Confessions of an [Almost] Twenty. Seven. Year. Old

GUYS. guys. guys. guys. My birthday is Friday. I am turning old. OLD I TELL YOU. I'm really not prepared. Not even a tiny bit. Ask Michelle as she had to talk me down from the why isn't my life together meltdown of the day yesterday. I'm sure I will have a couple more in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. 

I spent most of my brainstorming time working on that picture, I'm pretty sure it's the cover of my first novel, what do you think? #likeawallflower #meetstheshopaholic #meetssomemegcabotbook #WHEREISMYHOGWARTSLETTER

I mentioned my not-a-grownup meltdown, so today I was thinking about the things that I feel like qualify me (aside from being that close to thirty. OH MY GOD I'M ONLY THREE YEARS AWAY FROM THIRTY. BRB.) They include: paying for my own Netflix subscription (even though I watch the same shows over and over), I have a 401k (I even know what a 401k is...), I reward myself for doing chores with wine. Yeah. That's about it. #thatsashortlist #weareallpretending #right? #whoisarealgrownupanyways
I'm just as happy going to the bar (provided it's not so slammed that you can't move.. and maybe there's food...) as I am sitting in the living room, drinking champagne, and having a Disney sing-a-long. Or watching a marathon on the History channel. Or reading. Probably reading let's be real. #OHORKARAOKE #yeahletsdokaraoke #ORTRIVIA #ORBOTH

I've been racking my brain for more confessions that are worthy of blogging about. I can't come up with them. Mostly all I can think about is going to sleep. It's 10:15 and I feel like we're up past my bed time. #grammastatus #nowimfreakingoutaboutbeingoldagain #sendhelp

Well. I'm doing my normal link up for a Wednesday! All the hashtags. ALL OF THEM. Do you have any old lady ridiculous panics? I've decided that everyone is just pretending to be a grownup, I'm just not that good at pretending yet....
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Hey do you know what is great for the blogger writer's block? A "currently" post! So how about a look at life lately?

Listening : To ALL THE BEATLES SONGS also Drink You Away #cantstopwontstop #ALLofhisfriends #Irealizethisisnthashtaghumpday #butimgettingaheadstart
Reading: I just finished Drums of Autumn so I'm on to The Firey Cross next. I might finish the entire Outlander series this before the spring. Then I'm going to need more suggestions guys. I've been the biggest bookworm lately. 

Planning: This Peru/Macchu Picchu trip. guys. it's going to happen. Right now I'm leaning towards the Contiki Inca Panorama but I haven't ruled out figuring it out on my own. Y'all think I can do that right? The travel bug is real y'all. So real. 

Drinking: A giant bottle of wine I bought in preparation for the #Snowmageddon16 (we got 1/4" it was incredible -- it was enough snow to be pretty and it was all gone by like noon Saturday. insert praise emoji here.)

Dreaming: of the summer. I am so over "feels like 11" HOW DO YOU PEOPLE UP NORTH DO IT? Also I hate that it's dark when I get out of work, it's like, what does the sun even look like. Remember daylight? Yeah, me either. 

Baking: GUYS I NEED SUPERBOWL FOODS. I'm having a Superbowl party. It's happening. I need food ideas because I gotsta be the hostess with the mostest obviously or no one would want to read subsequent blog posts about it. Any suggestions? 

What's up with y'all? Have you read the Outlander series? What on earth will I read next? 

Kasey at the Bar: Breaking News!

Today (as I'm so very responsibly writing this Wednesday night in advance) Wednesday, the 20th of January 2016, I have finally met a wine I don't like. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not bad per se. I just, don't fancy it... 

So first, for the quick rundown 
  • Who makes it? CA Winecraft?
  • Where did I find it? Murder Kroger! (I'm a grocery shopping creature of habit..)
  • What did I pay for it? $3.99 (I realized later that's because it was best by January of 2016. I've never seen wine with expiration dates..)
  • What type of wine? "red slightly sparkling"
Okay. So here's what I think: I bought this because I see it every time I walk down the wine aisle at Kroger. Monday, I went to Kroger on my way home for two things and somehow lost focus like I was in Target... So I saw this was on sale, so my normal thought process of well, it's only $4 so what's the worst that can happen? 

Don't ask me why I thought wine in a can would be just wine in a can. I was lured by the cartoon boxing man with the mustache. Plus what a clever name! Guys. It's a wine cooler. That was my mistake, here I was thinking "look it's with all the individual glasses of wine, it must be wine!" since the wine coolers are always in the cold section. 

So the moral of this story is that I'm not a high schooler trying to sneak a Mike's Hard Lemonade so I'm probably not the correct demographic for a wine cooler. You might like it though, it's somewhere between those "limearitas" and a 4 Loko (guys. remember 4Loko?) Have you tried the Mataro's Punch? I hope I didn't upset anyone who loves wine coolers -- it's just not my style.  

"Feels Like 11"

Here we are, already to Wednesday again! I'm sure for most of you it doesn't feel like you've made it too far, but for those of us that had to work on Monday, it's a well earned Wednesday. Except that it's freezing outside. I'm so over winter you guys. I would trade my birthday for it to be like, "low of 65" instead of "high of 38, 90% chance of rain"
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

What is most concerning to me about today's forecast is the rain + essentially freezing temperatures. If you recall, the people of Atlanta are not so good with wintery weather. Moreover we're really bad with ice (but excuse me, who is good at driving on ice? we don't have tire chains here, I don't even know what those are for, but we don't have them) #pleasedontsnow #snowpocalypserepeat #devilsdandruff #wedontdowell

I have some issues with this season of Pretty Little Liars. First of all I get it, the plot is just like the first season. Also please stop reading if for some reason you haven't watched the first episode + are worried about spoilers. We know for sure that Cece is dead right? Like that was definitely her? Why is everyone acting so shady right off the bat? Like, come on guys. Also, how is it possible that they've gotten WORSE at lying? They've been doing it for like. ten years now. #getittogetherguys #soshady #butalsoinnocent #orarethey?
This post was going to be longer, but instead of writing last night I decided to start planning a trip to Machu Picchu because doesn't that sound like a great adventure? I'm thinking late this year, maybe around Thanksgiving or so? Has anyone been? Any advice? Also, has anyone used Contiki or some other travel site? Since EF cancelled my referral code, I'm not really so hot on using them again. #adventureisoutthere #mywordof2016 #wanderlust #thattravelbugisREALyall 
me IRL
So, everyone stay safe in that wintery mix today! And please tell me all the travel secrets for Latin America, thanks!

Breakup Challenge 2016: An Update

Here we are 14 days into the Breakup Challenge so obviously it's time for an update. My goals were to wake up more than 10 minutes before I need to leave, blog more, and to workout in the mornings (since I'm getting up earlier, duh) So here's where we are...
The Breakup Challenge
I have been getting up earlier, usually a WHOLE HOUR before I have to leave, it's made an incredible difference, not only can I make coffee (or use some of the $75 worth of Starbucks gift cards I ended up with for Christmas) but I feel better when I get to the office. I also have time to let my car warm up before I get in it. 

What I didn't take into account is that it's 10 degrees outside when I get up -- so going for an early morning run is 400% out of the question. I have been getting back to the barre more, which I have missed very dearly.  I do plan on biting the bullet + getting a membership, then going to the 6 am classes (I sentence I never really thought I would say seriously.) 
The only issue with my new routine is that by the time I get to work I'm usually at least two cups of coffee deep so I'm talking 90 miles an hour and I can't sit still.... How are you doing on your goals so far? 

Kasey at the Bar: Apothic Red

I don't know why it took me so long to decide to do this, but let's be honest. It's about damn time. Welcome to the very first ever Kasey at to the Bar post! Today we're killing two birds with one stone, both the first Kasey at the Bar post + my very first cheap wine review. It's worth noting, no one paid me to buy this wine or gave it to me fo'free or anything. I bought it all on my own thankYOU.

So, what we're going to try, this time at least, is a bulleted points on the deets of the wine (who makes it, where I found it, what I paid for it, type?) so here we go!
  • Who makes it? Apothic
  • Where did I find it? Murder Kroger! 
  • What did I pay for it? $3.99 with my Kroger Plus Card! haha
  • What type of wine? It's a red blend, I think....
So this wine, according to this new app facebook targeted an ad to me for, Vivino, is best paired with: beef, lamb, spicy food, game, mature + hard cheese, + goat cheese. In case you were wondering, I've paired it with Kraft Mac + Cheese, Papa John's cheesey bread, ham and cheese croissants, and shrimp + fettuccine alfredo...

I like this wine because it's dry, but not like WOAH dry. There's a little bit of a spice to it too, but based on what I've read about blends (and figured out trial and error) since there are a handful of different grapes it's a muted spice. If that makes sense. This is a wine I would definitey buy again for the $3.99, and would consider buying it for the average price of $10.98 that Vivino is telling me it usually goes for. 

Have you tried the Apothic Red? What are your thoughts? Also, what are your thoughts on the very first ever wine review here? Would you like to see something else? Is there anything that I covered that seems unnecessary? 

My Last Post (Before I Win the Powerball...)

I'm just going to jump right in + confess that I am writing this instead of watching the State of the Union, even though there's a drinking game to go with it because I know I'll get the highlights from it in tomorrow morning's Skimm so that is under control. #aintnobodygottimeforthat #Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

I haven't come up with my "adventures" hashtag yet, BUT I HAVE COME UP WITH ONE FOR WINE THINGS (since I can't really use #lemmewineaboutit because of that Buzzfeed Series...) so instead we're gonna use #kaseyatthebar (see what I did there?) so that it's not only cheap wine reviews but also dive bars, cocktails, and more! #partypartyparty
I confess that I did start this post in lieu of watching the SOTU, but then ended up watching The Bachelor instead, so that is the reason it's so late. #embarrassedemojihere but CAN WE TALK ABOUT LACE FOR A SECOND. Does she stress anyone else out? Like when she starts talking I literally can't even. It makes me SO uncomfortable. I also think that the producers are prepping us for an Oliva/Lace cage fight "date" later this season... #TheBachelor #somuchdrama #shemightbeworsethanTierra #REMEMBERTHEEYEBROW
I stopped to pick up lottery tickets on the way home, duh, and when I did the cashier said "bye honey see you on tv after you win!" so I'm pretty sure that's a sign that I'm going to win, so see you guys on tha flip side. Obviously I would blog so much more if I won... #becauseIdbeallvacay #allthetime #THINKOFALLTHEBOOKS

THAT is all I have todaaaaay, BUT STAY TUNED, first edition of Kasey at the Bar comes fresh first thing in the mornin! Spoiler alert, it's a wine review... Also I'm still taking suggestions for my adventure hashtags. Is #AdventuresOnDeck16 too much? I feel like it's too much. #SOS

2016 Word of the Year

So I have tried, and failed, at New Year's Resolutions as much as the next girl. This year I've decided I'm starting new traditions, one of those is the whole Breakup Challenge, the to other is going to be my word of the year. This year, I've chosen adventure.

What does my word of the year mean? It means that is my focus. Adventure is defined as an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. My adventures won't all be hazardous, but where else would the adrenaline rush come from? It means that in 2016 I am going to treat every day, every activity like an adventure. 

I'm planning to be a tourist in my own town, there's a lot to do in Atlanta y'all. I'm planning to try things I wouldn't have beforehand so far, I've learned that I actually do like sushi.. I'm going to put myself out there, get outside of my comfort zone, and explore. I couldn't be more excited. 

I will be honest, I'm still brainstorming a hashtag for it, so any suggestions are super welcome. ALSO if you want to join along on adventuring with me this year, I'd love to see where your adventures take you. So let's get to work on that hashtag and it's gonna be the What is your focus for this year?


January is traditionally one of my most successful months, because I hesitate less with the excuse that it's my birthday bitches. It's almost like I'm a different person. If I could tap into whatever it is that makes me the best version of myself in January for all the days, I'd be unstoppable (except that I would be broke because I also justify spending too much money for that reason too.) However, it's Wednesday -- so what more could you expect than hashtagging the Schmidt out of some confessions? 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

While I am an unstoppable force during my birthday month, I'm also super bossy + probably a pain in the ass. I refuse to apologize for it because it's only once a year. Well, 31 days out of the year. If I slowed down to worry about what everyone else was going to think about my actions, it would be easier to stop me. #sorrynotsorry #itsmybirthday #mycircusmymonkeys #whyisitmonkeysnotmonkies? 
I am OBSESSED with Momentum Dash. Have you used it? It's this browser extension for Chrome that shows you a breathtaking shot of somewhere exotic (by exotic I mean anywhere but my front yard), a motivational quote, and the option to make a to - do list (that comes with the reason we all love to - do lists -- the ability to check the boxes off as you accomplish tasks.) It really brings that extra umph to my mornings, so I totally think you should check it out too. #thisisnotsponsored #ijustlikesharing #sharingismyfavorite 
this literally has nothing to do with anything
I'm a little nervous about the #breakupchallenge2016 because I got sass for saying that one of my goals was to get up and work out in the mornings and get my shit together. that's a lot for a girl who usually gets up fifteen minutes before she needs to leave for work. I think I can do it for 30 days. Who knows maybe I'll get addicted like when I did 30 days at the Barre #strongisthenewskinny #youcandoanythingforthirtydays 
Add caption
I'm toying with the idea of starting a weekly series where I test out different kinds of cheap wine + review them here. Tax professionals, do we think I could write that off on my taxes as a business expense? I think I should be able to. moreover, if I start traveling to blog, can I write that off too? I think I need to hire an accountant.... #badatmath #taxbreaksfordays #doIhavetoestablishanLLC? #businessclassrefresherplease 
dolla dolla bills yall
I HAVE A REAL CONFESSION I ALMOST FORGOT. So, I live in a super walkable neighborhood. It's the best. So it was unseasonably beautiful on Thursday, so I walked a couple blocks to the park in the neighborhood because I just wanted to swing. Made myself a little to-go drink + toted along my camera incase I came across anything photo worthy (come on, empty playgrounds are pretty cool in black + white) It did not, however, occur to me that an adult, alone in a park, with an unknown drink in her hand and a professional camera strapped around her is NOT something that parents are cool with. #strangerdanger #butImastrangerdangerranger #iwasalittleworriedthecopswouldbecalled #insertembarrassedemojifacehere
I'm a stranger danger ranger!
I just realized these aren't really confessions at all are they? I CONFESS THAT I MEANT TO CONFESS! #whoops! Can you believe I've blogged two days in a row two weeks in a row? Don't freak out, but I might just have gotten my mojo back. I missed y'all just entirely too much. Also I got a blog planner for Christmas + I couldn't possibly let that go to waste! 

The Breakup Challenge 2016

So. Laaaaaaast year. er, well I guess two years ago, when I needed a kick in the "stop moping around + be fun again" department, I booked a trip to Europe by myself. Sadly, I can't afford to do that every time I get mopey (but man, what a financial goal that would be. or maybe it would be counterproductive because if travel makes me happy, and I could go any time I wanted, would I ever even be sad?) So when Laura + Amy announced the Breakup Challenge, I figured it was a very good second to being able to book another trip to Europe. 
The Breakup Challenge

Now, I am absolutely cheating. First of all January is my birthday (yeah I celebrate the whole month, what are you new?) so I'm sure I could give up booze, but it's my birthday. Anyways. I do have a handful of habits I'd like to not bring into 2016 with me. So instead of the Whole30, what I'm more on board for is the breaking up with bad habits. So I saw the announcement + started brainstorming what bad habits I wasn't going to bring into 2016 with me -- it was a ragtag little list: 
  • sending text messages after 2 am. 
  • leaving for work without brushing my hair
  • waking up 10 minutes before I need to leave for work. 
  • being a bad blogger
  • letting my room look like a hurricane came through 
  • not balancing my checkbook
  • skipping dinner because I haven't gone to the grocery store
  • eating out for lunch 4 days a week
  • not being 
Now, I am pretty sure I've failed at every single New Year's Resolution, show me someone who has succeeded at them all, I'll show you someone who's pants are on fire. So I am not committing to breaking up with all of them. My focus for January is these: waking up 10 minutes before I have to go to work (which will also fix the whole leaving without brushing my hair thing too. guys.), skipping dinner because I haven't gone to the grocery store (which should also knock out eating out for lunch all the time), and being a bad blogger. 

My new plan is this: plan my meals + go to the store on Sunday (blog about it), wake up early enough to go for a run before work (blog about how much faster I can run, what I'm listening to, what my steps are for the week, how bad my sneakers smell....) then, since I won't want to be sweaty, I can make coffee, shower, and blog before I go to work. What do you think? It seems like a small enough change to make a big difference. 

Are you breaking up with any bad habits this year? Allegedly if we can do it for 30 days, we'll make a good habit instead! What are your goals for this year and how can I help you achieve them?