Monday Motivations

Okay, don't kick me out of the blogger club, but I didn't watch the Oscars last night. That's a lie, I watched probably four minutes and then turned on Netflix instead. I didn't even finish catching up on all of the TV I've missed while doing 30 days at the barre. (PS. TODAY IS HALFWAY. TODAY IS DAY 15. I'm also a bad blogger there because I didn't take a "before" picture. oops. maybe I'll take a halfway picture..) ANYWAYS. Here are some fantastic things I've found on the internet that make it hard to remember that I put my shoes on the wrong feet today + people think that it's important to talk about whether or not women should be allowed to wear yoga pants in public. 
Tours For Humanity:: A buddy of mine from high school + his kickass girlfriend plan to save the world one tour of DC at a time. I've never met anyone as passionate about US History as Bo, and I don't think I could imagine a better tour director. So go check out their Indiegogo page, it features a fantastically hilarious video about their dream.
THESE KIDS who definitely don't think that Kanye introduced the world to Paul McCartney::

My favorite North Carolina resident TRANSPORTED PELICANS ON SATURDAY. Also, my life coach + megababe friend Jen just started blogging too. She's the Quarterlife QB OH AND SHE GOT ALL UP IN SOME MLB SOCIAL MEDIA TRASH TALKING

And that's all I have today! Here's a song I've been jamming to since I heard it at the end of barre class a couple days ago. Don't forget to enter to win $300 to Antrhopologie! What's up with you this gloomy Monday morning? 

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