I'm sorry for being the worst blogger ever

to all zero of my followers. Either way, I'm stealing Presto's 2011 recap in photos. We'll see what I can come up with, since my computer and all of my pictures were stolen in November..

January: Road trip from Atlanta to California

February: begin adventures with Tipper

March: Pretending to be grown ups on St. Patrick's Day

April: first baseball season as a full time employee..
May: Jugfest. Drunkfest. Not sorry.

June: Cal League All Star Game. There are better pictures of this somewhere.
This happened in July...
Then Brelle left me in August..
September: Phoenix trip!!
In October I dressed up when no one else would for an organization that told me I was worth $400 a month.

November: started working for the Midland RockHounds
Happy 2012!!