10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

HOLY MOLY MONDAY. I spent this weekend doing some reuniting + bridesmaid dress shopping + let me tell you what -- I am pooped today. First of all, head over to Nina's place -- I'm hanging out there with all of her other pretty pretty sponsors! Back? Okay. Well I noticed some new faces around here (also I'm recovering from the weekend) so I thought I would do some things you wouldn't know about me unless you met me in real life...

  1. I seriously lack in the coordination department. When we do side planks in barre class, I fall on my face every. time. it's actually petty hilarious if you ask me. 
  2. I have serious hair cut anxiety. I have long, thick hair, + one time (when I was like 8.) I went to one of those cheap haircut places + they put the long layers on top, short layers on bottom + we had to cut it all off to like my chin so that it would lay down. 
  3. I carry a book in my purse. Everywhere I go. 
  4. I write in cursive or all capital letters. I haven't always, I don't know when it happened, + as far as I know I'm not a serial killer... 
  5. I have the most varied music taste. General rule: I probably like it. No guilty pleasures here, just depends on my mood. 
  6. I regularly put my shoes on the wrong feet. I'm not actually a grownup, I just pretend to be. 
  7. My favorite color is green (which you'd think I would incorporate more here..)
  8. I hate wearing shoes. Bare feet please.
  9. I cannot go into Target, World Market, the grocery store. or the liquor store unsupervised. I come home with all the ridiculous things + nothing I actually needed.
  10. When I take a picture (for myself or anyone who hands me their phone + says "can you take our picture?") I take easily 50. Every time. I like to take the most ridiculous, obviously candid one + that's the one that I choose to instagram. every. time. it makes me happy. (everyone else, not always so much...)
Now that you know more about me than you probably needed to, what's something the internet doesn't know about youuuuu? 

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