Fun Internet Finds!!

Sometimes I find things on the Internet that give me hope, a lot of the times they just make me sad. Like, SO many mean people on the interwebs, what is that about? It feels a lot better to be nice you know. ANYWAYS here are some of my favorite things from the internet lately. (NU UH THIS IS NOT A CURRENTLY POST I SOLEMLY SWEAR!)

First of all, I have stopped making my own playlists + follow almost exclusively whatever Kati Rose is listening to. EXCEPT THAT I DISCOVERED THIS PLAYLIST. 
YES THAT IS RIGHT. ALL. GILMORE GIRLS. where you leaaaad I will followwwwww

Aaaaaanyways. So that's a thing. It's my go to reading playlist. Just because then I can pretend I really am Rory Gilmore.... By the by, I'm already halfway through the second Outlander book, in case you wanted to know. I started it yesterday + couldn't stop. hashtag sunday. funday.
I've been trying out Sarah's list of instagram hashtags for bloggers not to see if I can get two hundred likes, but for SCIENCE obviously............. (or for people to tell me my instagrams are pretty. no, FOR SCIENCE.)
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OKAYGUYSLOOK. I really wanted this post to be longer, but my computer is throwing a pretty impressive temper tantrum. I have to cut it short before I throw it out the window..... What fun things have you found on the internets lately? Any good baby animal videos? Those are my favorites..
me, currently.

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