My Birthday Month Through The Lens

Okay. Groundhog day is super weird y'all. BUT my biggest issue is that Punxsutawney Phil says more winter, but General Beauregard Lee says spring. So how does that work? Like half + half? Anyways. Now that my birthday month is over, I'm ready for it to be summer because I got my new swimsuits on Saturday. You know, I have an actual dresser drawer for swimsuits. Not just like, the tiny underwear/sock drawer. An entire drawer. I might have a problem. OKAY. Let's take a look back at all of the pictures I took in January!
I still can't believe that for the first week of 2015 I was in EUROPE still. Can I go back already? I haven't even shared my London pictures yet -- so those bottom three are official sneak peeks of London.. You can see all of my Paris pictures here + here
I also turned old + learned some things. I really should have added that 26 isn't going to be the year I grow out of sticking my tongue out in pictures either...... In case you were wondering, there's not going to be a recap of my birthday celebrations because I acted like a total brat + terrorized the locals. Totally growing up, right? ANYWAYS. That's what happened according to my camera in January. What did you do this month? 
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