Go Ask Alice

Guess who got it together + is officially back for Write or Die Wednesday? THIS GIRL.
I've always loved Alice. I think it's because of her curiosity and definitely her attitude. I would love to live in a world of nonsense and painting the roses red and very merry unbirthdays and constant tea parties. Can we all agree that there should be more tea parties? (hey let's make it more obvious that London is calling..) I'm thinking like, a tea party once a week -- minimum. 

I also love all of the different interpretations of Alice. I love grown up Alice going back to Underland even though she kept calling it Wonderland. I adore grown up Alice. Maybe it's because I have a thing for Tim Burton movies, or I really dig anything with Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter. Or maybe it's because Alice can sometimes believe in six impossible things before breakfast. I like to believe in impossible things with my morning coffee... 
So I wrote this yesterday to be all productive then got caught up + was almost late to [day NINE in a row] of barre class. Then, I get up early this morning, realize I forgot to finish it last night, check in to get the button from Shelly, AND LEARN THAT ALICE IS PAINTINGTHE ROSES WHITE. I had the perfect opportunity to go on about my rebellious streak + instead I talked about tea parties. Talk about a missed opportunity right? Anyways, what impossible things have you believed in today?
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