I Fell Down The Stairs & Other Confessions.

HEY GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS? It's time to link up with Laura + Lauren for #HashtagHumpday! da da da dadadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Yeah. You read that correctly. I fell down a pretty steep flight of stairs yesterday. Are you ready to know why? because I hadn't been to a workout in an entire month. Also, there was a little puppy involved, but it was about 90% because I couldn't walk right. ONE barre class + I'm all walking around like a baby giraffe? honestly.  #callmegrace #thatsgonnaleaveamark
I HAVEN'T WATCHED PLL SO DO.NOT.TELL.ME. I haven't really been on tumblr because I don't want to see well orchestrated gif sets of this episode. On this note, why isn't there some kind of algorithm to allow me to hide those not-really-spoilers. (ooooh also political rants, baby pictures on some days, oh the possibilities!) #nospoilers #notaguiltypleasure
two can keep a secret
I went to GlowDry on Saturday to get my hair did + it. looked. awesome. She curled it + it was beautiful for about two hours. Then it was straight as can be. Because, of course it was. I was really bummed. Can I have someone to do my hair ALL the time though? #butIgotascalpmassage #WORTHIT
That's all I have todaaaay because I still haven't unpacked my life + I cannot get my act together. HOW IS THAT HAPPENING? Also, any suggestions for the giant white wall in my room? I want to do something fun with my Europe pictures!! (also I saved all of my tickets and subway maps and ALL THE THINGS!) What do you have to confess today? 

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