Kestum Bilt are Experts in Crafting Great Stories

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How you tell a story matters. The way in which you describe visuals, the setting you manifest, the personalities bestowed upon each of the developing characters; you do not have the luxury of overlooking any nuance when you structure a climactic storyline. How do the essential characters interact and how is that interaction relatable to the listener? What transgressions lead to the major takeaway or lesson? From whose point of view is the story told? Every piece of the puzzle needs to come together seamlessly to hold the listener’s attention and adequately convey the story you are trying to communicate. It takes an artist and a visionary to unite every component of a story so that others are invested in the tale and buy into each pivotal plot point.

There are many platforms for telling a story, from traditional literature and oral diction to more modern renditions like text messages or Instagram stories. You can even be more creative and theatrical with your delivery and mime your way through a romantic adventure. One of the most influential and prevalent means for conveying a message is via video. When you make the decision to tell a story on film you instantly add the ability to combine moving visuals with audio to capture and hold the attention of your audience. In an age where attention spans are dwindling to mere seconds, with most adults only having an eight-second attention span according to New York Times; it is crucial that videos attract attention and then convey a message quickly. Otherwise, you run the risk of viewers changing the channel, or clicking on the next YouTube station.

Video is the hottest trend in social media - from Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, augmented and virtual reality (VR), and streaming channel apps, more and more people are consuming video content at home and on the go. Storytelling is one of the most important components of the video equation. A second critical element is the video's production quality. If you have a great story to shoot, but you execute the video poorly, it will not hold anyone’s attention, and videos without views are just stories that remain untold. Do not waste time or money creating commercial content, social media snippets, broadcast, VR, documentaries, or live action videos without ensuring you are pushing binge-worthy content that will capture and hold the viewer’s attention. 

If video is in your brand strategy, consult experts to make sure that you are not just throwing time and money out the window, make sure that you bring your story to life. Kestum Bilt can help you do just that. Kestum Bilt is a full-service video production agency with an award-winning team of experienced directors, writers, producers, editors, and business managers. Their services include creative consulting, onsite production, post production, and professional video editing.

The professionals of Kestum Bilt are all phenomenal at telling stories on video, and they have a passion for relentless attention to detail. High-quality, well shot, and creative, their reel speaks for itself. Kestum Bilt is headquartered in Tampa, Florida but their reach goes far beyond the office walls. Their resume features national brands like HSN, Srixon, Tracfone, Cooper Tires, Toyota, Daniel Wellington, and Napa Auto Parts, to name a few. 
Kestum Bilt has offices in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia and a reach extending from New York City to Los Angeles, giving them the capability to service clients throughout Central Florida, South Florida, the Southeast Region, and anywhere in the United States. Pete Guzzo, Kip Hewitt, Michael Moretti, Richardo Ceballos, Jordan Jacobson, Hayes Stamper, Frank Borja, Andy Sheldon, and Marc Bujnicki round out the roster of the accomplished video production team. 
Pete Guzzo, the CEO of Kestum Bilt
Anyone can be a storyteller. That is why Kestum Bilt works with companies of all sizes, marketing and branding firms, advertising agencies, and businesses in the transportation industry. They work diligently to maintain top-notch work while also delivering on strategy, on time, and on budget. Kestum Bilt has built its reputation on earned trust and client satisfaction, and that is why they have cultivated strong, long-term partnerships with clients. They assist clients with the strategic planning, video production, and comprehensive video campaign analysis; educating and familiarize them on the entire video production process. 

Kestim Bilt employees experts who are accustomed to thinking outside the box. They fully embrace and execute high-level emerging media solutions which capitalize on strategic insights. They have experience with many new video-based media alternatives like VR, augmented reality, non-immersive, sensory-immersive, and neural direct.

No matter what story you are trying to tell or how you want to bring that story to life, you can do it better by contacting the video production experts of Kestim Bilt.