Can of Corn: Favorite Ballparks

I know I've said it before, but I swear I'm about to get really back into the blog-o-sphere, because #kaseybuysahouse IS HAPPENING. Until I get all of that sorted out, I will probably be shady still. HOWEVER. You can count on me for the monthly baseball linkup no matter what! This month we're talking ballparks!

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Can of Corn 2016 - Dates
NOW BALLPARKS. I know we've covered that my experience in major league parks is limited to four (er five if you count Atlanta Fulton County and Turner Field as separate...) : Turner Field, AT&T, Chase Field, and whatever they're calling the Texas Rangers' park these days.. Nothing really stood out to me about Ranger ballpark, sorry Texas... I really liked the roof at Chase (I had a chance to see the ballpark with the roof open AND closed. like, best of both worlds man.) Even though it was frigid, I loved that the bay is right behind the outfield at AT&T. OBVIOUSLY I have some deep loyalty to the Ted. 

HOWEVER! I am going to add two, yes two, new ballparks to my list (er. check them off my list?) at the end of July! I'm going to visit Jen and catching an O's game AND a gNats game! Two birds, one plane ticket. SO it happens to fall two weeks after we talk about our dream baseball road trips, but you know I won't be doing that much driving anyways. 

I have been to my fair share of MiLB parks -- but my favorite MiLB park has most to do with the experiences there rather than the ballpark itself. not to say a lot of my blood, sweat, and tears aren't a part of that park now. I'd still pick Recreation Park or whatever they're calling the park that the Rawhide play in now. That was my first job out of college, my first time living more than two hours from my parents. My first time on my own. There were a lot of ups and downs but man did I love it. 

NOW it's your turn! What are your favorite ballparks? I know you're surprised that I haven't been to many, being the biggest baseball fan you know, but I'm working on it.