it's hard to believe I went to UGA + never made it to Terrapin -- it just wasn't the cool thing to do yet.
  • Blue Tarp
  • Jekyll Brewing
  • Three Taverns
  • Burnt Hickory Brewing
  • Any new brewery I come across...
Do you have a favorite brewery I missed? Somewhere I should add to my bucket list?