Weekly Wishes [lucky thirteen]

No, you've watched Hocus Pocus at least fifteen times already and it's not even Halloween yet... October is going pretty well, can we talk about the lucky dress being nine and zero. NINE wins + zero losses. Can we just? Let's talk last week's wishes + make some more!
last week's wishes ::
figure out Georgia/Florida // all but done! I just need to get my hands on a ticket + I'll be all set. World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail party, here I come! Anyone want to donate a ticket? I promise I'll wear the dress! 
corn. maze // son of a biscuit. we were planning on it but then didn't get our act together, maybe I'll roll this one over to this week..
ask someone to take my picture // hollaaa -- I've had a couple of people offer, because they're the bomb.com, including Jennifer @ Tin Can Cozy. Now I just need to get my act together enough to get my picture made! 

this week's wishes
finish my book for blogging for books // I mean, come on. It's been sitting on my dresser, I love to read, I'll just have to make an effort to finish it, write my review, and pick my next book!! 
write + schedule all of my "five things to know" posts // there are plenty of games left and helloooo easy day taken care of right there. Biggest ones being GAFL, Auburn, + Tech.
find a ticket for gafl // because duh. 
corn. maze. // see above.

Honorable mentions// clean up + out my closet [honestly, can't I pay someone to do this? I'm offering margaritas and sopapilla cheesecake, plus my eternal love if you do my laundry...], accomplish 10 miles towards "100 By Halloween" since I'm on track to hit 100, complete the perfect gameday playlist, and take more pictures with my fancy camera

Obviously, it's Weekly Wishes time, so I'm linking up! What shit are you gonna get done this week?
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  1. it's called The Happiness of Pursuit -- I'm about halfway through it already, it's giving me serious wanderlust..

  2. Good luck with your wishes this week! One of mine is also to clean my closet out. Haa.

  3. thanks!! Sometimes I feel like cleaning out my closet is a constant goal that I'll never be finished with...

  4. lol, I can help clean out your closet but you might be left with very little. ;) jk. Have you tried threadup? I just did this with the kids' clothes that they can't wear anymore. you get a free bag w/ postage on it... fill it up, mail picks it up, you get paid for what they want!

  5. I've used thredup before! I have like some kind of credit on there from the last time I sold clothes. It's more that I need to organize it + deal with the shoes that I only have one of [I'm like Cinderella, I can only keep up with one shoe at a time..]

  6. I got a crap ton of books to read and I'm in the same boat as you. It's just sitting there, I just have to read it! haha Good luck with your wishes, this week!

  7. I just have to make time! We can do it!

  8. pictures pictures pictures! we meant to go yesterday but then kind of just, forgot... haha

  9. If I lived closer to you, I'd totally offer to clean out your closet! I looooove tossing out stuff. I'd also offer to take you picture! Alas, you are tooooo far. Enjoy your book! And the corn maze! I feel like a corn maze would be a fun place for a shoot...

  10. I want to go to that game too. We need to find a game that we can go too. haha

  11. oh man. I would totally totally take you up on it! I just look at it + get discouraged instantly! the corn maze would be SUCH a fun place for a shoot!