NCAA Football Playoff System By The Numbers

Last year [well, technically this year since Championship Monday is in January]  represented the last year for the BCS Championship. Speaking as a fan of a team that's gotten a couple of bad draws from the Bowl Selection Committee, this seems like a step in the right direction if not a final solution for college football. Let's break it down by the numbers, shall we?

4 - The number of playoff games that will be determined by a variety of factors, including strength of schedule [so you can't play all cupcake teams], head-to-head results, championships won, comparisons based on similar opponents, etc.
13 - The number of members on the selection committee. That includes representatives from each major conference in the FBS [including Condoleezza Rice, the only female member. You go girl]
2 - The number of semifinal games on New Years Eve [possibly helping that night live up to the always too high expectations set for it]
6 - The number of bowl games that will be rotated as semifinal and championship locations [as it currently stands: Sugar, Rose, Orange, Cotton, Peach, and Fiesta]
28 - The day in October that will see the very first ranking.
25 - The number of teams each committee member will be allowed to rank as the "best teams in the country"

There are arguments on both sides of the playoff debate. I am excited to see how this system works, I never did like the BCS computers. I don't think they cared for the University of Georgia, remember how I think the media hates us? For some reason I'm hoping 13 people can make a better decision on our caliber of play. Mostly I'm just excited for something new, and a few extra college football games to watch. You can see a pretty legit infographic of the new system here. Where do you sit on the NCAA College Football Playoff fence?

The One With John Elway...

I'll be honest, until about lunch time, I thought yesterday was Wednesday and I panicked that I hadn't done my humpday confessions post yet. Then I finished my pumpkin spice latte and realized that it was, in fact, only Tuesday. Now, I promised this week would be football themed, so these confessions are dumb football things I have done!
Vodka and Soda

For the longest time [and sometimes still today] I confused John Elway with John Denver. Not what their professions are, just how much sense would it make for John Denver to have been the Broncos great? I can see John Elway being responsible for Take Me Home, Country Roads and Thank God I'm a Country Boy.
Sometimes I say "he hit the field goal" because I forget that there are other words to be the opposite of miss. I stand by it though, if "hit" and "miss" are your two options, and you put the ball through the uprights, you hit it, right?
I've actually had relationships end over football [and baseball] because the guy was embarrassed to be around me when watching the games. Apparently it's not ladylike to yell at the TV in the bar or trash talk the opposing fan next to you -- who knew?

I plan my fall around when Georgia plays. If you want to do something on a gameday, it better involve watching the game or you better believe I will find a way to be watching it while I'm at whatever your event is.
Monday, I forgot that I had to draft two players so I accidentally autodrafted not one, but two kickers..
Also, I get chills and maybe a little teary eyed every time I watch a UGA hype video. I'm ready to tee it up between the hedges, y'all. So watch this video + then head on over to see who else is confessing today!

My Fantasy Football Strategy

I'm sure I've mentioned it a time or two, but I'm a really competitive person. I don't like to lose. I don't understand the concept of playing games where you can't win. The whole "just for fun" thing? 100% lost on this girl. So obviously I draft my fantasy teams in the same competitive fashion. Now, I am in no way qualified to dole out official "fantasy" football advice [but really, what makes someone qualified to do that?] but I write a blog so I'm going to do it anyways. So there.

Step one, remember that the draft is at 9 pm the next day and remember that The League is on Netflix, watch the League on Netflix instead of doing draft research -- because that should help right?
the league
can we agree that Taco is the best character? source
Step two, halfway through work on Monday realize that you still haven't done anything and the draft is that night, in like a few hours. Text some guy friends who are really serious about fantasy football and ask "if I could only draft one player for fantasy, who should it be + why?" have one rattle off an answer and the other one ask you a question making you realize that you know absolutely nothing about how the draft is going to go. Start to panic, how are you going to win if you don't know what the hell you're doing?
the league
Next [I'm not sure if this is step three or four, math is hard y'all.], pour a glass of wine, make a list, don't forget to post a picture to Instagram so the world knows you're drafting the best fantasy football team ever. Decide to write a blog about the draft process and spend so much time finding perfect gifs [gif's?] from The League + almost miss your first pick in the draft..
OH don't forget to accidentally draft a kicker because you forgot that you had two picks back to back + went to fill up your wine glass after drafting Matty Stafford... Don't forget to make that mistake one more time, just to prove you definitely didn't deserve the first pick of the draft.
THEN YOU END UP WITH TWO KICKERS. So guys, you should absolutely choose my draft strategy because I'm going to win with two kickers... How many kickers does your fantasy team have?

5 Reasons You Should Be an SEC Fan [if you're not already]

Hello game week! We are officially done with weekends that don't have college football in them until 2015. In honor of football being back, this whole week is football themed. First up, we have the top five reasons you should be an SEC fan, if you aren't already.
university of georgia football
  1. Gameday attire. I mean, come on. Girls in dresses, guys in bow ties. Dogs in bow ties. It doesn't get any better than that. 
    university of georgia
  2. It's NFL caliber football, but with more emotion. The University of Georgia's O-Line last year actually had better stats than some of those in the NFL. When it comes draft time, you can read about the Top 50 SEC players going into the draft. TOP 50. Plus, I'm willing to bet even as a non-SEC person, you can name at least 5 SEC players in the NFL. 
  3. Conference loyalty. When your team is playing a non-conference team, everyone still cheers for you over the "non-SEC" team. We believe that when the league does better, we all do better. 
  4. The tailgating. Show me someone who has been to an SEC tailgate + thinks they've seen better, I'll show you a liar liar pants on fire. That list of top 25 tailgates for 2014 there? TEN of those 25 are SEC schools. SEVEN of those ten SEC schools are in the top 10
  5. Because we have some of the best fans in the world, and like your momma always told you you are who you surround yourself with
Bonus reasons: our bars are awesome, we make great hype videos, and the Manning brothers. So you have four days [because the first SEC match up is Texas A&M + South Carolina on Thursday] to get ready for SEC football, this should help:


Today is short + sweet. First of all, I'm elated that my I Am A Sorority Woman post was shared by not only my sorority, but a few others. I'm constantly surprised + humbled every time this blog does well or speaks to anyone. So, thanks!!
Also, I made a thing! See it there? With words by Oscar Wilde? I like to repeat this to myself whenever I'm feeling down or whenever a boy doesn't text me back like he says he's going to [we all have those moments, right ladies?]  so there's that. If you want to download it for your phone background [totally why I made it to begin with...] you can do that here!

I hope everyone has a marvelous LAST WEEKEND WITHOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Next week I have a crash course on the new playoff system. GET PUMPED Y'ALL! 

Obviously They're Gonna Close With 'Buddy Holly'

I had originally planned to give a recap on the Weezer post game concert last week before that kid complained about his internship. So now forever later, here is my recap complete with shaky, grainy iPhone pictures because no one has donated a fancy camera to the Kasey Needs a Fancy Camera cause. Maybe I should start challenging people to dump ice water on their heads or give me $100....
I promised grainy pictures + instantly delivered! 
First of all, I love a good post-game concert because, duh, I get to go to a baseball game first. My aunt has some kickass season ticket seats, that provided me with a different view than you usually see from me on Instagram.
atlanta braves vs los angeles dodgers
I mean, our seats were outstanding. I told the gentlemen behind me that if a foul ball came my way, they were going to have to catch it for me because I didn't bring a glove and I would not be trying to catch anything barehanded because I'm smarter than I look... So we sat, enjoyed our Tuesday night beers, bought our 5050 Raffle tickets, and tried to will the Braves to beat the Dodgers.
atlanta braves vs los angeles dodgers
this picture was my mother's idea. I was arguing that I needed to watch La Stella's at bat..
Sadly, the Braves couldn't come through with a W. It happens.. I still have a winning record though, which is really what matters here. If you've never been to a game with a post-game concert on the field, you're also missing out on an impressive show from the grounds crew. I've always considered the grounds crew guys to be some kind of behind-the-scenes-superhumans, but watching them wheel out a stage and turn the infield into a concert venue in under 15 minutes is a spectacle all on it's own.
atlanta braves vs los angeles dodgers
this picture has nothing to do with the grounds crew...
I've been to my fair share of post-game concerts, and this was hands down the best one I have ever seen. Not only was I dying to see Weezer but they also did what a lot of bands have been neglecting to do -- they played all of the songs you know all of the words to. I'm sure musicians can make arguments about playing their new stuff [they did play their new song Back to the Shack, which I dig + also already know the words to] but you know, fans love your old stuff too. They opened with My Name Is Jonas which was the very first song I learned to play on Guitar Hero...
atlanta braves vs los angeles dodgers
They covered all of their hits, I love them all, but that (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To jam is like, my ideal love story in a song. Towards the end, the entire band participated in a drum solo, which inevitably turned into the chop because you can't take Braves fans anywhere, and obviously they closed out the show with Buddy Holly, because, duh. 
atlanta braves vs los angeles dodgers
Have you ever seen a post-game concert at Turner Field [or any other ballpark..], what did you think about it? 

It's That Charles Schwab Wine!

This linkup almost makes me more excited about Wednesday than Friday. Calm down, I said almost. Thursday, you're still the redheaded stepchild [I can say that because I am a semi-redheaded stepchild.] Anyways, after a weekend in Athens, you know I have some fantastic confessions -- so here we go!
Vodka and Soda
First of all, Saturday night we were talking about the Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck wine and why it was so cheap. My friend started in on the story but kept saying it was Trader Joe who's wife took the wine profits, so I go "it's not Trader Joe, it's Charles Schwab!" to which they all go "you mean the investment banker?" It's Charles SHAW wine and I'm really cute.
I have maybe listened to the new T. Swift single a million times. I may even have immediately downloaded it. I may even have learned all of the words Monday night before I even got home. I don't even consider my love for her jams a "guilty pleasure" she's adorable, I dig her jams, if you don't like it you can move on or you know, give me twenty minutes and I'll be on to going on about Weezer's new jam. I feel zero parts sorry for it. I also feel zero parts sorry for sharing it again right here, right meow.
I'm like, super concerned about coming up with a clever name for my fantasy football team because Sarah set the bar pretty high already by calling the league "no punt intended" and her team being "Turn Down for Watt" I mean come on that's some big stuff to follow up. 
I was passive aggressively tweeted about yesterday, so I'm chalking that up to hateful comments on the Internet, which I'm pretty sure means I've officially made it, right? If using pinterest is wrong, I don't wanna be right y'all. To quote my girl T-Swift haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate baby
I'm not ashamed about any of these revelations y'all. Including the picture that has me in it, that I'm about to post next, because I'd like to close with the fact that we jumped in the fountain on North Campus long after midnight + I even instagrammed after midnight. [which I hashtagged then I thought about what people use the #twitterafterdark for, and immediately decided not to see what everyone else was instagramming after midnight...] I am sorry that it's grainy, iPhones + low lights, you know? 
What do you have to confess this week? I sure hope it's not that you haven't stopped by to see who else is confessing today!

I Am A Sorority Woman

Over the weekend, a few friends and I went back to Athens to help with fall recruitment. We laughed, we cried, we acted like freshmen again, and I was reminded what it meant to me to be a sorority woman. Delta Gamma has relaunched their #IAmASororityWoman social media campaign to combat the negative stereotypes that come with Greek Life in general.
that's what I amma

I still say "I am a Delta Gamma" even though I graduated from college four years ago this December. [A fact I'm still not capable of coping with, what do you mean I won't be on the lawn for Bid Day later? Shouldn't I be in class right now?] I think one of my first lessons as a new member was how you will always be a Delta Gamma, after graduation you just transition from a collegian to an alumna. Delta Gamma has been a huge part of my life since before I even officially joined.
university of georgia delta gamma

Delta Gamma is more than bridesmaids at your weddings, always having someone to grab dinner or drinks with, and more than the chocolate chips in the cookies of life. To me, Delta Gamma has been friendly faces no matter where my career in baseball has taken me. It has been a network of strong women who share my beliefs. Delta Gamma provided me with lifelong friendships that I wouldn't trade for the world. Countless memories from sitting in the study room, delirious from studying for finals and laughing hysterically to YouTube videos about the end of ze world, to roommates who knew exactly the cocktail to make me forget about that crappy ex-boyfriend.
uga north campus fountain

I was never the girl with a lot of female friends, and I honestly will never be that girl. I will always get along better with guys and the girls who don't get along with other girls. I was never blessed with actual sisters, so I went away to college and chose my sisters. Delta Gamma brought me together with women I wouldn't have met otherwise, created a lifelong bond, and introduced me to mentors who have helped me to become the strong woman I am today.
delta gamma uga bid day

Yes, these women will be bridesmaids in my wedding because they will always be involved in the big parts of my life. Yes, I will always buy that anchor dress/necklace/set of earrings/pair of shoes/scarf/artwork because that anchor symbolizes hope, friendship, and sisterhood. Yes, you can accuse me of "paying for my friends" but I'll always consider it "investing in something bigger than myself." Yes, that sandcastle at 290 S. MilleDGe will always be home. Yes, I love to do arts and crafts even if it's not something cute for my little. Yes, I have more t-shirts with Greek letters on them than I know what to do with [and no, it's not too many]. Yes, Delta Gamma is what I amma. I am a sorority woman and I am proud to be a sorority woman.

What was your experience with Greek life in college, are you proud to be a sorority woman or a fraternity man?

In The Game: A Response to the Loneliness of a Minor-League Intern

I had a great write up that was mostly pictures of the Weezer concert planned for today, but then a friend of mine sent me the link to this article. While well written, this kid seems to want to guarantee he never works for a team, ever. I understand you want to be a scout and work on the baseball ops side, but do you know how many other people want to do that but are totally willing to do the grunt work too? Let's break this down. I have to be honest, it took me several attempts to read through the whole article. You can read his article first, if you'd like. 
milb internships
Definitely one of my best outfits, maybe I should be a fashion blogger...
I'll be very honest here, I genuinely appreciated all of my internship experiences, and I was technically paying to work [you know, had to take the "internship credit" course and pay tuition for the "hour"]. An internship is defined as "a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment, and it can be paid or unpaid." [According to google.] When Leo first starts explaining the application process he claims "Who wouldn't want a 19-year-old who would work hard for low pay and be eager to learn the tricks of the trade?" [Now, remember this specific phrase, because he contradicts in a few paragraphs later]. He laments that there "is no single qualification that one must possess to get a chance in this industry" hellloooo it's an internship, first, second, MiLB is the industry for the "jack of all trades"

Leo then convinces an AGM that he was best qualified for the "general intern” position and that he wanted it more than the other people applying for the role. He then immediately belittles the role by saying "It appeared that pretty much anyone my age is qualified to become a minor-league general intern..." yes, because it's an internship role that helps you learn all aspects of MiLB, the best kind of internship to prepare you for a job. I'm assuming his interpretation of the role was that he would just get to hang out, watch baseball, take it easy, and "learn the ropes" of scouting.

The internship begins in May [where Leo learns that working in baseball, you have to work some holidays, I laughed a little when he was surprised he would have to work Mother's Day.] He then goes on to describe his first day by using both "bored" and "boring" followed by "tedious." I can't tell if he's actually owning up to his naiveté or if he's being a jerk when he says "How naive of me to think interns get to watch the game." Seriously? No one just gets to kick back and watch the entire game, except maybe the owner. 

The next week he declares that he didn't like doing data entry, even jokes with "So you want to be a minor league intern, huh?" Seriously, dude? Then he declares that he "figured the job might not be the best route." Then he has the audacity to insinuate that the other front office staff employees had settled with their current roles. He uses the word "complacent" to describe their state, a word with a pretty heavily negative connotation.

I'm going to stop here for a moment, because this young man is pretty much the counter to the argument I made earlier this week that our generation isn't as bad as everyone makes us out to be. Some jobs in baseball are tough to get, others are nearly impossible. Leo has set his sights on a position that doesn't just fall into your lap, you have to make all of the right connections, be in all of the right places, and still have a heavy dose of luck on your side. Leo here complains that he felt "marginalized" in his role and then writes about the front office employees as if he's better than them. The self-described "19-year-old who would work hard for low pay and be eager to learn" I told you that phrase was going to be important.
Now, I am going to quickly wrap this up because the whole thing just makes my blood boil. Leo deigns the internship worthy of one more week. He then has to dress up as the mascot in the third week [better question, how did he make it to the third week as the general intern without having to dress up as the mascot?] and declares that he "was out." In closing, Leo claims to have learned "a lot" with the team and claims to be grateful [which pretty much contradicts his entire tone throughout the article to this point], quotes Billy Beane, and decides to make it you need computer smarts not mascot skills.

If I've said it once, I've said it ten million times, baseball is a very small industry. Everyone knows everyone and everyone talks to everyone. I assume that Leo didn't think about the future career related repercussions of this article or of his quick little three week internship "experiment" in MiLB. I am biased in this situation, because I wanted to work in an MLB front office, but my trip through the minors taught me more than I could have expected, turned into the best way for me to find my dream, and was an experience I was willing to take a low paying job requiring an hour commute one way to stay involved. You can read Leo's full article via Baseball Prospectus here.

I know a lot of my MiLB counterparts read along, do you feel like you've settled and lost the drive to chase your dream by making a name for yourself in the minors? Do you think I'm being too hard on Leo here?

The Files Are IN the Computer?!

I’m really having some serious anxiety that August is halfway over on Friday. Wasn’t I just surprised that it was already August? 2014, slow down please. Well, here’s another round of confessions for everyone’s entertainment!
Vodka and Soda

When outlook has the little mail picture on it but there aren’t any new e-mail messages – it makes me want to punch EVERYTHING. I have the stupid Office 365 meaning we pay monthly for the service and I don’t understand why it’s buggier than the older options. I also don’t understand why I can’t find older ones anywhere to install in the office so I can stop paying monthly because it’s a freaking rip off.
I remembered a traffic trend that makes me stabby this morning, people who stop because they THINK THE LIGHT IS GOING TO TURN RED. If you slam on your brakes while the light is still green there's a 95% chance I will almost rear end you + lay down on the horn. That definitely happened this morning, sorry everyone trying to learn at the Atlanta Girls School, the guy in front of me was an idiot.
COMCAST. I want to punch my computer screen about Comcast. I'm trying to set up cable in a rental house for some of our guys and I swear I've been through the ringer with these guys, then they say the address isn't serviceable, give me a website to look up the correct provider, AND GUESS WHO IT IS? Comcast. [AT&T you're not looking too good in my book either, cancelling a service appointment in the 4 pm - 8 pm window ON SATURDAY at 7:30 PM and calling me a liar via twitter...] 
Last night Weezer played a free post Braves game concert + I could die happy now. I was really kinda bummed that no one else around me seemed to be as pumped as I was. I think my obsession with that pop punk style music began with that Dave Mirra BMX game on the Dreamcast. I was really good at that game guys. 
Speaking of bands I've loved since before Facebook was a thing, I've been listening to a playlist of mostly 70's - early 00's + I know all of the words to so many songs. I even sing the guitar solos and play the drums on the steering wheel. I wonder how much room in my brain is occupied by song lyrics and random facts....
That's all I have for this week, do you have something to confess? Head over to Kat's place + see what everyone else has to say this week!

To Follow Up, or Not To Follow Up, That Is the Question

If I have read one article on how you should "follow up" after you submit your resume and cover letter for a position, I have read a million. What I'm also reading a million times is "calls will not be accepted, we will contact you if we're interested in your application" at the end of a job posting. This makes me want to pull my hair out, because now am I supposed to follow written instructions at the end of a job description? Is this a test to see if I will follow up regardless of a little discouragement? Is it a challenge, a follow up if you dare? Maybe it's the volume of applications people in the sport and entertainment industry get and other job descriptions don't say "calls will not be accepted."
job hunt

I really want to follow up with the organization I'm applying to. I'm very self conscious about my resume, I feel like I have a lot of skills and talents to offer, and one sheet of bullet points about my life just doesn't do that justice. I know I wrote a satirical cover letter a few months back, but I feel like that side of my personality just cannot come through in a simple, direct cover letter and resume. It's the natural born salesperson in me fighting to get out, if I can just get this person on the phone, I can show them why they should hire me. In fact, if I were applying to a sales position and the description told me not to call, the first thing I would do is call.

The biggest issue everyone faces in sales, yes even that guy you know who could sell sand in the desert, is people not wanting to hear your pitch. It's the cold calls that hang up on you. It's the person who says "call me back at the end of the quarter" every quarter. That challenge separates successful sales people from the mediocre.  The good successful sales person knows persistence is key, they're confident that their product is exactly what the person on the other end of the line needs. [I may have been listening more to my father make his coaching calls for Southwestern Consulting than I realized.]

I've also noticed that a majority of these articles are written in a condescending tone to "millineals," a term that seems to be used to describe anyone born after sometime in the mid-1980's (usually with a negative connotation as well.) People of "our generation" are constantly described as lazy, entitled, outspoken, and narcissistic (Nicole really nails that description here), yet what your condescending job hunt articles are telling us to do is be just that way. Assume that "calls will not be accepted" means "we want to see if you're going to call to follow up even though we told you not to" assume that you want to see a cover letter or e-mail cocky enough to say "I know I'm so well suited for this position that I'm going to send you this little pitch on what your company should be doing with xyz"

So the real question is, do you think "calls will not be accepted" is a challenge to see if you're willing to call and follow up or a test to see if you're going to follow the rules? Any hiring managers have a suggestion for me?

Weekly Wishes!

Update update update! Today doesn't feel like such a bummer of a Monday, it's probably because I think I slept about 98% of yesterday. Naps really matter y'all. SO I'm linking up my weekly wishes, updates on last weeks wishes, and updates on my monthly goals!!
weekly wishes + august goals!
update on last week's wishes ::
be productive at work – success! Except that I was so productive last week I have substantially less to keep me occupied this week…
clean the apartment – sort of success – we kept the common area pretty clean because people came over, my closet + bathroom still need some love though.
start saving for my camera – ACCIDENTAL SUCCESS. Mother nature intervened + kept us from really partying hard this weekend – so I saved all of the money I would have spent at the bar!  
blog every day this week – ayooo another success – I even hit 10,000 page views!!!!!!!!!

august goals ::
pick three new blogs to sponsor for September  --  I have picked who I want to sponsor, now I just need to buy the space + create a new button! Plus, the meet-up last week was so great! So many new friends!  
put my agenda to work – obviously a work in progress – I did add everything already planned to it though [including when I’m holding the blog baton in September!!!!]
run/walk/exercise three days a week – two days is close right?
Blogger Babes
Atlanta Blogger Babes courtesy of Melissa!
this week’s wishes ::
streamline the blog layout + simplify it -- Jessica wrote in her blogger tips about creating a logo + streamlining your design as a blogger tip + my design is pretty ADD, like me, so it needs a little focus..
laundry laundry laundry -- part of the reason my closet needs so much love is because I have all of my laundry on the floor [sorted into loads, obviously.]
clean + wash my car -- poor Jude is covered in so many dead bugs you can't even tell it's a white car. whoooops.

What are your goals for this week? For inspiration, I will leave you with this video of the Manning brothers rapping about Fantasy Football, thanks Korked Bats...


I'd be lying if I said when I saw my page views hit 9,900 yesterday that I didn't check them more than usual. I've never really focused on that number, but getting to 10,000 is such a cool thing! I mean ten THOUSAND page views! That's awesome! I cannot say thank you enough -- so here's a firework!!
thank you !!!

Who's On First? Atlanta Named Most Miserable Sports City [again....]

Forbes has ranked Atlanta s the Most Miserable Sports City, again.  This bothers me for all the reasons: because I agree with them, because I want to be angry + defend my teams until I remember crying after the Dodgers knocked us out of the playoffs last year, because even I say "oh just give them some time to be an Atlanta team.." but most of all because I don't think it's true. Check that circular logic.

If we're the most miserable sports city, why are we always so hopeful at the beginning of every year? Every season you can feel it -- this could be our year. We're a city of eternally optimistic fans despite the constant let down. Despite the years I've lost off of my life in the bottom of the ninth inning, every time Matt Ryan [or whatever UGA QB] hangs a hail-Mary pass down the sideline, despite the infield fly in the outfield [no, we're not getting over that one any time soon]. I refuse to accept that we're the most miserable sports city.
When I was a kid, I thought the Braves automatically went to the post season. Every year for most of my life we were in the playoffs. Coincidentally, I also thought the National Anthem ended with "and the home of the Braves." I know, I'm so cute. We are not miserable. We're hopeful, nostalgic, maybe a little out of touch with reality, dreamers who refuse to give up on the teams we love. The Braves just lost their first road series of more than 8 games since 1949. NINETEEN FORTY NINE. [source? the ScoreCenter update I got last night before going to sleep] but we're still looking towards October. We're not calling ourselves "Loveable Losers" speaking of the Cubs why isn't Chicago in the top 10? Looks like the Blackhawks are carrying the city out of  this "miserable" category.

I'm going to say something very biased based on my 25 years of being an Atlanta sports fan -- the media is not our biggest fan. I remember my freshman year in college, UGA beat Florida for the first time in forever and all of the highlights on SportsCenter from that game were of Florida. Last year when the Atlanta Braves went on the Waffle House Winning Streak and took a huge lead all they could talk about was how if we hadn't gone on that winning streak, we'd only be like four games up [what?]. No one ever gives Atlanta teams a chance but the fans here. I've always said that we could win the Super Bowl, NBA Championship, World Series, + UGA could take the National Title and people would still hate on Atlanta sports.
Remember that time the whole team celebrated on the field + Tim Tebow made this face?
So let Forbes decide we're the "most miserable sports city" because we always have hope, let everyone talk about our close calls and near-misses. One day, we'll win it all and no one in Atlanta will be surprised. Do you think we're the "most miserable sports city" in the country?

Don't forget to check out everyone linking up with Sarah for Fan Friday!!

Female Role Models in Baseball + Why We Need More

I had a really well thought out post for the "F Word" linkup today, until San Antonio hired the NBA's first female assistant coach. At first, I was so pumped. They hired the first female assistant coach in the NBA EVER! Then I thought, wait. It's 2014. How are we just now hiring the first ever female assistant coach? Right now there's a really big push to get more young girls interested in the STEM programs [science, technology, engineering, mathematics], but it makes me questions why more young girls aren't being encouraged to pursue a career in sports.

The reaction when I tell people "I have a degree in Sport Management and I work in baseball" is always one of two things: oh that's cool, I bet it's all fun all the time! or oh so you can marry one of those ballplayers right? First of all, how is the latter an appropriate way to respond to someone's career choice? Do you ask female lawyers if they're only in it to marry a lawyer? Contrary to popular belief, I did not accrue a heap of student loan debt to try to marry a baseball player.

When I first realized I wanted to pursue a career in baseball, I started to do my research on women in the field. The MiLB team I worked for at the time had a pretty evenly balanced male to female staff, so I assumed that's how it would be everywhere. I was not correct. There has never been a female GM in Major League Baseball. Kim Ng  is an absolute rock star, but she has been interviewed for no less than four GM positions, twice for the Padres. I recently read an outstanding article about her on Fox Sports -- it discusses how she's unfazed by these situations and she's just going to continue doing her job and doing it well.

She goes on to say that she doesn't mean to be a role model, but that's exactly the reason she's such a great one. She doesn't do her job to break the glass ceiling, she does her job because she's passionate about it. She doesn't let anyone tell her she can't do something because she's a girl. That's why I look up to her and strive to do my job well regardless of the "boys club" mentality.

Fortunately, MiLB isn't facing the "never been a female GM" issue, and I had the pleasure of working with one of the current female GM's my first post-grad year in baseball. There's even a Women In Baseball seminar held every year at the Baseball Winter Meetings.

I believe we need more female role models in professional sports so that young girls know that they can thrive in the sports industry just as well as any man. I have been lucky enough to work with and for countless strong women in this industry and I will continually strive to become one of those strong women.

Hopefully Becky Hammon will be the first of many females to earn higher leadership roles in I suppose this does fall into the "feminism" category, so I'm going to go ahead and link up. Who is your career role model? Check out the Women in Sports Foundation for even more strong women.

My Favorite Post of the Week

WEDNESDAY,  we meet again! You're looking dapper as ever. Without further ado, we proudly present, my confessions.
Vodka and Soda

I get wildly impatient when I have nothing to do and no one is updating anything on social media. Like, excuse me? why aren't you instagrammnig pictures for me to look at right this instant? someone please entertain me.
I had a meltdown when I realized I was a week behind on the new *NSYNC album. I don't care that it's not any new songs, just remixes, my inner 12 year old flipped her shit. How could I be so far behind the times? Apparently I should start watching E! News more.
Whenever I make all of the lights on my commute home, I assume it's God's way of saying "hey girl, you had a really tough day + handled it like a champ! here's a little something to reward that attitude"
I am the queen of taking a screenshot of your text message + sending it to four different friends. My biggest fear is that one day I'll send that screenshot complete with whatever snarky remark I added to the person who's text message I'm screenshotting. So guys, don't be a douche or all of my friends are gonna know it happened...
I'm going to the Atlanta Bloggers meetup tonight and I'm like first day of school scared/excited about it. I even took forever last night laying out my outfit and everything. I'm excited though because I was just lamenting over how I'm not moving back to Athens for another school year. I graduated four years ago this December, does that feeling ever go away?
Also. This BuzzFeed article on being early everywhere is also my life, well second after that one they did on how to consume more tequila.  Anyways. Those are all of my confessions this week -- head on over to Kathy's and check out some other great ones! Happy hump day!