The World Needs More Wine Hashtags

FIRST THING IS FIRST. I hit 1,000 followers on the gram so Elle Talk + I are celebrating with a giveaway on said gram. Then we got to talking about how there isn't a list of boozy hashtags. Now, two of my favorite parts about hashtags are that they help you group your pictures together and they bring people of like activities together. SO here I am, with some of my favorite boozy hashtags. 

I just discovered this one yesterday -- #yeswayrose HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT? (side note, I have that thought a lot. beer koozies, insulated stemless wine glasses with lids, the likes..)

I honestly started this as a post for boozy hashtags, but I've decided to focus on wine this time. Halfway through... Because you know what that's how blogging works. I've decided that there should be more than one so we can focus on the best kinds of booze and you guys can help me find more! Since we're focused on wine, I also love #winenot

Last but certainly not least, #lemmewineaboutit -- I'm not sure I want to share, because it's currently exclusively my wine photos. I guess y'all could all join in.

Also, I really wanted to embed the hashtag feeds, why isn't that a thing Instagram? I mean, not that my wine gifs aren't fun, but come on man. ANYWAYS. don't forget to head over to the gram + help me celebrate 1K! Do you have any boozy hashtags I should be using? I was a little disappointed to find there aren't that many yet, maybe we're just in time to start our own! Are you going to join me with #lemmewineaboutit ?? 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Can of Corn: Memories

Can we just have a moment of silence for the Braves? Just, like, real quick..........

Okie dokie! I'm just the co-host, P.J. is the brains behind the operation, so here are the rules guidelines for Can of Corn!
  • Write about baseball using the theme (or not) on the dates provided (or thereabout) from March-October. Just make it baseball!
  • Use the button in your post somewhere (at the end or whatever) and link back to me + P.J. 
  • Go to one of our blogs the day this comes up (or thereafter) and linkup! The linkup will be "live" for a week after the date.
  • Visit other blogs, read, comment, and make some new baseball pals!
  • Have a cold beer (because let's be real, anything I'm involved in involves a cold beer...)
Can of Corn 2016 - Dates
  • March 17: Your favorite baseballism (saying, quote, jargon etc.)
  • April 14: Best baseball memory
  • May 12: Favorite ballpark (minor or major)
  • June 16: The best promotion you’ve ever been to
  • July 14: Dream baseball road trip
  • August 18: A current rule you'd change
  • September 15: Favorite player of all time
  • October 20: Favorite tradition/superstitions

Can of Corn Challenge

SO. Baseball memories. I have so so so many. You know, a lifetime of them duh. My all time favorite events working for teams were definitely anything firework related. I love fireworks guys. I could see a show every night of the week + still love them. I am just a giant 7 year-old. Even when I was in Cali + we had to pick up the pieces of the fireworks after the show, I loved every second of it.
ALSO two summers ago I got to see WEEZER which was pretty kickass. I'm excited for the lineup the Braves have this year too. Post game concerts are so fun because you get a whole ball game and then some! Plus. A free Weezer concert comeON. admit it, Buddy Holly is stuck in your head now...
Also also any and all post season games I've ever been to. Sometimes I get chills just thinking about them. I don't want to post any of those pictures though because it just bums me out man. The whole "worst start in Atlanta ever" is really harshing my vibe. SO cheer me up! Join us with your favorite baseball memories!!! I can't wait to read all of the stories! 

Brunch So Hard Mother Truckers Wanna Fine Me

Woah woah woah back-to-back blog posts. Who am I even? Confession, I cannot believe I missed last Wednesday for one. #itwasalonelyone #somanyconfessions 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I am the most excited ever to be going to the Atlanta Steeplechase next weekend. Holla fo a dolla. Or for the VIP party we're going to + the private (air conditioned) bathrooms. That was really the selling point, tbh. #yeahright #butalsotheopenbar #youknowme BUT I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. I feel like I need a hat first, dress second, I already have my cowboy boots. What what WHAT should I wear? 
Saturday I ran a 5k for mimosas. and dogwoods. I have been searching for all of the booze related races since then. BUT. I walked 1.5 miles to get to the park/starting line, ran the 5k (40 minutes, PR #getatmetho) then walked the 1.5 miles back home. My biggest mistake was taking a nap. I was then down for the count for the rest of the day. Then my entire body hurt until like. last night... #notfastnotlast #notquitefiteither #didntevenwintheweekendwarriorchallenge #andidid6milesbefore10am
jump man jump man jump man WOO
I confess, I instagrammed what looked like a delicious brunch platter (yes, the budweiser was included..) but man was it dissappointing. What wasn't pictured? The donuts + kickass burger we had before the platter got there. Obviously brunch was a success, but we were super bummed by the chef's choices. Who associates various lettuce wraps with brunch? #gimmemorefriedstuff #allgravyeverything #ANDDONUTS #andmimosasduh
brunch so hard mother truckers wanna fine me
The other day at a fancy dinner place, while waiting on my fancy glass of wine, I drank all of my water. When the waiter came to refill my glass, I apologized. I couldn't even tell you what I apologized for THEN when he said "oh don't worry, you're supposed to drink it!" I APOLOGIZED AGAIN. It's a disease y'all. #sorryallthetime #isittoolatenowtosaysooorrrryyyy 
air bunnies
I DIE. I die at Joey's air bunnies. He's too funny. ANYWAYS. I'm sure more ridiculous things will happen this week, you should follow along on the twitter. I tweet a lot of ridiculous stuff (and alllll the gifs to be honest.) What ridiculous things happened to y'all this week? HEY PS DON'T FORGET THE CAN OF CORN LINKUP TOMORROW. We can pretend the Braves aren't on pace to go 0-162 this year.....................

Sorry, I Can't, I'm Reading an Awesome Book.

We can just count this as a lately post, right? I would tell you oh sorry I've been away I've just be oh so very busy. That would be a lie. The reality of the situation is that I've been reading the Outlander series. Can't put 'em down. Now, the real issue with this addiction is that all of these books are a minimum of 1200 pages. My mom is reading them with me, she got ahead of me and jokes when she gets her book club books "oh this one I'll read in a day, it's only 300 pages!" So that's where I've been. I've only got two left. I don't know what I'm going to read next, any suggestions? 

We renewed our lease through November, but with my fancy new job, I've decided I want to buy a house. I want a backyard and I really want a puppy. I also really really want a back yard and a place I can sit outside and enjoy my coffee and a good book. Or have people over for a party. (you guys are all invited to my housewarming. here's hoping I can save up enough by November and luck into a place in both my budget + the neighborhood I want....) To help with my savings, I downloaded this app. Qapital? I saw an ad on instagram + downloaded it, what I have set up right now is that every time I swipe my credit card, it rounds up to the nearest even number + saves that money. Since I downloaded it last Friday I've saved $20! That's like, .50% of my $5,000 goal... that's right, half of a percent. Baby steps. 

Baseball is back, so obviously I'm all wrapped up in that fo'sho. I hit my first game for the last season at the Ted soon Friday, but there's not much to say about this team right now... Not to mention the Can of Corn linkup I've been neglecting... guys I am the worst blogger lately. Thursday though! Thursday come back + link up with your best baseball memory. I am looking to read all kinds of stories that make me laugh and cry obvi.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm almost finished with An Echo in the Bone, so I must be off. What's new with everyone? Any first home buyer's (in probably a year..) advice? Any book suggestions?