7th Inning Stretch

Guys. We've made it to the end of the saddest link up I have been responsible for + I am sorry. I really did think it was this week. Which has been the case all the times. Why am I so bad at numbers? I'm sorry for being bad at numbers. One day. One day I'll be good at math. I promise. 


  • write about baseball on the third Thursday of every month this season. if you're stumped, check out our prompts. if you're not stumped, we wanna read what you have too! 
  • use the button! or just link back to me + Allison (WE CAN DO ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIAS TOO!)
  • link up!

  • 7th Inning Stretch Link Up
  • make new friends who like baseball!
  • have a cold beer.
okay, that last step is optional, but I mean, I'm gonna do it. SO. Here are our suggestions (I use 'our' lightly, they're 100% Allison's idea.. lalalalaaa)
  • April 16th : pick your pretend fantasy team! 
    • Only pick players who are currently on a major league roster
    • Choose 8 players for your starting lineup, 5 starting pitchers, and 2-3 relievers??
    • I believe there should be a constitutional amendment against the Designated Hitter (name that movie for bonus points..) so just don't draft them. or lose points at a position. #sorryboutcha AL.
    • the rules are made up + the points don't matter
  • May 21stfavorite ballpark(s)? Why? 
  • June 18th : All-Star picks and predictions 
  • July 16th : best promotions and theme nights, or what promos/themes would you plan for your team?
  • August 20th : if I was commissioner...
  • September 17th : favorite baseball books + movies (I can't promise I'll like you more if you pick Casey at the Bat..... but I can't promise you I won't.....)
  • October 15th : recap your fantasy team, share favorite moments, season highlights, fun stories, update your World Series Predictions. 
In case you were wondering? My fantasy team did about as well as my real team. Except maybe we're in second place because I don't know who else kept up with theirs. But we all know second place is just first place loser.
if you ain't first you're last
Also you know what? I still pick the Braves in 7 to win the series. because you know, I'm the least stubborn person who ever there was! Who ya got? 

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

If I didn't put that title in quotes, does someone think I'm trying to take credit for that statement? I'm not. I also didn't write Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. You know, in case you thought maybe I did that too. Anyways. Now that we've cleared all of that up, I have to say it,  I am lost. I realized it today at work when one of my supervisors asked me what my personal, not work, goals were. I realized I didn't have any. I hadn't had any since I started working. The girl who always has a plan didn't have one. I'm kind of freaking out. 

I don't really talk about my anxiety anywhere. I've started talking about it more in my real life to people who I know are fellow anxious people because I know they won't think I'm trying to get attention. I'm scared to talk about my anxiety because I don't want people to think I just want attention. It's a real fear. 

Two weeks ago I had a panic attack at work and I couldn't calm myself down. I've been having them since high school, that's the first one I really remember. I was in the hallway at school during a class change then all of a sudden I couldn't breathe. I didn't know what was happening or where I was or what to do. I didn't tell anyone about it for probably two more years. The one I had at work was worse than any I've ever had before. I had to have my aunt come pick me up from the office and take me home. 

Then today I started panicking over "what are your personal goals for the rest of September + October?" Which leads me to believe I need to come up with a plan, get back to the basics of what drives me over the weekend. That, combined with the outstanding timing of Chelsea's post yesterday reminded me that this is it, we just get the one life. I am going to start spending it better. (plus that Ryan Adams 1989 came out. you need to listen to that too.) Any suggestions on my next step will be very welcome...

Rome Beer Fest: It's For The Kids!

So this was supposed to be my Thursty Thursday post, but best laid plans etc. ANYWAYS. So last weekend my trip to Baltimore got postponed at the very last minute, luckily my mom had an extra ticket to the Rome Beer Fest! It's a FUNDRAISER a fundraiser for the arts. as if I needed motivation to drink beer. 
The weather couldn't have been better, the sky literally looked like Andy's room in Toy Story. The beer was fantastic. The live music was fantastic. We made friends with a butterfly. It was the most fun! 

Someone Offered Me Botox + Other #hashtags

HEY WEDNESDAY. We made it. It was touch + go there for a while on Tuesday man. ANYWAYS. You know what Wednesday means! A collection of ridiculous stories from my life.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I get a lot of weird "offers" since my e-mail is so easily accessible because it's on my contact page. I mean. A LOT. Yesterday, I happened to see the e-mail pop up that someone was offering me free. botox. FREE BOTOX. WHAT. #seemslegit #exceptnot #thanksbutnothanks 
Add caption
My roommate is a Big Brother fan. So I've been watching it. I'm pretty sure I could win. Also this Vanessa chick -- LITERALLY all she does is cry. HOW has she made it this far? HOW is she good at poker?! #ihavequestions #somanyquestions #LOUDNOISES 
pick me pick me pick me!
I'm currently watching the like, recap of DWTS from Monday (there's way too much reality tv in my life. when are my fall shows back? I need them.) AND THIS KID IS GOING ON AND ON ABOUT HOW OLD 26 IS I CANNOT DEAL. Make it stop. #notold #okayalittleold #BUTIDONTWANNBE
OH ALSO ALL THE FALL THINGS. YALL. I'm going to blog about Beerfest later this week (don't have a stroke, I'm prepared to post FOUR TIMES THIS WEEK. woaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh) BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BEER. It's Leinenkugel Harvest Patch Shandy. IT IS LITERALLY A PUMPKIN PIE. BUT IN BEER FORM. #allpumpkineverything #gimme #ALLTHEFALLTHINGS
me irl about all things pumpkin
Okay. Now that I'm all worked up about punkin things, I'm going to dip out. Make sure you check out everyone else who is all about the #hashtaghumpday. DO IT. What's up with y'all this week?

August Through The Lens

August might have been a slow blog month over here, but it wasn't that slow of an instagram month! I mean, it is already halfway through the month, so I suppose it's time we catch up! 
All sorts of adventures, climbing mountains, getting into a Little Trouble, post game concerts, puppy walks, saving the rivers, and tiny libraries!
What did you get into in August? Did you do #EverythingAugust? I triiiiiiied to keep up! 

Hashtag Humpday September Is Here!

One day, I'm going to pop up + not start a post with hey, remember me? The girl who's kinda funny, makes a mean cocktail, and apparently pops up once a week now to tell you a ridiculous story? I swear. That day is NOT TODAY! Today is a day for ridiculous things that happen accompanied with ridiculous made up hashtags because I love to hashtag the Schmidt out of things!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
Hello, my name is Kasey and I'm an instagram stalker. Some days, I'm all over the insta.  Other days I'm a space cadet + don't check it at all. Here's the thing. If I see your picture, I'm going to like it (hey, ItWorks! distributors, stop tricking me. I don't want to buy a wrap to make me skinnier. ) If you're interacting with me all the time + I realize I've been a space cadet, I'm going to go to your profile + make sure I catch up on my likes. I'm not sorry. We may not hang out all the time in real life, but I care about you + friends like each  other's instagram pictures. #sorrynotsorry #thatisaparagraph #HEARTSFORDAYS
me, anytime someone likes my insta posts.
I got these awesome earrings in my most recent RocksBox (ps, if you're not already signed up you can totes use my code "kathleenbff118" for a free first month!) that I want to keep forever. But I don't want to pay the $35 for because I'm irresponsible with earrings. but I've kept them for long enough to where technically I've spent $40. #BadAtMath #INEEDthem #thatsalotforearrings
it took me seven times to get this in the right place. #thatswhatshesaid
I've found that bottled wine makes me a more responsible person. You know, because you have to think about what pinterest project you're gonna attempt to make sure nothing goes to waste. #SOMANYCORKPROJECTS #icantotallycutglasswithfire #candleholders?
I had a source for this the first time I wrote this
I haven't had a pumpkin spice latte yet and IT'S ALREADY SEPTEMBER 9TH! Please don't kick me out of the blogger club. There's not a starbucks with a drive thru on my way to work. It's an issue. #PSL #AllTheFallThings #GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEGIMME
I am SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND. I'm going to visit Jen + go to a game at Camden Yards! So this month's 7th Inning Stretch linkup is gonna be a good one! #soprepared #spoileralert #whoops 
That's all I have for now! By now I mean between last Tuesday + this Tuesday because last week the internet was dumb and wouldn't let me do things. What's up with everyone else?! How's life?! Tell me about you! I've missed you alllllllll so very much!