Oh, Heeeey Friday!

This week has been such a weird week. With all the snow days and half days, I have to be honest, I kind of thought yesterday was Friday so I might have forgotten to put together a post for today. Whoooops. Anyways, here are 5 things from this week, ready, GO!
Softball Free Agent :: So, a couple of weeks ago, at the Oyster Fest, I saw all these people with super cool koozies. If you know me, you know I'm all about a good koozie. So I walked over to the booth where they were giving away, and said "hi! what do I have to do to get a koozie?" usually it's "just give us your e-mail address!" which I'm totes fine with. NO. I had to spin a prize wheel. I didn't win a koozie, I won free registration for Atlanta Sport + Social Club. So I'll be playing softball this year + making new friends... Anyone else playing this summer?
those were the weird half hats for ponytails. also I'm 11 years old, how cute was I?
THIS IS THE LAST FRIDAY WITHOUT BASEBALL:: Spring training games OFFICIALLY start on Sunday. SUNDAY! This is is better news than the forecast saying it's going to be 70 degrees next week. (and raining. 70 degrees and raining. BUT STILL 70 DEGREES.) Don't forget to join us for the Around the Horn linkup to countdown to Opening Day!!!
happy dance
Facelift? I'm really seriously contemplating a facelift for this fun place. What do you guys think? You would tell me if it was terrible, right? Okay. Okay. I'm probably gonna do it. HEY PS. I'm opening up sponsorship options SUPER soon. So follow me on the twitter, you just might get to hang out on my sidebar fo'freeeeeeee. :)

I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED AT THE FOX ON SUNDAY + I'M SO EXCITED I COULD JUST DIE. That's all. There doesn't even need to be any more explanation for that. I'll probably recap just how much I loved it next week.
ENTER ALL THE GIVEAWAYS!! I'm currently sponsoring two at once! LIKE WHAAAT?! Anyways. You can enter to win $300 to Anthropologie here (and use it to buy me a pretty sundress, right?) Also. You can enter to win $105 IN COLD HARD CASH. Right down below. You know you wanna. Then you can head over to Karli's place + see what everyone else is up to this Fri-YAY! 
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Announcing A Baseball Season Countdown Linkup!

I mean, it was only a matter of time right? The countdown to first pitch is officially on + I'm teaming up with Jessa to bring y'all a countdown to first pitch linkup! We'll be hanging out every Thursday in March talking about our favorites when it comes to baseball season. You should totally linkup for Around the Horn with Jessa + Kasey! (if you're wondering where 'around the horn' comes from, you know when anyone in the outfield makes an out, then they throw the ball all the way around the basepath? that's around the horn! learn something new every day right?

So here's the deal for the link up -- it's super easy + we're gonna have so much fun. Like I said -- we're going to have a prompt for each Thursday in March. We want to know all about your favorites! Here are the prompts:
  • March 5th -- favorite baseball memory 
  • March 12th -- favorite ballpark food
  • March 19th -- favorite player
  • March 26th -- favorite team + your World Series predictions! 

That's it! Take them however you want then come back here, link up, and see what everyone else's favorites are! Don't forget your button!!! 
Kasey At The Bat

Don't Let The Muggles Get You Down!

THIS WEEK'S WRITE OR DIE PROMPT HAD TO BE PICKED FOR ME. So, thanks in advance Shelly + Mia. (hey, ps. why aren't you participating in Write or Die? One, I'm obsessed, two, it's always a fun little challenge, three, there are so many incredible women participating that you're really missing out.
stephen king magic
I have always been the biggest book worm. I used to be known in the library. I would power through those reading lists. I've always loved the smell of a new book. You know? When you first open it. I can't describe it. If it was a candle, I would definitely buy that. You hear me Yankee Candle? Anyways. 

I remember the first chapter of the first Harry Potter book. I remember the first time I was ever introduced to The Boy Who Lived like it was yesterday. Obviously, it wasn't. It was when I was in about the second grade. I've always been the same age as Harry, Ron, + Hermoine. I think that's why I love them so much. Like they're my friends. (hey Kasey, you sound a little like the kid who doesn't have any friends + just has imaginary ones.

I love the way that a well written story can transport you into a whole new world. (I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid) What's even more incredible to me, is that whole world came from someone's imagination. Do you remember when you were a kid? Playing outside for hours and hours with probably nothing but you, nature, and your imagination? (was that just me? or?

How fantastic is that? I am so impressed by people who can make a living off of their imagination. It's like they never hit that point where they had to stifle it to be a member of the work force. They found a way to take that creativity and share it with the world. I think it's an incredibly brave thing to do. Especially with how mean book critics can be. 

I love books more than just about anything I can come up with. I love the summer because it's so lovely outside and so acceptable to lay around in the sunshine drinking margaritas and tearing through books. Or a rainy snow day where you can sit in the bed + read an entire book in one sitting. How do you feel about books? Do you think I'm crazy for loving them so? Are you friends with Hermoine, Ron, and Harry? Are you linking up yet? Am I asking too many questions? 
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15 Things I Learned Halfway Through 30 Days at the Barre

HELLO WORLD. I am on day 16 of this ridiculous 30 Days at the Barre thing. What on earth were we thinking? Oh yeah "let's get real toned before March is over so we look like babes for bikini season
barre addict meet me at the barre

  1. I'm really a lot stronger than I thought I was. Like, I have muscles instead of spaghetti noodle arms. Don't tell the boys though, they'll start making me lift heavier things...
  2. There's no such thing as too many gym clothes. Please send me more. Anyone want to sponsor the second half of my 30 days at the barre adventure? I'll take more pictures.
  3. I'm a bad blogger, I didn't take a before picture. I did take a "halfway" picture. So, that will count. 
  4. You should smile in you before picture too. No one is ever smiling in their before pictures. I think that's silly. I think that smiling makes your face skinnier anyways. If that's important or whatever. 
  5. I'm happy that I decided to do this. I feel incredible. I actually have more energy. Which is probably weird, but I think that I like having the routine more than anything. 
  6. I really can make friends with anyone. I like my new barre friends because we can all laugh at ourselves when we can't quite bend the way that the instructor wants us to. 
  7. I'm addicted to herbal tea. In addition to my daily coffee + gallon of water, now I'm hooked on infusion teas. Caffeine for days y'all. 
  8. Gym memberships are only expensive if you don't use them. It hurts less to think of them in terms of how much you're paying per class rather than per month. Also that motivates you to take more classes to get a higher ROI. ta da! 
  9. You can put your sticky socks in the dryer! I was scared to wash mine, so I had to take a post class poll because I didn't want to ruin my sticky socks. haha
  10. Ugg boots are easier than sneakers. I'm sure in the summer it will be flippy floppies. But currently it's Ugg boots all day every day. Even though they don't come up high enough to meet my yoga capris. 
  11. Old Navy yoga pants are just as good as those $100 ones. BUT I REALLY WANT THE LULULEMON TECH MESH. (that's my reward for finishing the 30 days, if when I finish the 30 days. if Lululemon decides to restock them, I'm not paying $150 for an $88 pair of leggings. that's dumb)
  12. EVERYONE loves to be complimented on their workout gear. And their workout. It's so much fun to see everyone kicking ass. 
  13. cliche comment about the barre family being a community here.
  14. Your muscles will actually be less sore if you work them more******* (I am in absolutely no way qualified to tell you what's best for your workout or body or anything. I just know that my muscles hurt less the more I work them. please don't hurt yourself on my account. I like you too much.)
  15. workouts are more fun if you're smiling! don't take it so seriously -- have fun
There it is! What I've learned in the first fifteen days of being a crazy person. Now, for those of you saying "oh my god you're going to hurt yourself without a rest day!" we do take Thursdays for a yoga flow type class -- that's more stretching, less tucking. Just to keep us from dying. NOW I know you've already entered to win $300 to Antrhopologie, so I know you're not going to win my $105 in cash right?  I guess if you win, you can sponsor my last 15 days! 

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Monday Motivations

Okay, don't kick me out of the blogger club, but I didn't watch the Oscars last night. That's a lie, I watched probably four minutes and then turned on Netflix instead. I didn't even finish catching up on all of the TV I've missed while doing 30 days at the barre. (PS. TODAY IS HALFWAY. TODAY IS DAY 15. I'm also a bad blogger there because I didn't take a "before" picture. oops. maybe I'll take a halfway picture..) ANYWAYS. Here are some fantastic things I've found on the internet that make it hard to remember that I put my shoes on the wrong feet today + people think that it's important to talk about whether or not women should be allowed to wear yoga pants in public. 
Tours For Humanity:: A buddy of mine from high school + his kickass girlfriend plan to save the world one tour of DC at a time. I've never met anyone as passionate about US History as Bo, and I don't think I could imagine a better tour director. So go check out their Indiegogo page, it features a fantastically hilarious video about their dream.
THESE KIDS who definitely don't think that Kanye introduced the world to Paul McCartney::

My favorite North Carolina resident TRANSPORTED PELICANS ON SATURDAY. Also, my life coach + megababe friend Jen just started blogging too. She's the Quarterlife QB OH AND SHE GOT ALL UP IN SOME MLB SOCIAL MEDIA TRASH TALKING

And that's all I have today! Here's a song I've been jamming to since I heard it at the end of barre class a couple days ago. Don't forget to enter to win $300 to Antrhopologie! What's up with you this gloomy Monday morning? 

5 Things About Spring I Want YESTERDAY + A Giveaway!!

I am so 4652348% over winter. I'm over it. I don't want it to be cold anymore. No one looks cute in that many layers. No one. Not even like. Kate Upton or whichever super models Princess Taylor is hanging out with. Once you put that third layer + puffy coat on, everyone starts to look like the stay pufft marshmallow man. So instead of being miserable about the 10 degree weather, here are the five things about spring I want like, yesterday.

baseball // I mean, duh. Pitchers + catchers are reporting to Spring Training. It's so close I can taste it. I need more baseball in my life. 

flowy dresses // gimme all the sundresses. ALL OF THEM. I hate wearing tights, I'll even trade having to shave my legs every day (sorry, overshare...) for not having to wear tights with anything flowy.  
sundress up

flowers EVERYWHERE// Even Mother Nature doesn't like winter. Everything is dead and sleeping and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I'm ready for green and flowers and sunshineeee
he can call me flower if he wants to
sleeping with the windows open // okay, so I live on a really loud road, but it's nothing leaving the TV + fan on can't make up for. the smell of spring is fantastic. oh especially if there's a little thunderstorm. 

DID I MENTION BASEBALL? // okay. well I'm mentioning it again. I'm ready for baseball season and beers and hot dogs and those giant pretzels and even the heartbreak that comes in September or October. I'm ready for all of it. gimme. 
hey ladies we got two cy young winners over here!
You know. I'll sit here + wait impatiently for it to be in the low 70's + everything in bloom. I'm almost looking forward to the pollen y'all. In the meantime, you should enter this giveaway so that you can buy all the flowy dresses for spring!!!!!!!! What are you most excited for this spring? It's baseball isn't it?
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The Dream Job

Okay. Quick confession, it's 9 pm on Wednesday + I'm trying to hammer this post before I go to bed. You know, so I can be all about everyone else tomorrow since I totally failed at that today. [er, today because I failed yesterday? I guess makes more sense since you're reading this on Thursday. ANYWAYS] I am at a complete loss for what to write about because I have a zillion ideas but nothing I can focus on. SO I'm using a prompt Chelsea suggested for journaling and I pinned (geeze. that was shameless..). Ready? Go.
I've always wanted to save the world. Honestly. Even as a kid. I had dream jobs about saving the world. Or all of the animals. I started college as a biomedical engineering major because I was going to cure genetically inherited strains of breast cancer (until the University of Georgia showed me that I was actually quite terrible at chemistry..) Then I discovered that I could change the world through baseball. So that became the dream.

I wanted so badly to get to that Community Affairs job with the Braves that I developed a kind of tunnel vision. Every little thing I did was to get there. Moved across the country to California to take a community job, then kept working my way back. I applied for that Atlanta Braves Trainee Program three times before I got an interview. Seems third time was the charm.

Now that's all over. I've always had a plan and now I'm out of a plan. It's a weird kind of limbo I'm in. I'm still applying for a zillion jobs a week, but I've shifted my focus away from sports. I still want to save the world though. That's still the dream job. Kasey Decker -- world saver. I'm just trying to figure out what my next move is.

What's your dream job? [ps, tomorrow we'll return you to your regularly scheduled snark + fun things. I promise.]

Go Ask Alice

Guess who got it together + is officially back for Write or Die Wednesday? THIS GIRL.
I've always loved Alice. I think it's because of her curiosity and definitely her attitude. I would love to live in a world of nonsense and painting the roses red and very merry unbirthdays and constant tea parties. Can we all agree that there should be more tea parties? (hey let's make it more obvious that London is calling..) I'm thinking like, a tea party once a week -- minimum. 

I also love all of the different interpretations of Alice. I love grown up Alice going back to Underland even though she kept calling it Wonderland. I adore grown up Alice. Maybe it's because I have a thing for Tim Burton movies, or I really dig anything with Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter. Or maybe it's because Alice can sometimes believe in six impossible things before breakfast. I like to believe in impossible things with my morning coffee... 
So I wrote this yesterday to be all productive then got caught up + was almost late to [day NINE in a row] of barre class. Then, I get up early this morning, realize I forgot to finish it last night, check in to get the button from Shelly, AND LEARN THAT ALICE IS PAINTINGTHE ROSES WHITE. I had the perfect opportunity to go on about my rebellious streak + instead I talked about tea parties. Talk about a missed opportunity right? Anyways, what impossible things have you believed in today?
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Dear Babes of Blogland

I want to take a minute today to thank all of you lovely ladies (+ gentlemen, I assume boys read this sometimes too. even if it's just because I make them, thanks guys!) I know sometimes it's hard to tell because I'm all jokes and snark, but this past year has been really challenging for me. I'm sure it will probably read like I'm super conceited or something -- but I've always felt like I was good enough. I've never really failed at anything I've tried. I'm sure it's thanks in part to the fact that I feel like I need to put my all into whatever I do, but not landing a job in baseball just about ruined me. 
my posture is outstanding.
Enter the blog life. [I didn't choose the bloglife, it choose me] If you had asked me back in December of 2013 what I thought would come out of writing my own blog, I probably would have laughed and said "I don't know, a little carpel tunnel?" because I've never put my whole effort into it before, unless it's been for work. I remember seeing those page-views rise, getting reasonable comments that weren't spam, and thinking "hey, maybe I am actually good at this!" So I really needed it when I didn't get the dream job. 

I never would have imagined that I would build the relationships and friendships I have in this short year-ish. I never would have imagined that these women could make me feel like I'm still worthy and that maybe everything doesn't happen for a reason we can see, but a reason we have to trust. If I had landed a baseball job, I maybe never would have focused as much time and energy on this little space. I probably wouldn't have met the outstanding people that make me feel like the prettiest princess every day with their comments + instagram likes + tweets. 

I've never needed to be the center of attention (okay. well except on my birthday because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY OKAY), so it seemed crazy to me that I could write a blog about my life and thoughts and how I feel about baseball pants and snowboarders and that people would actually read it. I've never considered myself funny, like really funny, until I let it out here (and on twitter...) I feel like I have really grown as a person + it's 456% thanks to all of the fantastic people in the blogosphere. So, thank you for being a friend
see what I did there?

Living The Sweaty Life

Okay. I cannot believe that my month of ClassPass is already over. I was so torn on what to do now that it has ended. On the one hand, I want to join the gym (Exhale) that I tried out with my sister thanks to ClassPass, but also I loved ClassPass. First world workout addict problems, am I right? I want to do a quick recap of all the studios I tried out right here though! Ready?

Exhale :: OKAY. So the first class I did at Exhale was "Thighs + Glutes" with Brianna. I almost died. I really did. It was really touch + go for a while. It was at 8 am on a SATURDAY. I don't know how Eva talked me into it, but she did. After that class was over? Everyone was so surprised I made it through the whole thing. I also had leaps and bounds worth of energy for the rest of the day. The next class I did was a Core Fusion, which also kicked my booty. It was the first class of our 30 straight days of Barre! I love love love the staff at Exhale + the location is pretty decent + easy for me to get to, plus they validate parking. Hollaaaa!

Pure Barre :: I mean, this one lives up to the hype. This was the first place I ever heard of when the whole Barre thing started. I'm not sure they're the first ever. Anyways. I took one class in Dunwoody (after I finally found the studio + cried big fat alligator tears) and I loved it. Lots of super sweet ladies in the class + I even met a few other girls who were using ClassPass there!

Pink Barre :: Okay, so I had already been to Pink Barre once (ATL Blogger Meetup plug here.) So I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. I tried out the Sandy Springs location for a regular class + then one day I got a wild hair + did that whole 6 AM Flow class. TOTALLY worth it. I was in a super mood for the rest of the day + my stepmom even told me I needed to take a walk because I had entirely too much energy for 8 am on a Friday. ( I had time to drink four cups of coffee at Panera before the sun came up.)

Red Hot Yoga Buckhead :: I want to get into yoga SO bad because I'd love to be all flexible + zen but I just can't. I the people at this studio were great, the teacher was fantastic, but I just couldn't get into it. wah wahhh

The Bar Method :: EVERYONE WAS SO GREAT. I feel like I'm really bad at reviews because I don't have anything negative to say about any of these places. The staff here was fantastic + so helpful + I didn't feel like an idiot when I fell down.

SO. I'm only torn because I want to do the whole "30 straight days of barre" + my seeester wants me to take all thirty with her, so I'm teetering. If you wanna try out ClassPass -- YOU TOTALLY SHOULD -- but you can skip the waiting list if you use this link right here. Are you ready to live the sweaty life?

**ClassPass let me try their services for free (for a whole month!) but all of these opinions are totally mine. Ask me anything you need/wanna!!**

5 Reasons Jose Cuervo is the Perfect Valentine

HAPPY FRIDAY BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYBODY! How appropriate is it that the day before is Friday the 13th? Now, after yesterday, if you expected my Valentine to be anyone other than my number one man Jose Cuervo, I think you need to revisit everything about me.

He's always there for you:: Jose has been there through breakups and mean girls and not getting the dream job. Never makes you think that you're anything but a pretty pretty princess who should TOTALLY dance on that table. Just do it. He's gonna be there cheering you on. 
dance dance dance
He ALWAYS thinks you should have more queso, or another slice of pizza. Just do you girlfriend:: You will never hear Jose say "oh, are you sure you want another slice of pizza?" nope. he's gonna help you call + order another one. He even knows that you secretly have that Visa card number memorized.
pizza is a theme. obviously
He never makes you play games:: "don't double text" "ladies don't text first" "if you ignore him he'll like you more" guys. that's exhausting. Jose is always there. Literally,  just hanging out on the bar cart (that I SWEAR I'm going to blog about. I promise.) waiting for you to need a margarita. You don't have to worry about whether or not he thinks you're being needy or clingy or whatever else you're supposed to be.
sorry emily post
ALLEGEDLY he's even super good for you:: I love it. Every time there's an article about the health benefits of tequila, it's shared with me. Then this happened. I'm a little sad that Elite Daily beat me to that one. Anyways, I bet Jose is the reason I'm skinny. Not the high metabolism or the fact that I think you should walk everywhere.  **side note. it seems every Elite Daily article is about tequila. Why haven't they hired me yet? I could write all the tequila articles. **
hot mess
The only thing better than one margarita is two margaritas:: Seriously. The more, the merrier. You don't have to get jealous over Jose hanging out with another girl because all girls who drink tequila are awesome. End of argument.
drink drank drunk
So, those are the five reasons Jose Cuervo is the best Valentine. Because I can buy myself flowers + chocolates + pizza. Jose + I will be hanging out this weekend, bring some orange juice + come hang out! What are you doing for the lovey dovey made up holiday?
Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursty Thursday :: The BEST Tequila Sunrise

I stumbled on this Thursty Thursday (ps, spelling it that way is really what sealed the deal for me...) linkup a couple of weeks ago when Lauren was co-hosting + I have been saving this post for the Thursday before Valentine's Day ever since. OBVIOUSLY I plan on spending some quality time with my Valentine, Mr. Cuervo, so I thought I'd share the best way to make a Tequila Sunrise. From the expert due to the sheer volume of sunrises I drink.

Okay. This is probably one of the easiest cocktails out there -- both to make + to mess up. Here's what you need:
  • Tequila
  • Orange juice (fresh. good orange juice. I get really bummed if it's the kind that comes from the soda wand. #orangejuicesnob)
  • bonus :: cherries or fruit of some kind because yum. 
NOW. This is very important. I like to do ice, tequila, then orange juice -- that way I don't really have to stir it. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to mixing drinks. Make it as strong or as orange juice-y as you like. I'd recommend the normal ratio -- like a three second pour to each glass. Once you have the orange juice + tequila ratio to your liking add just a splash of grenadine. JUST. A. SPLASH. That stuff is like, 4565% sugar okay? Orange juice is already kind of sweet + tart, so that's more sugar. If put too much grenadine it's gonna make your teeth hurt. Stir + enjoy!!
GUYS. I made that. HOW. COOL? Also, it's a fact that we don't have any cups in our apartment that didn't either come from pint night, a brewery, or my sticky fingers. So none of them match. Which makes them all match right? What are you drinking tonight?

Hopelessly Ever After

Humpday Confessions

First of all. I got a text message from my dad this morning as I was getting dressed saying "I need you to hurry so you can take me to the hospital" -- so I didn't even brush my teeth before leaving this morning. Sorry. that's gross. Anyways, I made it all the way in + he didn't end up needing to go to the hospital. REGARDLESS. I apparently still don't have my act together for WODW. So go check out those ladies anyways, because I bet they have some great stuff to say about "snowfall" (spoiler alert, my snow post would have been me complaining about how much I hate snow anyways.) So I'm going to hashtag some of my confessions this week. READY GO.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

I haven't brushed my hair since probably Sunday. I workout in pigtails because my hair is so thick that's pretty much the only option that doesn't give me a headache but holds all of my hair. I really want to know how Ariana Grande doesn't have the worst headache all the time with that ponytail. Am I the only one who gets a headache from having a ponytail on too tight? Maybe my hair is just really heavy or something... #longhairprobzzzzz
I managed to schedule posts into next week, but somehow forgot Monday AND Wednesday of this week. I don't even know how I made that happen. It's like I super planned for myself + then didn't think about what days were in a week. My life is #spacecadet honestly. 
Yesterday I drove near some really angry people. Like on my way to the barre I was trying to let this guy turn in front of me because I wanted to try to parallel park but I would block him from pulling into the place he was trying to turn. He YELLED AT ME for trying to let him go because there were pedestrians (who were also waiting for him to turn). I almost cried you guys. #LOUDNOISES
I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR THE POSTS I HAVE SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW AND FRIDAY. They're kind of Valentine's Day themed, but way better because it's my take on the man I love + have loved for TEN YEARS NOW. #suspensebuilding #butnotreally #Ibetyoucanguess #spoileralert
Add caption
Rumor has it, it's going to get cold tomorrow and I'm not happy about it. I am a little happy that I'll have a good reason to hang out at the apartment + eat pizza + drink champagne all weekend instead of going out though. #pizzaismysideguy #andandre #DONTTELLJOSE
Add caption
Okay. I think that's all I have today. MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK TOMORROW. I made a gif all by myself. That's really probably the most important part. What do you have to confess today? Do you like snow?