IT'S APRIL TOMORROW YOU GUYS. APRIL. Can we just have a moment of silence for winter? Just kidding. I'm really glad winter is over. I mean at least I think it is. We had a rough weekend though. ALLEGEDLY it's going to be 80 this week. EIGHTY DEGREES. girls hit your hallelujah! 

C U R R E N T L Y  I AM:

reading Lincoln in the World, Cross Bones, and Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Yes. Three books at a time because I'm apparently incapable of focusing on one story. I keep Bones in my purse, Harry Potter for the bath (is that an overshare? sorry...) and Lincoln for anywhere I get a chance to read it.t

drinking COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE. but I'm looking forward to warmer days, some spark samples from Jen, and brainstorming what fun cocktail I'll make for Thursty Thursday....

soul searching: about a potential career move + whether or not it's the right choice. there will be yellow legal pads + pro/con lists. Ted Mosby would be proud.

planning: a trip to Charleston AND that trip to Naples at the end of the month. April is a really busy month for me! #jetsetter

loving: all of these things from Friday ;; these Belgium sunset pictures from Life+1 ;; my beautiful sponsor ladies who are the real MVPs because they're the first! Lindsay ;; Meagan (who did a currently post today too #greatminds) ;; Kati Rose ;; Kerri ;; Melissa ;; Trish

jamming: Biscuits, obvi. also Missing You by Betty Who (ps spotify updated + I cannot seem to find the embed button. waaaaaah)

learning: new tricks in Excel, how to use my fun new tripod + remote with Ringo the Rebel, and how much of a pain house hunting in Atlanta is. Don't you just want to rent me a cute little bungalow in the highlands for like. less than $800 per person? YOU DO? THANKS!

What are you up to? Can you tell that I had major writer's block this morning? (oh, I guess you can now. way to show your hand there genius...)

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