Photo by Chris Henstra
Shortly before this was taken, Henstra said "Tipper, I don't want to take Kasey's picture, I only take pictures of pretty girls"

I am the only one who doesn't like day games...

... and who also doesn't like when games go super fast. I'm always pressed for time, sprinting around the ballpark. One homestand in April every game was fast, and I lost 10 lbs. I am a success story for the Reebok RunTone shoes.

Today we had our 2nd annual Candy Drop. Where we drop 700 lbs of candy on the outfield, half of it from a helicopter. It was overwhelming, and I am so glad we only have it once a year. I could not handle that many kids more than once a year. We also either set an attendance record, or came damn near close to it.

That being said, it's rather beautiful to be home watching tv, and bonding with the kitty. I'm about to break into the margaritas and rotel/velveeta dip. I may have graduated college, but I still eat and live like a college student.

I generally don't like alone time either, but today I am completely okay with it. I'm not homesick because I'm going home for a beautiful 48 hours next weekend. I'm not lonely because I think if I see any more of my coworkers I might completely lose my mind. Also I just started our free month trial of Hulu plus so now I can catch up on all of the tv shows we have missed.

Tipper and I watching Fireworks. Photo from the LA Times
Okay, so I might be breaking rules or copyright, but I couldn't find a better way to share this picture. Plus, it's a picture with me in it, so I think I have at least a little bit of rights to it. Or something. This is why I work in sports instead of copyright law.

Soon I will write a real post. Until then, enjoy the picture of Tipps & I watching fireworks.