Tone It Up -- Bikini Series

So I've had all of the Tone It Up nutrition plan since probably January. I have done little to no research into it nor have I really participated in the challenges they've set up. This Bikini Series is going to be different. Monday [the first day of the challenge] they posted a blog about how to be successful in the series and I'm following instructions. The three keys to this challenge are Visualization, Accountability & Rewards! I'm pretty sure I can handle that. I'll be making a real + virtual vision board , I'll be checking in on social media + here with a weekly post about my adventures in getting to 150 miles by summer, trying the recipes in the nutrition plan, and my rewards.

Let's talk about my rewards first -- I'm basing them off of achieving the 150 miles by summer. The goal is to get there by June 21st (aka the first official day of summer!) in order to accomplish that I'm looking for an average of 2.6 miles per day. I will absolutely not be running all of these miles -- there are other ways of achieving those "miles" -- but here is my rewards breakdown ::
  • reach at least 36.4 miles by May 12 :: one of those fun tervis water bottles. obviously to hydrate. I'm thinkin' this one:
  • reach at least 72.8 miles by May 26 :: new workout clothes. specifically this tank top -- gotta have it. maybe some more fun ones because I love those tank tops.
  • reach 150 miles by June 21st :: first of all -- I will feel like a million bucks -- because I will have accomplished something that's not necessarily simple. It's a tough challenge for anyone! second of all -- I think this will earn me a manicure + super cute summer outfit that I'll look smokin' in because of all the miles. If I can find all the parts, it will be this outfit.
I'm pretty pumped about these rewards for myself. I do a lot better when I have rewards... Now I have a place to keep myself honest + a new Wednesday plan until June! What songs should I add to my workout mix this go-round? Are you participating in the Bikini Series?

Thoughts While Trying a DIY Hair Mask

Everyone is all on about how incredible coconut oil is for your hair + how easy it is to make these fancy home treatments for your hair. So I figured if it could save me some money -- why not? [side note :: coconut oil is kind of pricey..] So I used this guide + set off making my own hair mask thing. I doubled the recipe because I have so much hair -- I always need 2.5 boxes of hair dye, etc. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could wash the stuff out of my hair -- so I had plenty of time to think...

  • that was a lot of sticky honey.. I wonder if I'll get ants in my hair..
  • who looks at coconut oil + honey then says "hey that would be a good thing to put in my hair!" I spend most of my time trying to keep food out of my hair!
  • is my hair going to smell like sunscreen and graham crackers forever? 
  • what if I don't get all of this out of my hair? then I'll definitely have ants in my hair.
  • I wonder if an ant bites my head if the venom will get into my brain.. 
  • if this doesn't work -- what on earth am I going to do with all of that coconut oil?
  • I wonder if I can eat this stuff.. it smells like something you could eat..
  • what if I didn't spread it evenly? what if only some of my hair looks shiny + the rest just looks like dirty dish water?!
  • is it okay to rinse this down the shower drain? when I read about oil pulling they said not to spit it into the sink...
  • I should have tried that oil pulling thing at the same time!
  • has it been thirty minutes? oh no, just five. okay. well what happens if I forget I put it in my hair + then wait an hour? 
  • man. my fingers are super sticky. I should  have worn gloves or something. now I'm going to have jam hands all day.
  • this is a lot messier than it looked in that blog how-to. I wonder if I'm going to be able to get all of this out of the sink..
I think I managed to wash all of the hair mask out of my hair [I washed it twice, for good measure, which probably defeated the purpose] then I even used the blow dryer to see the final results. I wasn't too pleased last night -- but this morning it definitely looks at least a little shiny and even feels softer. I learned some things about this stuff though -- next time I'll get one of those bottles like they give you to dye your hair and some gloves.  I will probably try it again though -- because it's cheaper than going to the hair salon!

Have you tried any of these hair masks? Do they work for you? 

Thursday Things

I'm thinking that this Thursday Things I'm Loving will just have to become a weekly thing -- because that will definitely help me get closer to posting every weekday! So here are the things I'm loving most this beautiful Thursday afternoon!

spotify's new playlist options :: okay -- I love Songza + it has definitely gotten me through some tough workdays -- but spotify just released this new update where they also have playlists based on moods, etc. Since I already pay for Spotify premium (which is absolutely worth the $9.99 each month) this is awesome. Today at work I'm jamming out to "throw back thursday" which they released this week + apparently will update every week. I'm totally digging it -- you can find the playlists in the "browse" tab.
this waterproof bluetooth speaker :: I ordered this because Whitney posted about having ordered one + I then paid the [outrageous] charge for shipping [that took so long I had forgotten that I ordered it to begin with] but now that it's here I can't live without it. I use it in the shower + then I pop it off the shower + take it outside to the pool. It has a like never ending battery life [I've only charged it once since it's initial charge] it's really clear + loud. PLUS IT'S WATER PROOF. I bought it with a livingsocial deal -- but you can find it here.
friends with better lives :: I absolutely loved HIMYM + when they just shot the entire series in the foot with the series finale [no. I'm not over it yet.] I was very hesitant to watch the new sitcom CBS was trying to use to replace it. Then I remembered I love watching James Van Der Beek basically play himself + that I think Zoe Lister-Jones is one of the most hilarious human beings I've ever seen in a sitcom [when she was on Whitney -- is that show still on?] so I gave it a chance + I feel like you should too. I feel like it's a little more raunchy than HIMYM was -- which is probably why CBS pushed it back to 9 pm. 
Image Map
that obnoxious 'talk dirty to me' song :: TWO CHAINNZZZZ okay -- I hate the words to this song.. but I cannot get over the beat. Sorry I'm not sorry.
What are you loving this week? 

Things I'm Loving Thursday

I have a super super fun DIY all written up -- I just haven't had a minute to make the pictures presentable -- so until then I want to share some things I am just absolutely loving right now! I bet you're going to love them too.

rocket + lace -- this company is the product of a dear friend of one of my dear friends + I did not act fast enough to get a jacket -- but their summer line comes out TOMORROW  + I'll be damned if I don't get one of those vests. I set an alarm + everything. Check out their promotional video + then tell me you don't have to have one too:

where it all began -- dan + shay -- also falling in the category of things my dear friend has introduced me to is Dan + Shay. I've mentioned before that when I like a song -- I just listen to it over + over again until I cannot stand it anymore. Well I listen to this album every time I'm in the car [which is at least once a day] + I'm not tired of it yet. It's a killer album, debuted at number one on the Billboard Country charts, + I expect great things from these two.

the braves winning streak + internet hilarity -- the Braves have been beating up on the Nationals as of late [which makes me happier than a pig in mud.] + were even listed on wikipedia as the owners of both the Nationals + Stephen Strausburg for a couple of days. Also in this win streak is the absolute domniation of the Phillies by one Senor Oso Blanco. Evan Gattis had FOUR hits yesterday, his first of the day being the first hit he's gotten in Citizen's Bank Ballpark that wasn't a homerun. Obviously he did get his homerun + was responsible for the only run scored in last night's gem. BUT EVEN BETTER is the night Dan Uggla had on Monday. Not only did he hit TWO out of the yard -- but he hit a game winning GRAND SLAM + we were blessed with this:
Via Deadspin
THE KANGAROO BABY THAT IS GOING TO BE AT 420 FEST THIS WEEKEND -- as if I wasn't already so excited to spend the weekend drinking + jamming to celebrate Earth Day -- THERE WILL BE A BABY KANGAROO THAT I GET TO MEET. I mean -- I just can't. I absolutely am dead from the cuteness. JUST LOOK OKAY
So please -- check out the whole video of the Phillies fans having their hearts broken, wake up early to buy your Rocket + Lace vest tomorrow, + jam out with Dan + Shay. Happy Thirsty Thursday friends!

Monday Motivations

The pollen count today is 3495. I woke up + my eyes were swollen closed. So today I'm very thankful that it has turned into a rainy Monday. Maybe the rain will wash all of the pollen away + my car will be white again, rather than the gross yellow it was yesterday.

32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars

I was having a serious case of writer's block -- so I'm beyond pumped that Sarah + Erin put this linkup together!
  1. Adventures.
  2. Jams
  4. Freddie Freeman Hugs

  5. driving with the windows down, sunroof open, + radio turned all the way up
  6. puppies [ I think it's safe to assume puppies are always included ]
  7. thunderstorms
  8. brunch. any excuse to drink champagne for breakfast really.
  9. baseball. any + all baseball.
  10. the rest of the sports [ I feel like I'd be cheating if I listed all of them individually ]
  11. MARGARITAS + chips + queso. 
  12. cheesey dad jokes
  13. arts + crafts
  14. WINE
  15. beer tastings/breweries
  16. hot, giant soft pretzels with nacho cheese
  17. any large body of water
  18. clean sheets + towels fresh from the dryer
  19. anytime the Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, or Gators lose.
  20. books [ added bonus :: a good book, margarita, next to a large body of water ]
  21. my sweet sweet friends
  22. sad Urban Meyer
  23. outdoor day drinking
  24. cowboy boots
  25. outrageous youtube videos

  26. not acting my age
  27. anything with an anchor on it
  28. family fun times
  29. fresh fruit of any kind
  30. while we're on it -- fresh flowers. daisies especially. 
  31. lightning bugs
  32. Braves wins.
Happy Thirsty Thursday y'all -- the Braves are off today -- but I hope you're keepin' your Chop arm strong..