Someone Offered Me Botox + Other #hashtags

HEY WEDNESDAY. We made it. It was touch + go there for a while on Tuesday man. ANYWAYS. You know what Wednesday means! A collection of ridiculous stories from my life.
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I get a lot of weird "offers" since my e-mail is so easily accessible because it's on my contact page. I mean. A LOT. Yesterday, I happened to see the e-mail pop up that someone was offering me free. botox. FREE BOTOX. WHAT. #seemslegit #exceptnot #thanksbutnothanks 
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My roommate is a Big Brother fan. So I've been watching it. I'm pretty sure I could win. Also this Vanessa chick -- LITERALLY all she does is cry. HOW has she made it this far? HOW is she good at poker?! #ihavequestions #somanyquestions #LOUDNOISES 
pick me pick me pick me!
I'm currently watching the like, recap of DWTS from Monday (there's way too much reality tv in my life. when are my fall shows back? I need them.) AND THIS KID IS GOING ON AND ON ABOUT HOW OLD 26 IS I CANNOT DEAL. Make it stop. #notold #okayalittleold #BUTIDONTWANNBE
OH ALSO ALL THE FALL THINGS. YALL. I'm going to blog about Beerfest later this week (don't have a stroke, I'm prepared to post FOUR TIMES THIS WEEK. woaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh) BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BEER. It's Leinenkugel Harvest Patch Shandy. IT IS LITERALLY A PUMPKIN PIE. BUT IN BEER FORM. #allpumpkineverything #gimme #ALLTHEFALLTHINGS
me irl about all things pumpkin
Okay. Now that I'm all worked up about punkin things, I'm going to dip out. Make sure you check out everyone else who is all about the #hashtaghumpday. DO IT. What's up with y'all this week?

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