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CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE WE'RE ALREADY HALFWAY THROUGH THIS? I'm getting ScoreCenter updates on my phone so it's real guys. Baseball season is almost here!!!!!! So, let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns). If you don't have much of an appetite today, you should check out all of the ballpark food we drooled over last week -- you're guaranteed to be hungry afterwards.

Now, the rules are easy. We have topics for each Thursday in March here, follow along with me + Jessa, grab the button below, link up, and make new friends woooooo!
Kasey At The Bat

Now. Favorite player is such a tough one for me. I mentioned how Javy Lopez was the first man I ever loved. For the longest time Tommy Hanson was a mild obsession (actually, that was pretty funny. I convinced people that he was actually my boyfriend so when he got a concussion at spring training one year people called me to make sure he was okay. only a little crazy right? no, no that's a lot crazy.)
I always felt like I could justify it because plenty of girls looooooved Chipper (honestly, I never got the appeal sorry if he's your favorite..) I just remember one day, when I was working in Rome, after a game Tommy Hanson stayed to sign autographs for every little kid. Even though he didn't have to. The most adorable trait of a ballplayer in my eyes. I also became a fan of Brandon Belt when I was in the Cali league + he was rehabbing with the other team. Even though it meant I couldn't go home until he decided to go home. 
There was also a time when we had a fan club for a few of our friends on the baseball team. Fun fact: shortly after this picture was taken, I almost go kicked out of the FSU baseball stadium. You really shouldn't tell me I can sit "anywhere I can find a space for my behind that doesn't belong to a ticketed fan" if you don't mean anywhere
OKAY. So aside from Javy (well, and Brandon Belt...) I have always had a special place in my heart for pitchers. Couldn't tell you why, I played first base growing up...
So with all the Braves trades + deals, I don't have a current favorite player. I'm in the market for a new favorite player, so why don't you convince me? Who's yours? Link up link up link up!! We'll have so much fun!

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