15 Things I Learned Halfway Through 30 Days at the Barre

HELLO WORLD. I am on day 16 of this ridiculous 30 Days at the Barre thing. What on earth were we thinking? Oh yeah "let's get real toned before March is over so we look like babes for bikini season
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  1. I'm really a lot stronger than I thought I was. Like, I have muscles instead of spaghetti noodle arms. Don't tell the boys though, they'll start making me lift heavier things...
  2. There's no such thing as too many gym clothes. Please send me more. Anyone want to sponsor the second half of my 30 days at the barre adventure? I'll take more pictures.
  3. I'm a bad blogger, I didn't take a before picture. I did take a "halfway" picture. So, that will count. 
  4. You should smile in you before picture too. No one is ever smiling in their before pictures. I think that's silly. I think that smiling makes your face skinnier anyways. If that's important or whatever. 
  5. I'm happy that I decided to do this. I feel incredible. I actually have more energy. Which is probably weird, but I think that I like having the routine more than anything. 
  6. I really can make friends with anyone. I like my new barre friends because we can all laugh at ourselves when we can't quite bend the way that the instructor wants us to. 
  7. I'm addicted to herbal tea. In addition to my daily coffee + gallon of water, now I'm hooked on infusion teas. Caffeine for days y'all. 
  8. Gym memberships are only expensive if you don't use them. It hurts less to think of them in terms of how much you're paying per class rather than per month. Also that motivates you to take more classes to get a higher ROI. ta da! 
  9. You can put your sticky socks in the dryer! I was scared to wash mine, so I had to take a post class poll because I didn't want to ruin my sticky socks. haha
  10. Ugg boots are easier than sneakers. I'm sure in the summer it will be flippy floppies. But currently it's Ugg boots all day every day. Even though they don't come up high enough to meet my yoga capris. 
  11. Old Navy yoga pants are just as good as those $100 ones. BUT I REALLY WANT THE LULULEMON TECH MESH. (that's my reward for finishing the 30 days, if when I finish the 30 days. if Lululemon decides to restock them, I'm not paying $150 for an $88 pair of leggings. that's dumb)
  12. EVERYONE loves to be complimented on their workout gear. And their workout. It's so much fun to see everyone kicking ass. 
  13. cliche comment about the barre family being a community here.
  14. Your muscles will actually be less sore if you work them more******* (I am in absolutely no way qualified to tell you what's best for your workout or body or anything. I just know that my muscles hurt less the more I work them. please don't hurt yourself on my account. I like you too much.)
  15. workouts are more fun if you're smiling! don't take it so seriously -- have fun
There it is! What I've learned in the first fifteen days of being a crazy person. Now, for those of you saying "oh my god you're going to hurt yourself without a rest day!" we do take Thursdays for a yoga flow type class -- that's more stretching, less tucking. Just to keep us from dying. NOW I know you've already entered to win $300 to Antrhopologie, so I know you're not going to win my $105 in cash right?  I guess if you win, you can sponsor my last 15 days! 

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