OKAY OKAY OKAY. I promise this is going to be about our adventures to see Wicked. BUT FIRST. CHECK. IT. OUT! How does everyone LOVE the new look?! I'm a little bit obsessed.. sorry not sorry...

GUYS. I went to see Wicked at the FAAABULOUS Fox Theatre on Sunday. I feel like you have to say it that way. I always feel like I'm not fancy enough to be at the Fox. Like I should be wearing a ballgown and drinking champagne at all times. BUT it was my first time seeing Wicked (obviously first of many) and the performance definitely lived up to my expectations. Plus the Fox. PLUS great company. 

That being said, I have some weekend things I would like to whine about too. I'm a firm believer that people only review things if they absolutely love them or absolutely hate them. I'm going to give you some reviews that are neither love nor hate. Ready? Go.

SATURDAY. Okay. The 30 days at the barre adventure has me being a Saturday morning person. We love the 8 am thighs + glutes class. LOVE it. I almost don't need coffee. I said almost. So after class we're famished so we head over by Atlantic Station to grab breakfast (we had shopping to do, obviously) I am one of those people who you don't want to mess with when their blood sugar gets low. My hanger is real y'all. So we've heard rave reviews about this place called Star Provisions. It's a cute little bakery + they have yummy pastries. ALL I want is a bagel, cream cheese, and coffee. I'm a very simple breakfast girl. We wait forever, aren't served at the pastry counter even though they served the people behind us in line after we tried to get the attention of the girl working, THEN I'm on the verge of tears because if I don't eat something soon I'm probably going to throw a tantrum. We order our food and when I ask for cream cheese with my bagel -- this girl gives me a look like you had the audacity to ask for cream cheese? Then proceeds to tell me that all they have is a special dill flavored one for their salmon + lox. I actually blurt out "oh that sounds disgusting" because I thought she meant like dill pickles. Needless to say, I almost cried + will not be returning for breakfast there. DILL CREAM CHEESE SERIOUSLY?

Sorry. That was a long paragraph. Here are some shorter ones!
hey, can you please make sure to get the marquee in? we want to see where it says "fox" 
Sunday! Wicked day! We went to J. Christopher's in Midtown, because yum. Now, it's Sunday morning so they're pretty slammed. They appear to be seating people more willy nilly than the order we came in, but you know it's cool, we have time. Except I've never felt so rushed through a meal in my entire life. The coffee we had was lukewarm, but the to-go ones we oh so patiently waited for (much to the dismay of the staff..) was so hot we barely got to drink any before we made it to the Fox.

This next paragraph might offend you. I'm not sorry if it does. Tickets to Wicked aren't like movie tickets, you know it's a pretty penny. So there was a grown woman sitting in the row behind us who sang along the entire time. Now, mind you, she's not a Broadway actress, she's just a fan, who didn't know all the words. She's singing along and doesn't know all the words. We didn't pay to hear you sing girlfriend. You're old enough to know better. Also, it was my first time seeing it, and I knew all the words. So. Don't be that person okay?

ANYWAYS. I loved it. I will be back. I also want to go to more fun fancy things at the Fox. Who else wants to get dressed up + see fun fancy Fox things?! Have you seen Wicked? DID YOU LOVE IT? Were you that girl signing along over the actors?

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