Things I'm Loving Thursday

I have a super super fun DIY all written up -- I just haven't had a minute to make the pictures presentable -- so until then I want to share some things I am just absolutely loving right now! I bet you're going to love them too.

rocket + lace -- this company is the product of a dear friend of one of my dear friends + I did not act fast enough to get a jacket -- but their summer line comes out TOMORROW  + I'll be damned if I don't get one of those vests. I set an alarm + everything. Check out their promotional video + then tell me you don't have to have one too:

where it all began -- dan + shay -- also falling in the category of things my dear friend has introduced me to is Dan + Shay. I've mentioned before that when I like a song -- I just listen to it over + over again until I cannot stand it anymore. Well I listen to this album every time I'm in the car [which is at least once a day] + I'm not tired of it yet. It's a killer album, debuted at number one on the Billboard Country charts, + I expect great things from these two.

the braves winning streak + internet hilarity -- the Braves have been beating up on the Nationals as of late [which makes me happier than a pig in mud.] + were even listed on wikipedia as the owners of both the Nationals + Stephen Strausburg for a couple of days. Also in this win streak is the absolute domniation of the Phillies by one Senor Oso Blanco. Evan Gattis had FOUR hits yesterday, his first of the day being the first hit he's gotten in Citizen's Bank Ballpark that wasn't a homerun. Obviously he did get his homerun + was responsible for the only run scored in last night's gem. BUT EVEN BETTER is the night Dan Uggla had on Monday. Not only did he hit TWO out of the yard -- but he hit a game winning GRAND SLAM + we were blessed with this:
Via Deadspin
THE KANGAROO BABY THAT IS GOING TO BE AT 420 FEST THIS WEEKEND -- as if I wasn't already so excited to spend the weekend drinking + jamming to celebrate Earth Day -- THERE WILL BE A BABY KANGAROO THAT I GET TO MEET. I mean -- I just can't. I absolutely am dead from the cuteness. JUST LOOK OKAY
So please -- check out the whole video of the Phillies fans having their hearts broken, wake up early to buy your Rocket + Lace vest tomorrow, + jam out with Dan + Shay. Happy Thirsty Thursday friends!

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