So You're Going to the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party...

A few years ago, former UGA President Mike Adams tried to get them to stop calling the Georgia Florida game the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Maybe that's why he's no longer the University President... If you're piling in a car and making the ride down to Jacksonville this weekend, here's what you need to know!
georgia florida
a not so neutral location // okay. supposedly Georgia Florida is played at a neutral site. That's not true, Jacksonville is in Florida. It's also only an hour and a half from Gainesville, aka The Swamp. It's five and a half hours from Athens. However, the stadium is split up ticket wise, 50/50. 
georgia florida
an ugly rivalry // if you need to know how to spot a Gator fan, check out Sarah's description, be on the lookout for jorts. This rivalry is probably the biggest one we have. I mean, I don't even want to cheer for Florida when it comes down to SEC vs Non-SEC, but I do. We can't even agree on the record. Georgia claims the first meeting was in 1904, and the record stands with us leading 50-40-2. Florida, on the other hand, claims that first game in 1904 didn't happen + that the record is 49-40-2..
LINDSAY SCOTT LINDSAY SCOTT! // in the category of Larry Munson calls I can recite by heart -- this is probably number one. back third down on the eight, in trouble it'll give you goosebumps the stadium, well the stadium fell down. He even explains how all the Georgia fans stay up in St. Simons + Jekyll Island man, is there gonna be some property destroyed tonight. HE EVEN SAYS DAWGS. ON. TOP. Bless it, I miss Larry. 

okefenokee oar // up until 2009, this game was played without a trophy, but that's around the time Mike Adams thought he should try to get everyone to stop calling it the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail party. We really weren't his biggest fan. Anyways, the Okefenokee Oar is a 10 foot wooden oar that has logos for both Universities on it. It's silly, but aren't all rivalry trophies? 
gators wear jean shorts // it's the truth man,  I've seen it. In that picture up there I'm in the corner because we're actually trying to get a picture of the guy behind us who's wearing orange. denim. pants. not just orange. not just jeans. orange. jeans. ORANGE. don't get me started on orange..  also, just ask this little nugget okay? 
If you're looking for me, I'LL BE THERE! watch for me on TV + stuff, maybe they'll have picked up the story of my lucky dress. I promise I'll try really super hard not to get in any fights. Linking up with Sarah + Karli! What games are you excited for this weekend? Will you be chanting gators wear jean shorts just slightly less adorable than that little nugget? 

Thursday Things :: A Photo Dump

I know I've been promising it for a minute, so here it is! Some of my adventures in DSLR "learn as you go" education! Tell me what y'all think!! Obviously, this post is super picture heavy, so it won't hurt my feelings if you need to skip on to the next one in your blogroll! 
chipper jones
special thanks to the guys sitting in front of me at this game who had no idea I was taking their pictures.. I definitely took a bunch of pictures of their hats + jerseys too..
when I took this picture [from my apartment complex parking lot]  a boy walked up to me + goes "oh  that's a really cool camera, are you a photographer?" + I go "no, I'm a blogger!" and he looked at me like I had three heads...
oakland cemetery atlanta
Does this one look familiar? I took from the rooftop patio at 6 Feet Under, one of the days I insisted on toting my camera around for everything..
I'm not even a little sorry for two of almost the same picture. Can we talk about just how pretty Oakland Cemetery is? I wanted to sneak out + take pictures in there but we had other activities planned.. 
This didn't turn out like I wanted it to, but it's still pretty cool. We went to this terrifying dive bar [outstanding life choice to take my $600 camera TO A BAR] where the people were so mean + judgy because we weren't there usual patrons, so I was sitting watching the band + looked out the door, I couldn't get over the view of the Atlanta skyline from there.. 

A photo dump wouldn't be complete without the furry roommate... does anyone have any tips for getting rid of her green eyes [because it's not red eye, she doesn't look like a demon..] So, what do you think?! Anyone want me to take their picture? I am in love with this camera. Best investment I've made in my 25 short years here on this planet. 

You Look Like My Next Mistake

I confess, that I started this post last Friday because I had writers block and I figured writing something else would help me decide what to blog about then.. If this doesn't work, I'll resort to a blogging prompt. I have so many saved on Pinterest though. I guess since this post is going live after Friday's, you already know what I wrote about. How weird is that to think about? Anyways. Let's do some confessions.
Vodka and Soda
Thursday we went to see Jake Owen + Eli Young. First of all, I love Eli Young, but I don't remember him talking so much the last time I saw him. SUCH a gabber. The concert was great, we made some friends who got us down on the floor, but my confession is I paid $18 for a tequila drink. EXCUSE ME? Eighteen dollars? Is this tequila going to give me super human abilities? No, the answer is no. The drink wasn't even strong. It was mostly orange juice. I shoulda stuck with beer. 
I bought my ticket for Georgia Florida on eBay. Outstanding decision. I ended up getting two tickets for the price of one, so I can always sell the other one for more or whatever and it's like mine was free! However my dyslexia definitely kicked in while I was deciding which ticket to buy, and I managed to get seats in 430 instead of 403. That's right, loud mouthed me in my lucky gameday dress will be assigned a seat smack dab in the middle of the Florida section. I sure hope they think I'm cute and don't try to fight me...
does this ever get old? no? I didn't think so.
I spent like, an entire afternoon last week pinning things for my bar cart. Like, created a whole pinterest board for it + everything. Then I went down the rabbit hole of fun bar themed prints. Then I started making my own! Oh I am so excited to start putting it all together y'all. it's gonna be awesome.

I used the wrong form of "hers" because her's isn't even a word, thanks. in my fun little graphic for Saturday's post -- just the graphic. I spelled it correctly everywhere else. I don't know how I didn't realize it until Monday at lunch. Needless to say, I left it because we should all be able to see what happens when I try to be creative before my coffee.
I really, really dig the new T. Swift album. I've always been a Taylor fan and it's not even a guilty pleasure, #sorrynotsorry. I really like that she's mixing it up and I love that she's growing up. I like that it's different. Plus "oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake" is pretty much my dating strategy...
Add caption
What do you have to confess today? PS super thank you shoutout to Natalie for being my lucky 400th follower on Instagraaaaaam. #bestdayeverrrrr

Very Superstitious

"I'm not superstitious, just a little stitious..." That's really not a good way to describe me, but it's so fun to say! Anyways, let's find out just what I'm superstitious about!
Helene in Between Blogtober

watching or not watching a game on TV // so this goes season to season, this year, for example, I couldn't watch the Braves on TV. I swear they lost every game where I watched them on TV. I don't want that responsibility on my shoulders! 

lucky dress // good thing it's a cute one. I didn't wear it once and the team lost, so obviously I have to keep wearing it until it doesn't work. Also, not sorry for posting this collage again...
yellow lights // I do that whole kiss the roof of the car thing, every time I go under a yellow light. I couldn't even tell you why, I'm just really sure that if I don't I will die. Obviously. 

train tracks // under the same premise, when I go over train tracks I lift my feet up + put a finger on a screw. It's getting progressively harder as cars get fancier + don't have exposed screws anymore. I couldn't even tell you where I picked this one up at though. 

don't talk about it // I will absolutely not talk about a no hitter, if my team is winning the game, if my kicker is on a streak, etc. I don't want to be the jinx. AFTER it's over, I'm totally gonna talk about it. But I will absolutely not say anything until it's over. I also don't believe my team will win until there are zero seconds left on the clock. 

being picked to win certain games // it's rarely a good sign when we're favored over USC or Florida. Some years it's legit, but I feel like in the SEC it's any given Saturday. 

my cocktail of choice // if I'm drinking something different than my normal tequila sunrise or mimosas, we don't seem to win. it seems like the key is orange juice. I don't wanna chance it though, so I'll just have a lot of vitamin C in my system...

where I sit // I have spots in the house I have to watch the game. Usually it's not even sitting, more standing + possibly pacing. It's really cute, you should really be watching sporting events with me. 

things I'm not superstitious about, but most people are//
friday the 13th // for some reason it's actually a good day for me usually...
black cats/ladders/broken mirrors// I'm sure I'm jinxing myself about these things, but I haven't had that much of an experience with them one way or the other! I'm not much of a cat person though... 

Obviously, this list changes regularly, usually getting longer rather than shorter.... How about you, what are you a little stitious about? Also, got this jam for y'all..

Weekly Wishes Fourteen!

It is officially the last Monday in October! I cannot believe it. I totally failed at my pumpkin patch goal, I'm sure I can stop by one in like a parking lot. but it's just not the same. I do believe this is as good a time as any to catch up on my October goals + weekly wishes!
October Goals //
blog every weekday in October // we're on pace for that! I've even scheduled a few posts for this week. 
mast at least one aspect of manual shooting // GUYS. I think I have a good grasp on the whole aperture thing and I'm pretty proud of it. I'll do a photo dump one day this week...
get on top of my budget // CHECK IT. y'all I've saved TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for Europe. CHECK THAT! 

finish my book for blogging for books // okay, well I read most of it, keep an eye out for the review this week! 
write + schedule all of my "five things to know" posts // duh I realized that I couldn't completely do this because I like to include what happened the games before and stuff. I do have them all started though! I'm considering it a success because I did start all of them. 
find a ticket for gafl // DONE. It may or may not be in the Florida section, man it's a good thing I'm pretty. 
corn. maze. // womp womp womppp

This week's wishes //
clean the stove // we don't use two of our stove burners because they smell bad when they get hot. I'm assuming this is because they're dirty, so I'll be trying to clean the kitchen this week..
super fun arts and crafts project // I have another wine cork project planned! I want to get it done this week, or at least started this week...
hit 300 likes on facebook // I am a measly 13 likes away. Have you liked me on facebook yet? [side note, I'm two followers away from 400 on Instagram, wanna be lucky 400??]
finish my book + review for blogging for books // I'm so close y'all.

With that, I'm going to get back to work. What are your goals this week? Linking up for Weekly Wishes, obviously! 
The Nectar Collective

"The World Was Hers For The Reading"

Here we are again, with Helene + Taylor motivating me to even post on a Saturday. Today's prompt is favorite book. I couldn't pick one favorite book if you paid me all the dollars in the world. I mean, honestly, when someone asks your favorite book is your gut answer your real favorite, your current favorite, or what you think will impress someone the most? So I'm going to not follow the rules again, and name my top five.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn // this is probably what I would pick if you made me pick a favorite favorite. I've read this book at least 15 times, that's not an exaggeration. I have a copy that's all ragged + loved. I loved that Francie was like a real life Belle from Beauty + the Beast. She would have lived in a library, she loved to read, and she was real. I kind of want to go read it again..  

Harry Potter // whatever. I'm cheating again and choosing an entire series. I'm making up rules as I go, obviously. I grew up with Harry, Ron, + Hermoine. I loved that Hermoine was a positive female role model. She's so smart, doesn't take anyone's crap, and stands up for what she believes in. I remember the very time and place where I was first introduced to the series [sitting criss cross applesauce on the school library floor the first day of the book fair] and I went to every midnight release ever. I'm even rereading the series right now. I love it. Cannot get enough. I'm like ABC Family.

Where The Sidewalk Ends // listen to the musnt's child. I mean, I love anything Shel Silverstein wrote man. I might get all misty every time I read The Giving Tree too. The poems are just so relatable, even for grown ups.
Those are my top three, well I guess top nine since there are seven Harry Potter books. What are your favorite books? Also, what do you think your favorite book says about you? I think my inability to choose just one speaks volumes about my indecision and how I kind of wanted to grow up to be Belle. 
Helene in Between Blogtober

W is for Writer's Block

Guys. I think my ponytail is on too tight today and that's the reason I have such writer's block. I mean honestly, I can't even come up with any good tweets, and we all know I have an opinion on everything. So, instead of me coming here and writing a few crappy paragraphs, I figured I'd let some other folks speak for me. did I really just say "folks"? 
check it out, I made that!
Also. I've decided I need these prints. All of them. For my new bar cart that I'm gonna make.
this one too. actually. there's really just a lot of margarita prints that I want.. but these two fo'sho.
Check it. You can see all of the prints I have to have [and some that I think I can recreate..] right here. The question is, why aren't you following me on Pinterest yet????

Photo Apps I Couldn't Live Without

Okay well that's a rather dramatic title. But let's be for real, no one actually posts "no filter" photos anymore. I know the sunset looked like that to you, but your phone didn't capture it. Oh, you didn't use a filter, you just bumped up the vibrance + saturation? Either way, I never take a picture with the Instagram app, I always use at least one if not all of these before posting to Instagram.

afterlite // this is my absolute favorite. You can edit every aspect of the photo + I'm really a sucker for those frames. makes the whole picture fit in the square Instagram mold.. 

a beautiful mess // I love love this app because it lets me doodle on pictures, add funny shapes + also automatically makes them fit the Instagram size! [it's ABM in the App store... also their Party Party app is too fun...]

VSCO cam // can I even claim to be a blogger or amateur photographer if I don't use VSCO? I do love that it lets me work my phone camera like the manual settings on my DSLR though. It's pretty groovy. 
PS express // dude. this is the best for when you take those low light pictures, because how bad is the iPhone at low light pictures? that's mostly what I use this for, fixing the lighting. it also works great when you want to add saturation to the picture but not turn everyone orange.
PS Express
I figured the best way to demonstrate these would be to use the most flattering picture of myself I could find. So obviously I picked this one.. What apps do you rely on for Instagram
Helene in Between Blogtober
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They Don't Know That We Know That They Know..

I confess, I wanted to participate in this new linkup I just discovered, Write or Die, but I couldn't come up with a saying I disagreed with, but I'll be there next week guys! So, here's this week's round of confessions! 
Vodka and Soda
Saturday, when I was walking home from the bars, a man leaned half his body out the window + shouted "hey girl, if you lost 25 lbs, I'd be all over you!" and I died. All the giggles, then I tweeted about it, because I should be able to walk home + not be catcalled, and I received about four harassing tweets almost immediately. Obviously I was asking for it [by wearing jeans + a sweater, of course], he was trying to help me look hotter [guys. I don't mean to humble brag of whatever, but if I lost 25 pounds, I'd probably blow away]. All the laughs y'all. All of them. who has the time for that?
Somehow I broke my macbook charger. So I ordered one off of Amazon, because nbd it'll be here in a couple days + it'll be cheaper than getting it from the Apple store. It shipped last friday + the estimated arrival date is NOVEMBER THE ELEVENTH. THE. ELEVENTH. As in THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. Where is this computer charger coming from? The Moon? Mars? 
Add caption
I got irrationally angry when I read the comments [when will I ever learn not to read the comments on articles] when T. Swift said sassing her about relationships was sexist. maybe because Princess Taylor has a point. Totally because Princess Taylor has a point. I'm not going into it, but you can read the comments on that article if you haven't been sufficiently irritated lately. 
I have been seriously jamming to some angsty music from high school. THEN I FOUND OUT BRAND NEW WAS PLAYING IN ATLANTA + THAT I HAD MISSED IT. So then I pouted + listened to some more. I mean. Come. On. Jesse Lacey? yes please. 
The title today has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this post today. Ooops. I didn't even use a .gif from Friends... This also makes two back-to-back list + .gif posts... sorry not sorry? Maybe Friday will be better [tomorrow is a list too, whoooooops]

10 Things I'd Rather Spend My Paycheck On Than Student Loan Payments

So, the other day I got an e-mail from my student loan people, saying that I needed to pay them $498 by Halloween. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. I don't know what they're smoking, but it must be something good, because I definitely don't have $500 to throw at them.  That got me thinking about how I pay upwards of $250 a month + I haven't even touched the principal. Which is super encouraging, I'll probably pay them off six months after never. Obviously the best solution to that kind of depression is to list what I would rather spend that $250 a month on.

a car payment // I have the cutest little Jeep Liberty, named Jude, but I've wanted a Jeep Wrangler for my entire life.  So if anyone is reading on behalf of the Jeep company, I can make a pretty convincing argument as to why you should give me one. It starts with how cute would I look with the top down + the radio turned up? 
a tropical vacation // I mean, if I were saving $250 a month, I wouldn't even have to save for but like four months + I could go to all sorts of tropical places.

more camera lenses // everyone argues that the Canon Kit lenses are better doorstops, so I could invest in all the fancy lenses. And photography classes...

someone to do my laundry + clean my closet // obviously.
a puppy. for sure // I mean. I neeed one. I haven't gotten one yet because I need to also be able to buy said puppy all the toys + halloween costumes + chewy toys his hear t
harry potter adventures // I would go to any and all of the Harry Potter adventures. Everywhere you can visit as a Harry Potter Fanatic.
all the clothes on my pinterest dream closet board // my life would be a constant fashion show + I would give the person I hired to clean my room a run for their money..
all the boxed wine + Jose Cuervo! // yeah, I wouldn't even buy fancy wine. I would just make sure we had a pretty constant supply of boxed wine, champagne, + my boyfriend Jose.
uga football season tickets // I somehow didn't get the email to register for the young alumni tickets, but I did get the e-mail to pay for the tickets [funny how that works, huh?]. I would make sure I was at every game fo'sho.
saving for the kasey dream house // yeah, what about it Barbie? I want my own dream house. Saving $250 a month, I could easily have a reasonable down payment in a year or so. Then I could do all of the DIY projects. Oh man. My house would be so awesome. Also it would totally have a slide like in Blank Check, super super practical.
Obviously, I don't have a solid grasp on what an extra $250 a month would do for my spending capabilities, but maybe you can find something good to do with $250 to Kate Spade Saturday!! What would you spend your $250 on?