Fun Internet Finds!!

Sometimes I find things on the Internet that give me hope, a lot of the times they just make me sad. Like, SO many mean people on the interwebs, what is that about? It feels a lot better to be nice you know. ANYWAYS here are some of my favorite things from the internet lately. (NU UH THIS IS NOT A CURRENTLY POST I SOLEMLY SWEAR!)

First of all, I have stopped making my own playlists + follow almost exclusively whatever Kati Rose is listening to. EXCEPT THAT I DISCOVERED THIS PLAYLIST. 
YES THAT IS RIGHT. ALL. GILMORE GIRLS. where you leaaaad I will followwwwww

Aaaaaanyways. So that's a thing. It's my go to reading playlist. Just because then I can pretend I really am Rory Gilmore.... By the by, I'm already halfway through the second Outlander book, in case you wanted to know. I started it yesterday + couldn't stop. hashtag sunday. funday.
I've been trying out Sarah's list of instagram hashtags for bloggers not to see if I can get two hundred likes, but for SCIENCE obviously............. (or for people to tell me my instagrams are pretty. no, FOR SCIENCE.)
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OKAYGUYSLOOK. I really wanted this post to be longer, but my computer is throwing a pretty impressive temper tantrum. I have to cut it short before I throw it out the window..... What fun things have you found on the internets lately? Any good baby animal videos? Those are my favorites..
me, currently.

Life Uh, Finds A Way...

HEY REMEMBER ME? I know you do. I haven't been quite as MIA this week as I was last week. I can almost 100% promise that next week will be even better. I might even get back in the every day thing, but no promises. Anyways, obviously I had to join in on #HashtagHumpday because you know. duh. (Also, first confession. sometimes I can be really creepy on instagram. so when I went to get the html for #HashtagHumpday I definitely went back + stalked Laura's instagram.) 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I just started watching Parks & Rec. You know, I was kind of bored with my HIMYM reruns + needed something to get me through until season two of Kimmy Schmidt. So I'm hooked. I don't know how life was before Netflix happened. Do you ever wonder? Like, what did we do before we could binge on tv shows? #thatisunreasonable #ithasntbeenaroundthatlong 
I haven't given an explanation to anyone for my celebration snap chats, being MIA, or talking about studying because I don't want to jinx it. In related news I sassed someone for saying that there's no possible way the zombie apocalypse could happen. so. #notsuperstitious #justalittlestitious #okayalotstitious 
Our new house involves parking in a driveway. This driveway is a lot easier to get out of if you back in to it. There are lots of obstacles to backing into the driveway. Including the landlord who likes to park at the very top of the driveway making it necessary to make about a sixteen point turn to get into it. #butimgettingreallygoodatparking #oratleastnothittingthehouse #yet........ 
I saw Jurassic World over the weekend. I loved it. I read on the internet that they were mad about the chick running around in high heels? I'm kind of confused. At what point while she was running around trying to not be eaten by the dinosaurs was she supposed to swing by and change shoes? honestly? should she have been running around barefoot? (oh, well I guess I probably would have opted for barefoot maybe...) anyways. it's good. you should see it. I want to see it again, let's go see it!  I did miss Ian Malcom. Let's be real. #hesababe #butsoischrisspratt #CANIHAVEAPETRAPTORORWHAT 
Okay. on THAT NOTE. I gotta go study some more. What is up with everyone? Can you focus post Ian Malcom gif? I didn't think so. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! 

I Need Your Help!

GUYS. So I've mentioned that I want to do something fun with the giant white wall in my bedroom. I want to make a collage/media wall with my Europe pictures! Some shadow boxes, etc. I want to get a giant watercolor map of the world, then I need to pick three pictures to be the really big ones. I CANNOT decide. I think it's more of a I need to travel more situation, obviously. But for now, I need to get started! So, I've decided for sure this one: 
 So I need one from Amsterdam and one from London! I'm a little attached to the Tower Bridge one, but also love all of the ones I put here. Since I took fewer pictures in London + Amsterdam because we were too busy having the most fun, I am really attached to all of the ones I did take. SO. I need your help! Should I make like, a collage? Should I do a bunch of like 4 x 6 pictures? I am having a really hard time making this decision. 
Okay, but I'm a little sad looking through these trying to decide what to print + frame. Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should print them? Like should I do it on the internets or should I do like in person at target or..... ? The struggle is real guys. What do you think? What are your favorite ways to display your travel pictures? In related news, I've decided my next goal is Greece next summer. So, stay tuned for that one.... 

Imaginary All Stars

OH HEY GUYS. Remember me? I completely understand if you want to hate me. I make this big announcement about an announcement and then I completely fell off the face of the Earth. That was mean of me. I would be mad at me. So I am sorry for that. I don't usually apologize for blog life absences, because we all have lives. We all know life happens. Also, I'm not ready to tell you what the announcement was because, you know. Life. ANYWAYS YOU KNOW WHAT TOAY IS? I almost FORGOT. CAN YOU BELIEVE I ALMOST FORGOT!? Allison is the life saver. I really thought it was NEXT Thursday. Hashtag Space Cadet. 


  • write about baseball on the third Thursday of every month this season. if you're stumped, check out our prompts. if you're not stumped, we wanna read what you have too! 
  • use the button! or just link back to me + Allison (WE CAN DO ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIAS TOO!)
  • link up!

  • 7th Inning Stretch Link Up
  • make new friends who like baseball!
  • have a cold beer.
okay, that last step is optional, but I mean, I'm gonna do it. SO. Here are our suggestions (I use 'our' lightly, they're 100% Allison's idea.. lalalalaaa)
  • April 16th : pick your pretend fantasy team! 
    • Only pick players who are currently on a major league roster
    • Choose 8 players for your starting lineup, 5 starting pitchers, and 2-3 relievers??
    • I believe there should be a constitutional amendment against the Designated Hitter (name that movie for bonus points..) so just don't draft them. or lose points at a position. #sorryboutcha AL.
    • the rules are made up + the points don't matter
  • May 21stfavorite ballpark(s)? Why? 
  • June 18th : All-Star picks and predictions 
  • July 16th : best promotions and theme nights, or what promos/themes would you plan for your team?
  • August 20th : if I was commissioner...
  • September 17th : favorite baseball books + movies (I can't promise I'll like you more if you pick Casey at the Bat..... but I can't promise you I won't.....)
  • October 15th : recap your fantasy team, share favorite moments, season highlights, fun stories, update your World Series Predictions. 
I figured, since I've been a ghost (not just here, all over the internet. did I even EXIST for the past few days? it's debatable.) I thought, why not make my All Star Team imaginary?! so. That's happening. READY GO.

Catcher, team captain, + player to be named later: Crash Davis
Kevin Costner is SUCH A BABE
Starting Pitcher: Henry Rowengartner
Short Stop: Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez
Closer: Rick Vaughn 
wild thing, you make my heart sing
Outfield: Ben Williams + The Angels
we won? WE WON?!
First, Second, Third base: Helen Haley, Marla Hooch, Doris Murphy respectively.
See. I would probably have also picked Dottie, but you know, she tries to quit halfway through the season. So I'm torn. Also she turned into a super bitch when she grew up and became that doctor on Grey's Anatomy. 

So, what are your thoughts? Who's on your All-Star team?

Announcements About Announcements!

Guys. I hate to do it to ya, but I'm making an announcement that I have an announcement. I'm joining a long list of bloggers who have done so this week. I WANT to give you all the details. I really do. I don't want to give you some of them before I have all of them. You know? SO INSTEAD. I have a video of Gronk + Big Papi singing about coffee. You're welcome. 

Doesn't that make it better? I MEAN THERE'S A CUP SOLO. Happy Friday!

Hashtag Humpday Bookworm Edition.

I have been so prepared all week, ALL WEEK I TELL YOU! Then yesterday, the wheels just came off. hey. none of that "Kasey, yesterday was only Tuesday. That's not very far into the week nonsense okay? Okay. SO ANYWAYS. Here's the reason: I found a new book series to love. HASHTAG OBSESSED.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I don't know about you, but I was that kid in line at the midnight release of Harry Potter books + I would be finished with them in a couple of days (you know because my parents would insist that I HAD to eat or sleep or something else nonessential.) Like, I was that girl walking around reading at the same time. #booknerd #notsorryaboutit #booksaremyfriendsokay
So I mentioned in my summer to do list that I was going to try to read books I hadn't read before. Kalyn mentioned she was reading a series, so when I went to lunch I was off to the library to see if they would let me pay my $2 from 2005 for whatever they didn't remember me owing it for. WELL I WAS WRONG. First, I went to a library that's apparently not part of the PINES library system, so they didn't even know what I was talking about AND THEY WANTED ME TO PAY $35 FOR A LIBRARY CARD. #butIcanBUYbooksforthat #thatsalotofdollars #atleast7beers
So, off I went to better spend less than $35 on books to read. I walked into Books A Million and the very first book I see is the first one of the Outlander series. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A SIGN. I buy the one with the original cover (not the one with the tv series cover. nope. #booksnob) and head back to work. #littledidIknow #butwaittheresmoretothisstory
SO AFTER WORK, it's been a helluva day, I decide to sit down by the pool and start reading. BOOM two hours pass, I only realize this because a huge storm is building and I realize I have to get the chickens back in their house and the dogs inside... SO I get the dogs inside and the storm has knocked out the TV, obviously a sign that I should be reading more, so I figure I'll just read until it's dinner time. THEN BOOM THREE HOURS PASS. Then I accidentally stayed up until midnight reading. Also I forgot to eat dinner. #howdoesthathappen #hooked #cantstopwontstop
soooooo that's why this post wasn't preplanned. today I've already had to ration myself to just a chapter with coffee. So I'm obviously in a hurry to get done with work so I can make dinner and accidentally read until midnight again..... How's your week going? Have you read the Outlander series yet? 

Accidental Watermelon Margaritas!

So, remember last week I showed you about the watermelon shot glasses? Remember how the video made it look all easy peasy lemon squeezey? Welp.
My first clue should have been when I walked up to the giant bin of watermelons + thought "okay, so you *thump* it to see if it sounds "solid" to know if it's ripe" then I thought "wait. what the hell does a solid watermelon thump sound like?" that was a good start. Miracuoulsy, I picked a ripe one. Like. oh man, makes your mouth water to think about it ripe. Anyways. It started out great. I managed to cut only the watermelon, right down the middle! 
Simple enough, next step is to cut that half into a square! I can do that! I flipped it over, cut it into a nice square, then when I went to turn it back over to cut into the shot glasses, it fell apart. (remember what I said about how ripe it was? also, my pinterest projects have a habit of falling apart.....) Then I'm left with a bunch of oddly cut watermelon pieces + nothing to do with the tequila! ENTER A SOLUTION! 
Obviously margs are always my backup plan, since it was a zillion (err 85) degrees, I thought "hey, why not frozen ones?!" So I hunted down the blender, chopped up the watermelon, filled it up with ice, and you know, a hefty amount of tequila, and hit blend! 
Pour in a fancy glass until after your take the picture, add an umbrella, and enjoy!! 
You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make margaritas! (wait, that's not right is it?) Well, there you have it! A pinterest fail turned tasty margarita for a nice sunday funday by the pool with an old book. What are you sippin' on? 

Hopelessly Ever After

A Summer To-Do List.

Last year, I made a summer bucket list, and failed pretty miserably at it. So we're just not going to talk about that one. Why it never occurred to this obsessive list maker to make it a summer to-do list instead of a bucket list (ps, why do we like that so much? isn't it things you're supposed to do before you die, aka kick the bucket? we're such an odd group.) Instead, I've put together a list of things I want to do this summer!

  • hike Tallulah Gorge. I'd be lying if I didn't say it was about 95% because of Karen's pictures.
  • finish the Peachtree Road Race in under an hour. (I am going to put this on my goal list until I do it. I have done it faster + faster each year. So, here's hoping right?)
  • explore Oakland Cemetery. I have a weird thing for historical cemeteries. 
  • hike Stone Mountain
me, IRL
  • Martinis + IMAX at Fernbank
  • What The Tuck at the W Hotel (because you knew with a name like that I'd definitely be going.)
  • DO NOT BUY ANY MORE BATHING SUITS. guys. I have a problem.
  • Read new books. I have a tendency to stick with #nonewbooks because sometimes when I love something so much, I just want to read it over + over + over + over. Take that copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn up there for example. 
  • Complete Jen's #project3mile (I can't start until this weekend because I didn't pack my running shoes for my week of puppy sitting.)
  • Finish the awesome collage/wall thing I have imagined for my bedroom. 
  • UNPLUG. I've been pretty good at this, relatively. I'll volunteer my phone for the tunes + since it's on silent, I only know if someone is calling me. so I guess I get unplug with an asterisk... 
I have a pretty good suspicion this list will grow + change. I'm even PUTTING IT IN THE BULLET JOURNAL. So it's all official + such. What are you doing this summer? Want to join me on any of these adventures?! What should I add to my list?

May Through The Lens

In a world of perfectly staged instagram photos with pristine white backgrounds + thousands of dollars worth of desk accessories, one girl fights to keep the fun in the world, choosing almost exclusively the most ridiculous photos from the set. This is her story....


Thursty Thursday Tequila Things!

FIRST OF ALL. Let's talk about that alliteration. You're welcome. Anyways. I don't have anything super fancy to share in the way of new drink recipes. I've been doing a lot of Corona + liiiime (i will be your maaain squeeze..) because -- no dishes duh. ANYWAYS. The internet has been all about tequila lately (or maybe the internet is targeting me....) and I had to share some of the best stuff! 

I was adding songs to my never ending country music playlist, I thought "oh, I should totally add all of the country songs about tequila!" because, you know, it's my brain doing the thinking. I discovered this Kenny Chesney jam + I have no idea how I haven't heard it before. One, I am pretty sure I bought all of his CDs in the early 00's, two, it's about tequila, and three, it's perfect. 

THIS WATERMELON SHOT GLASS. It even suggests you fill it with tequila. stay tuned, I'm totally trying this ASAP. 

You know how there are "suggested pins" on Pinterest now? Well mine are usually one of two things. Travel destinations or tequila drinks. I pin all sorts of other stuff, but Pinterest know's what's up man. Thanks to those pins, I've discovered this post about boozy popsicles. So we'll see how those compare to my deep fried tequila shots.
Okay, so who's ready for margaritas + queso now? Because I definitely am. Do you have any tequila recipes I need to try?! 
Hopelessly Ever After

I Fell Down The Stairs & Other Confessions.

HEY GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS? It's time to link up with Laura + Lauren for #HashtagHumpday! da da da dadadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Yeah. You read that correctly. I fell down a pretty steep flight of stairs yesterday. Are you ready to know why? because I hadn't been to a workout in an entire month. Also, there was a little puppy involved, but it was about 90% because I couldn't walk right. ONE barre class + I'm all walking around like a baby giraffe? honestly.  #callmegrace #thatsgonnaleaveamark
I HAVEN'T WATCHED PLL SO DO.NOT.TELL.ME. I haven't really been on tumblr because I don't want to see well orchestrated gif sets of this episode. On this note, why isn't there some kind of algorithm to allow me to hide those not-really-spoilers. (ooooh also political rants, baby pictures on some days, oh the possibilities!) #nospoilers #notaguiltypleasure
two can keep a secret
I went to GlowDry on Saturday to get my hair did + it. looked. awesome. She curled it + it was beautiful for about two hours. Then it was straight as can be. Because, of course it was. I was really bummed. Can I have someone to do my hair ALL the time though? #butIgotascalpmassage #WORTHIT
That's all I have todaaaay because I still haven't unpacked my life + I cannot get my act together. HOW IS THAT HAPPENING? Also, any suggestions for the giant white wall in my room? I want to do something fun with my Europe pictures!! (also I saved all of my tickets and subway maps and ALL THE THINGS!) What do you have to confess today? 

Manic Monday, or The Seven Stages of ABC Family Having a Harry Potter Weekend....

Okay. SO. I had all of these big plans for this week. I was going to unpack Saturday before the wedding, and knock out a bunch of blog stuff on Sunday so that I could tackle this week head on. THEN SOMETHING WONDERFUL HAPPENED. ABC Family decided to have a Harry Potter Weekend. ABC Family is quite literally all of us, because Harry Potter Weekends FOR EVERYONE!
First, you're like me, "oh it's a lovely weekend, I'm going to be so productive! I'll watch a little TV while I eat my breakfast + then it's GO TIME! Oh, what's that? Harry Potter is on? I'll just watch it while I'm eating breakfast!"
THEN "oh dear lord. it's already two o'clock? I have to be somewhere like twenty minutes ago!"
I've also found that when I'm late because of HP, it's not just me. Oh man, I was watching too! then you have one of those "DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS" moments..
There's always that one person who's all "girlfriend. haven't you seen all of those already? don't you have them on DVD?" and you try to explain why it's so different because they're on TV!  then you get the "well doesn't that mean you have to watch commercials?" some people just don't get it.
sass master potter
Then, on Sunday, you just have to do it all over again. Because it's the last ones. THE ONES THAT MAKE YOU CRY THE MOST. Because Dobby is a FREE ELF. Here to save his friend Harry Potter.
In addition to watching all day Sunday, you also end up staying up watching tv until midnight, because you have to see the end man. No matter how many times I watch, I cannot fall asleep during the Battle of Hogwarts. Nope.
Suffer from an emotional, sleep deprived, muggle born hangover the next day because you're all out of Harry Potter Movies until the next time you have a marathon thrust on you. because we all know ABC Family makes it okay to spend the entire weekend watching all the Harry Potter movies in a row.... 
What kind of trouble did you get into this weekend? Were you curled up on the couch watching Harry + friends save the day? I got you this...