Treat Yo Self: A Valentine's Gift Guide For Badass Single Girls

You know what? I had a bunch of different ideas for this week, and then yesterday (well. today because I'm totally writing this on Monday night, hollaaaaaaa) I swear that like 99% of my bloglovin' feed was "What Your S.O. REALLY Wants For Valentines Day" or some other gift guide for people just soooo in love as if they're the only ones that get to celebrate another excuse to eat way too much candy. (PS, if you want me to be  SOOOO in love with you, I want my Jeep in bright red with a black soft top. thanks.) Here's my answer to only people in love getting presents:
Untitled #2

First of all. Club W. 100% Wine in the mail. Sign. Me. Up. Kay totally convinced me. Also, the Pizza best friends necklace? I mean. COME ON. Also acceptable: actual pizza. Actually. Send both. Definitely both. You also deserve flash tattoos because they're fun and sparkly and it's not summer but it should be. Also. Hand made candles out of recycled wine bottles, so you don't feel so bad about all the bottles you're putting in the recycling bin from Club W. DON'T FORGET THE CHOCOLATE. But wait until Sunday to get the chocolate because then it's all on clearance so you buy the Easter Egg shaped chocolates. Mmmmmm.... What are you getting yourself for Valentine's Day? Did I mention I got myself the wine? Always the wine.

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