The Dream Job

Okay. Quick confession, it's 9 pm on Wednesday + I'm trying to hammer this post before I go to bed. You know, so I can be all about everyone else tomorrow since I totally failed at that today. [er, today because I failed yesterday? I guess makes more sense since you're reading this on Thursday. ANYWAYS] I am at a complete loss for what to write about because I have a zillion ideas but nothing I can focus on. SO I'm using a prompt Chelsea suggested for journaling and I pinned (geeze. that was shameless..). Ready? Go.
I've always wanted to save the world. Honestly. Even as a kid. I had dream jobs about saving the world. Or all of the animals. I started college as a biomedical engineering major because I was going to cure genetically inherited strains of breast cancer (until the University of Georgia showed me that I was actually quite terrible at chemistry..) Then I discovered that I could change the world through baseball. So that became the dream.

I wanted so badly to get to that Community Affairs job with the Braves that I developed a kind of tunnel vision. Every little thing I did was to get there. Moved across the country to California to take a community job, then kept working my way back. I applied for that Atlanta Braves Trainee Program three times before I got an interview. Seems third time was the charm.

Now that's all over. I've always had a plan and now I'm out of a plan. It's a weird kind of limbo I'm in. I'm still applying for a zillion jobs a week, but I've shifted my focus away from sports. I still want to save the world though. That's still the dream job. Kasey Decker -- world saver. I'm just trying to figure out what my next move is.

What's your dream job? [ps, tomorrow we'll return you to your regularly scheduled snark + fun things. I promise.]

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