Oh, Heeeey Friday!

This week has been such a weird week. With all the snow days and half days, I have to be honest, I kind of thought yesterday was Friday so I might have forgotten to put together a post for today. Whoooops. Anyways, here are 5 things from this week, ready, GO!
Softball Free Agent :: So, a couple of weeks ago, at the Oyster Fest, I saw all these people with super cool koozies. If you know me, you know I'm all about a good koozie. So I walked over to the booth where they were giving away, and said "hi! what do I have to do to get a koozie?" usually it's "just give us your e-mail address!" which I'm totes fine with. NO. I had to spin a prize wheel. I didn't win a koozie, I won free registration for Atlanta Sport + Social Club. So I'll be playing softball this year + making new friends... Anyone else playing this summer?
those were the weird half hats for ponytails. also I'm 11 years old, how cute was I?
THIS IS THE LAST FRIDAY WITHOUT BASEBALL:: Spring training games OFFICIALLY start on Sunday. SUNDAY! This is is better news than the forecast saying it's going to be 70 degrees next week. (and raining. 70 degrees and raining. BUT STILL 70 DEGREES.) Don't forget to join us for the Around the Horn linkup to countdown to Opening Day!!!
happy dance
Facelift? I'm really seriously contemplating a facelift for this fun place. What do you guys think? You would tell me if it was terrible, right? Okay. Okay. I'm probably gonna do it. HEY PS. I'm opening up sponsorship options SUPER soon. So follow me on the twitter, you just might get to hang out on my sidebar fo'freeeeeeee. :)

I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED AT THE FOX ON SUNDAY + I'M SO EXCITED I COULD JUST DIE. That's all. There doesn't even need to be any more explanation for that. I'll probably recap just how much I loved it next week.
ENTER ALL THE GIVEAWAYS!! I'm currently sponsoring two at once! LIKE WHAAAT?! Anyways. You can enter to win $300 to Anthropologie here (and use it to buy me a pretty sundress, right?) Also. You can enter to win $105 IN COLD HARD CASH. Right down below. You know you wanna. Then you can head over to Karli's place + see what everyone else is up to this Fri-YAY! 
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