Okay. So I know we lost an hour Saturday night or Sunday morning or whatever, and I know it's what we wanted after how much we hate it getting dark early, but man does spring forward throw my entire life for a loop. So, how about a currently post? I think I'll just work through the thesaurus for "currently" synonyms. Isn't "forthwith" a fun word to say? I think I'll start using that instead of currently. 
the one where joey uses a thesaurus
Anywhoodles, yesterday I took Cassie's AdProval class + I'm so excited to try it out! What's up goal chasing 2K15. I've noticed some new faces around here and I'm so excited to have y'all here too! Maybe I should use the thesaurus on the word "excited" 
accurate depiction of my life right now. haha
30 Days At The Barre Confession: GUYS. Tomorrow is officially day 30. DAY THIRTY. I don't want to lie to you. I did get sick a week before last + I had to miss a day. But I figure, it's close enough. I'm going to go one extra day on the end, but I didn't want to cheat. I didn't want to tell y'all I did thirty straight days when I really had to take a day off. I was a very pathetic little princess that day. Literally in bed at about 4:45 pm. BUT we're keeping up + now that the 30 days are over, we're still going to go at 4 - 5 days a week. Apparently I'm a gym rat now....

Netflix Binging: Currently hooked on Gilmore Girls, HIMYM (BUT NOT THE LAST SEASON. I REFUSE. #notoverit) and seeeeeeriously considering House of Cards + The Mindy Project. As far as real life TV, I'm obviously about two weeks behind on everything. I don't know how How To Get Away With Murder ended, nor what has happened since Olivia Pope was found, nor whether or not Deacon has talked to Rayna about his liver. Priorities or something.
First Sunburn of the Season: guys. I was outside for like. an hour and a half. I had on sunscreen (not only do I wear it as regular lotion, but I specifically put on another layer of sport.) I don't see any red, but man does it feel like a sunburn. BUT IT WAS SO PRETTY AND SUNSHINEY OVER THE WEEKEND. I wanted to sleep outside. I think I would have if you had let me. HEY does anyone want to go camping this summer? PLEASE. 

READING: I'm really blowing the whole 100 books thing. I'm hoping summer brings time for more reading. I have to get on that. I really want to read Girl Boss + Mindy Kailing's book + Yes Please! Do you have any suggestions? 

That's what's happening on my end, what's happening in your neck of the woods? 

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