What I Read In January!

"I'm going to try to blog about things other than what books I read" - me, in December. Me through the entire month of January: I am exhausted. I have the SADs real bad. I always struggle a little more in the winter than summer months, but this winter has been tough. I've been taking a lot of things personally and essentially hibernating because I don't want to deal with it. So, rough month for mental health, but I did get a lot of reading done! If you missed what I read in December, you can catch that here. Linking up with Steph & Jana for Show Us Your Books!

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A kindle book with the title page for Death on The Nile by Agatha Christie with a cup of coffee next to it.

The ABC Murders: Again, another month with lots of Poirot novels. I regret nothing. I've started looking for Agatha Christie novels in used bookstores. I'm turning into a monster. I love it because I have yet to figure out the murderer. Cannot get enough. Highly recommend all of them.

Cards On The Table: This Poirot novel taught me about Bridge. A card game I didn't realize I might be interested in until reading about people playing cards. I think, aside from never being able to guess the murderer, I also love how quick these reads are. I can never put them down. 

Where the Crawdads Sing: I'd had this on library holds forever. To the point where I thought maybe I wouldn't ever get it or it wouldn't be as good as everyone said. I enjoyed this one, the main character really broke my heart. I saw someone on instagram say it was unreasonable that they were always going to Asheville instead of like. Charlotte or Raleigh. and I agree. I don't know anything about the history of North Carolina but I do know where Asheville is in relation to the coast. Anyways, this was a good one, kind of stressful, gets a little slow but not so slow you're like "ugh will this ever end?" just slow enough where you're like "okay I don't feel bad stopping after this chapter."

Murder in Mesopotamia: Poirot strikes again! I feel like I'm not giving good reviews of these because I love them all for the same reasons. There's different characters and new things I learn in each of them but like, again, baseline: I love that I can't guess the murderer and that I can breeeeze through them. 

Death on the Nile: I read this entire book during the Show Us Your Books Readathon and I regret ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I liked that I technically had an excuse to read all day and not feel guilty or like I was avoiding dealing with something (reader, I was avoiding some things.) I even won one of the prizes for playing along, and I never win things! Anyways, this one is on a boat (obviously) and made me want to go on a river cruise up the Nile. I didn't guess the murderer but this time it was because they worked so hard to make me believe it wasn't who I thought it was! (maybe I have an Agatha Christie addiction forming)

The Last Town on Earth: I found this one from this linkup! It's a part of American history I didn't really know much about. I feel like I should remember the Spanish Influenza outbreak, but I really don't think we studied it. This one made me cry and feel all sorts of things for the main character. The author kind of lost my attention for a little bit, but I wanted to know how it all ended. I realize that I didn't give any stars up until this point,  but I give this one 4. Maybe 4.5. It was an interesting story and like, timed well with the whole flu situation going on now.

That's it! That's everything I read in January! I've set my goodreads goal at 50 this year, so hopefully I can keep this pace up. I've been trying to read a chapter or two every morning instead of mindlessly scrolling through twitter, because man is twitter making me feel tired all the time. Now I'm currently reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, which I learned about when I found out a bigger name author had basically stolen her premise and work! 

What I Read in December

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL. I actively set my 2020 reading goal for 50 books, and I've already read 4 so hopefully that's a thing I can accomplish. Who knows, best laid plans and everything. December was insane and I'm pretty sure it really only lasted about 15 minutes. We took all the decorations off the tree this past Sunday but we aren't taking the tree itself down. I'm not ready to part with it yet and we're having a bonfire next Saturday soooooooo. Anyways. If you missed What I Read In November, you can catch up there! Maybe I'll blog about more things than books this month, who knows.

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I didn't take any book pictures so here's one of me in sunny Cancun where I'd very much like to be right now.

A Woman Is No Man: I'd had this on holds since April, which is insane.Then I absolutely devoured it. It broke my hear a little, but I also felt like I learned a lot? It's told from the point of view of three different generations of women and it will open your eyes to a different experience than the one you may have. Also, one of the character's favorite books is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which is actually my favorite book too. Maybe I'll re-read that one. I've lost my original copy though, which really bums me out. ANYWAYS. A Woman Is No Man, I recommend it. 

Educated: This is another one I've had on holds since I got my library cards and discovered I could check out ebooks from the library. I felt a lot of ways about this one. There's a lot of stuff I feel like I can't really talk about without spoiling it? I honestly didn't love it. I didn't hate it? But I didn't love it either.

Death in The Clouds: Another Poirot novel! Y'all, spoiler alert for What I Read In January -- I've already finished three more Poirot novels. NBD. I love it. This one features an implausible murder on a plane, that sounds like it's made up even to the characters in the book! I've said it once, I'll say it several times more, I never see the real murderer coming. Every time I think, oh man I've figured this one out and I am always wrong. I love it.

Three Act Tragedy: Again, Poirot. I'm reading them all in order, which you really don't have to do, it's just an easy way for me to decide which one comes next!

It wasn't a big reading month for me because December was crazy with holiday things and more holiday things. Linking up with Steph & Jana for Show Us Your Books! What have you been reading lately? Anything I should pickup? I'm currently reading Murder in Mesopotamia, told y'all I was all about Poirot... 
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What I Read in November

This winter weather has been so weird, one day it's 38 degrees and raining, the next day it's 74 and sunny. It's aggressive. November was a crazy month for me, but I FINALLY worked through all of my library holds, just in time to place a bunch more that will probably all hit at the same time. If you missed what I read in October, you can find that here! November was a crazy month for me, so I didn't read as many books as I would have liked to. I also got bogged down in one of them..

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I didn't take any book related pictures this month, so here's a picture of Albus & a beer.

The Vine Witch - I got this one AND The Dressmaker's Gift from the Kindle First reads? Sometimes that newsletter ends up in my junk filter and I'll forget it's a thing for a while. You can also read this one on Kindle Unlimited, if you're using that! I really enjoyed this one. As I mentioned last week, I've been in a little bit of a rut with WWII books. Rut isn't the word, I just can't think of a better one. It's like you read one, then the library is like "oh you liked that, here are four more like it!" and I just stay upset.  Anyways. This was a fun switch. There are witches making the wine, which like, hello magic and wine? Sign. Me. Up. I'd like to be a vine witch. When I was pulling the link for this one I noticed it's been amended to "Vine Witch Series #1" so I'm excited to read the next book in the series too! I definitely recommend this if you're looking for something light with a little bit of a twist at the end!

The Dressmaker's Gift: This one also came from Kindle First Reads annnnd is on Kindle Unlimited. I thought I was out of WWII but I picked this one back in September, apparently. It was fine. It drags on a little bit, there are some things that are total stretches, and weird timelines that are a little hard to follow. I think I gave it four stars? It was a good story or whatever, I just couldn't get into it. It was well written and told, it's one of those things I can't put my finger on. It passed the time just fine. 

Three Act Tragedy POIROT IS BACK. We watched the new Murder on the Orient Express a couple weekends ago so I snagged another Poirot novel from the library. I love them all. I don't care if it makes me sound like an 80 year old grandma. I really thought I'd figured this one out, man. I thought I knew the motive, and then towards the end, I thought I knew who it actually was (that is to say, that I thought my original guess had been wrong but I'd guessed correctly the second time) and I DIDN'T. I was still surprised. I think that's why I love the Hercule Poirot stories so much. I never guess the outcome. So obviously, I give this one all the stars.

That's it for November, I just downloaded A Woman Is No Man which I'd been on the holds list for since April. I hope to take it extra easy in  December (lol) and maybe get some more reading done. As always, linking up for Show Us Your Books! What are you reading right now? 
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