The World Needs More Wine Hashtags

FIRST THING IS FIRST. I hit 1,000 followers on the gram so Elle Talk + I are celebrating with a giveaway on said gram. Then we got to talking about how there isn't a list of boozy hashtags. Now, two of my favorite parts about hashtags are that they help you group your pictures together and they bring people of like activities together. SO here I am, with some of my favorite boozy hashtags. 

I just discovered this one yesterday -- #yeswayrose HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT? (side note, I have that thought a lot. beer koozies, insulated stemless wine glasses with lids, the likes..)

I honestly started this as a post for boozy hashtags, but I've decided to focus on wine this time. Halfway through... Because you know what that's how blogging works. I've decided that there should be more than one so we can focus on the best kinds of booze and you guys can help me find more! Since we're focused on wine, I also love #winenot

Last but certainly not least, #lemmewineaboutit -- I'm not sure I want to share, because it's currently exclusively my wine photos. I guess y'all could all join in.

Also, I really wanted to embed the hashtag feeds, why isn't that a thing Instagram? I mean, not that my wine gifs aren't fun, but come on man. ANYWAYS. don't forget to head over to the gram + help me celebrate 1K! Do you have any boozy hashtags I should be using? I was a little disappointed to find there aren't that many yet, maybe we're just in time to start our own! Are you going to join me with #lemmewineaboutit ?? 
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