Thoughts While Trying a DIY Hair Mask

Everyone is all on about how incredible coconut oil is for your hair + how easy it is to make these fancy home treatments for your hair. So I figured if it could save me some money -- why not? [side note :: coconut oil is kind of pricey..] So I used this guide + set off making my own hair mask thing. I doubled the recipe because I have so much hair -- I always need 2.5 boxes of hair dye, etc. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could wash the stuff out of my hair -- so I had plenty of time to think...

  • that was a lot of sticky honey.. I wonder if I'll get ants in my hair..
  • who looks at coconut oil + honey then says "hey that would be a good thing to put in my hair!" I spend most of my time trying to keep food out of my hair!
  • is my hair going to smell like sunscreen and graham crackers forever? 
  • what if I don't get all of this out of my hair? then I'll definitely have ants in my hair.
  • I wonder if an ant bites my head if the venom will get into my brain.. 
  • if this doesn't work -- what on earth am I going to do with all of that coconut oil?
  • I wonder if I can eat this stuff.. it smells like something you could eat..
  • what if I didn't spread it evenly? what if only some of my hair looks shiny + the rest just looks like dirty dish water?!
  • is it okay to rinse this down the shower drain? when I read about oil pulling they said not to spit it into the sink...
  • I should have tried that oil pulling thing at the same time!
  • has it been thirty minutes? oh no, just five. okay. well what happens if I forget I put it in my hair + then wait an hour? 
  • man. my fingers are super sticky. I should  have worn gloves or something. now I'm going to have jam hands all day.
  • this is a lot messier than it looked in that blog how-to. I wonder if I'm going to be able to get all of this out of the sink..
I think I managed to wash all of the hair mask out of my hair [I washed it twice, for good measure, which probably defeated the purpose] then I even used the blow dryer to see the final results. I wasn't too pleased last night -- but this morning it definitely looks at least a little shiny and even feels softer. I learned some things about this stuff though -- next time I'll get one of those bottles like they give you to dye your hair and some gloves.  I will probably try it again though -- because it's cheaper than going to the hair salon!

Have you tried any of these hair masks? Do they work for you? 

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