Five Things For UGA vs. Mizzou

Friday during College Football season might be my favorite kind of Friday. Unless it's a fireworks Friday, I do love fireworks... Anyways. This is a very big and important weekend for the University of Georgia football team. We're headed to the other Columbia to take on Mizzou. Here's the breakdown for this week's matchup. No, I don't know why this week is another noon game

Mizzou is the new kid // in 2012 the SEC expanded to add two more teams [Texas A&M and Mizzou]. We played Mizzou in their very first ever SEC game and we showed them about old man football. Last year, Mizzou was ready and they did not let us off so easily. After the craziness of last weekend though, we need to beat Mizzou [and Kentucky..] to win the SEC East. I'm sure the folks at Mizzou haven't forgotten their first SEC game, so this should be a real fight. Also, we're still not over the "old man football" thing. 

Todd Gurley -- an autograph debacle // I have a lot of opinions, that's probably the main reason I started a blog.. Yesterday "news broke" that Todd Gurley allegedly sold autographs. The NCAA has more rules than anyone could ever dream of following. This one is the dumbest one they have. The first figure we got was 80 autographs for $400. If you're wondering, you can't get two tickets to Georgia Auburn in the upper decks for $400. You can almost get two tickets to Georgia Florida for that much. Hopefully we'll get Olivia Pope on this and have Todd back. I'm not going to say anything about any other athletes allegedly doing something and not facing any kind of suspensions. Todd Gurley is an absolute delight to watch on the field though, don't believe me? Watch this: 

the winner controls their own destiny in the SEC East // whoever wins this game, will almost definitely go to Atlanta in December. Georgia fans were thankful that Mizzou beat South Carolina for us, but then immediately went to "can we beat Mizzou?" I mentioned how the loser of the UGA/USC game usually does better in the SEC than the winner, we're all hoping that holds true this weekend. 

college football playoff implications // since the BCS is no more, this game might have more than just the SEC East on the line. One of the considerations is strength of schedule, and Georgia has always had a tough schedule, and this year isn't any different. Who knows, maybe Georgia can make a statement at this game and bring themselves back into the playoff conversation.

a tale of two quarterbacks // Mizzou has an outstanding athlete in Matty Mauk. He's experienced and has battled back from a few tough injuries and he thinks really well on his feet. Hutson Mason, on the other hand, is still a little green. Aaron Murray left some pretty big shoes to fill, and Huston is doing well, but still gives Georgia fans mini heart attacks when he throws the ball. 

If you need me this weekend, I'll be wearing my lucky dress, stress eating, and probably being made to watch the game alone because only other Georgia fans can really understand the level of stress this game or really any Georgia game carries. Who are you stressing out over this weekend? Do you think college athletes should be able to profit off of their likeness? [that might be another blog for another day..]

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  1. I will be at a wedding during the game tomorrow, but I can guarantee the matron of honor and myself will be huddled in a corner with our phones checking the game throughout the reception. c'mon lucky dress!

  2. my PIC texted me yesterday after the whole autograph thing + goes "I don't know if your lucky dress can get us out of this mess" -- but it's 7-0!

  3. It really bothers me that the NCAA and these schools make millions of dollars off these STUDENT PLAYERS and they basically have no rights or compensation. If these students don't receive wages for their work, then I don't think the schools or NCAA should be able to make a profit either.

  4. I love all of your weekend updates. i hope Gurley comes back soon. I thought he should get punished but not for this long. They really need to review that rule.

  5. the inconsistency is what bothers me the most. if you're going to crack down on autographs, how about you crack down on every athlete that has autographs out there? that dealer had other high profile college athletes, including Winston. Don't even get me started on that one though..

  6. they REALLY do. I'm not saying he was right for doing it, because it is something you know not to do, but if you see everyone else making a profit, you start to think "hey, this won't impact my draft pick, so maybe I can get away with it like everyone else!" I think he was lured into a bad situation.

  7. the reception had big screens with the game on :) best reception ever!