Around The Horn: Favorite Ballpark Food

FIRST OF ALL. As of 11:42 am yesterday (or, today when I'm writing this...) we had FOURTEEN PEOPLE link up for last week! I am dead guys. I figured it would be like, four people who I begged to participate or something. Counting myself. I'm constantly overwhelmed that people have as much fun with this as I do. SO go check out the posts from the first week -- read about all of the favorite baseball memories -- then come back for ballpark food! 

Now, the rules are easy. We have topics for each Thursday in March here, follow along with me + Jessa, grab the button below, link up, and make new friends woooooo!
Kasey At The Bat

OKAY. I am 400% convinced that a few things taste better at the ballpark than anywhere else you can get them. First of all, that $7 beer is totally worth it. Trust me. They're bigger than the ones you get at the bar anyways. I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than an ice cold beer at a baseball game.
turner field budweiser miller lite
Also. Hot dogs. I don't know what it is. Hot dogs taste better at the ballpark. Which is weird, because they're probably sitting out long enough to where they should be better in your backyard BBQ (okay, well those are really good too.. also do you ever cut hot dogs up + put them in macaroni + cheese? no? oh, because you don't have the pallet of a four year old? well, you should probably try it.) It has come to my attention, while writing this post, that I don't take pictures of my ballpark food.... 

OH MAN. You know what else I love? NACHOS. I don't want to talk about that nacho cheese, I can't think about it too long without getting a little grossed out. BUT IT IS SO TASTY. You know what else it's good on? A SOFT PRETZEL. YUM. Oh my goodness. OR FRENCH FRIES. a good basket of french fries covered in everything you would put on nachos? 

Okay. Now I'm hungry and I want a beer. I can't wait to see what everyone else's favorite ballpark foods are. Obviously I'll have to try them all. Do you think if I made Kasey At The Bat an LLC, I could travel to all the ballparks to try all of the food + then write all of the expenses off on my taxes for business expenses? Like, is that how taxes work?  ANYWAYS. Link up right here! I can't wait to be more hungry.. hahaha