January is traditionally one of my most successful months, because I hesitate less with the excuse that it's my birthday bitches. It's almost like I'm a different person. If I could tap into whatever it is that makes me the best version of myself in January for all the days, I'd be unstoppable (except that I would be broke because I also justify spending too much money for that reason too.) However, it's Wednesday -- so what more could you expect than hashtagging the Schmidt out of some confessions? 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

While I am an unstoppable force during my birthday month, I'm also super bossy + probably a pain in the ass. I refuse to apologize for it because it's only once a year. Well, 31 days out of the year. If I slowed down to worry about what everyone else was going to think about my actions, it would be easier to stop me. #sorrynotsorry #itsmybirthday #mycircusmymonkeys #whyisitmonkeysnotmonkies? 
I am OBSESSED with Momentum Dash. Have you used it? It's this browser extension for Chrome that shows you a breathtaking shot of somewhere exotic (by exotic I mean anywhere but my front yard), a motivational quote, and the option to make a to - do list (that comes with the reason we all love to - do lists -- the ability to check the boxes off as you accomplish tasks.) It really brings that extra umph to my mornings, so I totally think you should check it out too. #thisisnotsponsored #ijustlikesharing #sharingismyfavorite 
this literally has nothing to do with anything
I'm a little nervous about the #breakupchallenge2016 because I got sass for saying that one of my goals was to get up and work out in the mornings and get my shit together. that's a lot for a girl who usually gets up fifteen minutes before she needs to leave for work. I think I can do it for 30 days. Who knows maybe I'll get addicted like when I did 30 days at the Barre #strongisthenewskinny #youcandoanythingforthirtydays 
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I'm toying with the idea of starting a weekly series where I test out different kinds of cheap wine + review them here. Tax professionals, do we think I could write that off on my taxes as a business expense? I think I should be able to. moreover, if I start traveling to blog, can I write that off too? I think I need to hire an accountant.... #badatmath #taxbreaksfordays #doIhavetoestablishanLLC? #businessclassrefresherplease 
dolla dolla bills yall
I HAVE A REAL CONFESSION I ALMOST FORGOT. So, I live in a super walkable neighborhood. It's the best. So it was unseasonably beautiful on Thursday, so I walked a couple blocks to the park in the neighborhood because I just wanted to swing. Made myself a little to-go drink + toted along my camera incase I came across anything photo worthy (come on, empty playgrounds are pretty cool in black + white) It did not, however, occur to me that an adult, alone in a park, with an unknown drink in her hand and a professional camera strapped around her is NOT something that parents are cool with. #strangerdanger #butImastrangerdangerranger #iwasalittleworriedthecopswouldbecalled #insertembarrassedemojifacehere
I'm a stranger danger ranger!
I just realized these aren't really confessions at all are they? I CONFESS THAT I MEANT TO CONFESS! #whoops! Can you believe I've blogged two days in a row two weeks in a row? Don't freak out, but I might just have gotten my mojo back. I missed y'all just entirely too much. Also I got a blog planner for Christmas + I couldn't possibly let that go to waste! 

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