I Don't Want to Recap 2015

I know it's the go-to post right now. Let's take a look back at 2015 and all of the things that happened and how great it was and blah blah blah. You know what though? I don't want to do that. For me, 2015 was a rough one. It involved letting go of dreams I'd fought so hard to achieve (and admittedly finding new dreams to work for), a lot of anxiety and undue stress, and honestly a lot of disappointment. 

There are, of course, silver linings to all of those situations and I have realized most of them. However, it feels to me like a precarious balance, since the reminder from Facebook that this time last year I was on a great and exciting adventure caused me to mope about for two solid days because I was in Atlanta not off galavanting around Europe. 

Today, the sun is shining (thank the Good Lord because I couldn't deal with one more day of rain) it's warm enough for me to go out on my bike with my camera in tow and find some beauty, and that is something to be thankful for. I'm looking forward to what 2016 has in store, because I desperately need the clean slate that my birthday month brings. 

I just needed to let everyone know, especially if 2015 wasn't your year, that you're not alone, we're gonna make it through this one, and we're absolutely going to kick ass in 2016. It's a leap year, so there's a whole extra day for doing something amazing. So cheers 2015, it's been real, it's been fun, but Lord knows it hasn't been real fun. Bring it on 2016. 

All Together Now

We made it! We made it to the end of the year! I'm currently trying to not mope about how this time last year I was waking up in Amsterdam instead of Atlanta. (go on, relive all of the Kasey Goes To Europe posts with me) and what better way to do that then hashtagging away?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company
I have never been secretive about my obsession with The Beatles so now that their entire catalog is streaming, I literally haven't listened to anything else by choice. My dad also got me a Sonos speaker to turn my apartment into a concert hall, so, yeah. You know that girl who cried about how much she loved cats? I could cry about how much I love The Beatles. #LoveIsAllYouNeed #AllYouNeedIsLove #NAnanananananaHEYJUDE #sorrynotsorry
the bestttttt
I have been having some serious technical difficulties with my poor little iphone. I'm not mentally prepared to update to the giant one and also it's a point of pride that I've kept the one I have for as long as I have. I mean, I'm clumsy + I drop things, I never have matching socks, but I'll be damned if I break this thing! So yesterday I finally admitted I needed to go to Verizon, try to get it fixed. They told me to come home, try restoring it with iTunes, well iTunes won't recognize it long enough to restore it. It's the most frustrating because I'll get it to connect for like, a second, then I'll go to restore + it will be all later dude. #technicaldifficulties #SOS #justlivelittlephone
I keep trying to find good travel deals and subsequently talking myself out of them. I think what I really need to do is buy a one-way ticket somewhere + figure it out as I go. Then I remember that if I wanted to do that anywhere outside the US I would have to get a visa + permissions + why can't it just be like the movies? #wanderlust #travelbug #stuck
hey now hey now
Now I'm off to make coffee + try not to move anything that will upset the tenth attempt at restoring my poor little phone. What are y'all up to? What are your resolutions for 2016? I've already written five posts for January! #shutthefrontdoor

Jolliest Bunch of Elves This Side of the Nuthouse

HOLY CANOLI. How did we get here? Wasn't it May like. yesterday? I was going on + on about it being my birthday month next month the other day? And then someone goes, "how old will you be this year?" I got halfway through 27 before I burst into tears. I'd be lying if I told you guys I thought I'd survive a day past 22. It's really a Christmas miracle every year.. and now for an airing of grievances! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

Saturday I made a "quick" target run that I immediately regretted. FIRST OF ALL it didn't occur to me that the target parking lot that is always a nightmare would be infinitely worse because Christmas. SECOND OF ALL it's very rare that I do anything productive on Saturdays, they're almost exclusively reserved for bottomless mimosas and football. So I get there, the pet store next door has puppies outside for adoption, and the entire population of Atlanta is in target ignoring the possibility that anyone could need to be there. Guys. I went to target for a toothbrush, shampoo + conditioner, antifreeze for my car, picture frames, and wine (because I always forget that particular target doesn't have booze) do you know what? I walked out with Star Wars jammies. THAT. WAS. IT. #ineedanadult #targetunsupervised #itwasawful #imighthavecried 
I used vacation time for today + tomorrow to come work for my dad. You know, no rest for the broke bitches. The perk is that I can sit up here in the office in my jammies because no one is here, the downfall to that is that the UPS man just came into the office and I was in my jammies. He just kinda looked at me.. #sorrynotsorry #hotmessexpress #baileysinmycoffee 
like ever.
okay so I use Waze to avoid traffic, it's not always the best honestly but it makes me feel like I'm being more efficient. BUT I JUST REALIZED YOU CAN PUT IT IN C-3PO's VOICE and it is the best. Whenever there's a hazard it says "we will surely be destroyed! this is madness!" makes me giggle EVERY. TIME. #kindlyturnleftmaster #wemustfindR2 #suchanerd 
drama droid
Speaking of Star Wars. I haven't seen it yet. I think this whole "no Star Wars spoilers on social media" is the most impressive thing I've seen in a while. Good job everyone. #nospoilers #yougoglencoco 
move along

I swear I come up with things through the week that should be in this post then I spend so much time trying to find the right .gif I get distracted and totally forget what I was going to write. Next time I'm going to write them all out then find the perfect .gif. #problemsolving #buthegifsaremyfavoritepart #tiedwiththefakehashtags #imobnoxious
That's all I have for today! HAPPY FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US EVERYONE! What are your holiday plans? HAVE YOU SEEN STAR WARS YET? Am I unreasonably excited for that? I have a lot of questions. 

A Day Late + A Dollar Short

So. I was sitting at work today and I got a notification from twitter that multiple people were tweeting about humpday and I go OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO BLOG THAT'S MY GO TO POST. So, this post brought to you by crying hysterically in the ladies room at work reaaaady go! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

I watch all of those "Tasty" videos on facebook + think "oh I should make that pizza monkey bread for dinner!" then I come home + order a pizza instead. #buthowgooddothoselook #SOYUMMY #maybenextweek 
the boys next door bought us wine for taking care of their dog, and apparently it's a fancy wine. It's definitely my first time with Chianti, but I can't tell the difference. it just tastes like red wine to me. so for future reference, you apparently don't have to splurge on the fancy wine.. #lemmewineaboutit #winenot #butseriously #buymore #insteadoffancy #economics
I ordered some jammies from VS. You know, because I needed matching jammies. (they have champagne glasses on them. because obviously) I don't look like a VS model in them, but I'm pretty obsessed with them. if that makes me a gramma, so be it. #pajamamama #cheers #theycamewithslippers #becausethosearenecessarytoo
jess is me, I am jess
I was tempted to wrap empty boxes + put them under my Christmas tree for two reasons. 1. I haven't done any Christmas shopping 2. it looks lonely without packages. #butstillsopretty #canIleaveitupallyear #prettyplease 
I was watching Christmas Vacation the other day + came to the conclusion that my perfect husband would be a combination of Clark Griswold and Phil Dunphy. do we all agree? I think we do. #isrustystillinthenavy #GriswoldfamilyChristmas #funnies #dadjokes
<3 <3
OKAY SO I HAVE A PLAN. My new goal is to blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! right? Obviously starting the week after Christmas. I can do that right? Right! What do you have to confess?

Hashtags Brought to You By Sick Days.

I always have the hardest time picking a title for posts. It keeps a lot from being published because I can't make decisions. I've used "insert clever title here" before right? Probably. ANYWAYS let's do some #confessions because it's WEDNESDAY.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

I have a cold + I'm the biggest baby about it. Except I still go to work, because the options are vacation days or sick days + I'm not about to give up vacation days! Except today I had to. I don't have a voice, at all, so I don't really think I could make sales calls. #thatswhywereallsick #needypants #patientzero
I like to pretend that if I don't check my account balance then I always have a positive balance right? Isn't that how adulting works? #probablynot #beingagrownupishard #Iwannagobacktocollege
I am still not used to my hair cut. I can't stop running my hands through it and then it takes like five seconds to wash and not nearly as much shampoo or conditioner. However, it still takes forever to dry. OH I DID MANAGE TO CURL IT. I feel like a whole new person it's insane. #shorthairnonproblems #imissitalittle #butifeelsofancy 
so. short.
I feel like I should be doing more productive things with this sick day, like the mountain of laundry I have. or figuring out how to reboot the nook I was given that has a passcode on it (why did my grandfather have a passcode on his nook anyways?) but I honestly think I'm going to make coffee and sleep until lunch. #maybeafterlunchIlldothings #butprobablynot #Ineedamaidforchristmas #gettingbetterisproductive
Add caption
What do you guys do on a sick day? Who wants to make me soup? I need some soup...

October AND November Through the Lens!

I just realized I forgot to do the easiest post I do every month - through the lens! So obviously I combined October + November for today! Here are some of my favorite 'grams from the past two months! 
What have you been up to? Are we insta friends? If not let me know + I'll follow youuu!! I love the gram maaan. 


I maybe made that word up. It didn't get red squiggly lines though, so maybe I can't take credit for it (or maybe my computer is smarter than me + has learned to ignore everything I put in all caps...) #theworldmayneverknow BUT YOU GUYS how kickass is it that Laura + Lauren have been hashtaggin' the Schmidt out of it for AN ENTIRE YEAR!? 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED YOU GUYS. My grandmother was cleaning out her attic + handed me down a bunch of Christmas decorations AND LOOK WHAT I DID #BUDDYTHEELFWHATSYOURFAVORITECOLOR 
A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on

SPEAKING of my instagram which has been lackluster lately -- stay tuned today for some big news. I'm doing a thing and I'm kinda freaking out about it. But it's gonna be great. #secretsecret #notsosecret #butkindofabigdeal #youknowtome
this really has nothing to do with anything, I just love Barney....
I'm sad about Mark Richt. I know it was coming, I understand the logic, and I also understand the outrage. I can't really remember a UGA without him. I also can't remember a UGA where I didn't have really high hopes dashed about halfway through the season. I'm sure great things will come his way, but I'm going to miss him too. #dawgsontop #alwaysadawg 
sad puppy
Guys. I keep hearing something that sounds like a cell phone vibrate. It's not mine though, I can't figure it out, I can't find out where it's coming from, I feel like I'm losing my mind though. #whatsthatnoise #isitaserialkiller #itsprobabllyaserialkiller #thisishowitends #itsbeenreal
WOAH this is the longest post I've put together in a WHILE. My goal is to be better at blogging each month, and I do promise to do my best! What's up with y'all? I WANT TO SEE ALL OF YOUR HOLIDAY DECORATIONS! Have you linked up for Hashtag Humpday + Confessions? They're the most fun - do it to it!


GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. First of all. I opened this template then spent like 30 minutes browsing Look Human, I need like all of it. #gimme ANYWHOODLES obviously I'm back for #HashtagHumpday aaaaaand confessions and I solemnly swear I wont say [again] that I'm going to get my act together STAT. 

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company
I CANNOT WAIT FOR STAR WARS. hello. is it December yet? I mean I feel like the year has just flown by anyways, can't it be time for Star Wars now? #lookingforloveinAlderanplaces #theforceisstrongwiththisone #thesearenotthedroidsyourelookingfor
who are you calling scruffy-looking?
I was in bed before midnight BOTH nights this weekend. like the gramma that I am. I feel ZERO PARTS sorry about it. I'm all about a good time but man, if we don't have plans by 10pm -- I am down. for. the. count. #mynetflixandmysnacks #namastayinbed
me IRL
I got so much sass for drafting Todd Gurley on my fantasy team. "oh you only drafted him because you went to Georgia" "what a waste of a draft pick!" I even got sass FROM YAHOO. but you know what? he's been carrying my team since week like, three. so #sacksinthecity #dawgsontop #imagurleygirl
I'm a gurley girl
I WANT TO START DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS but then I realized, I don't own anything decoration wise aside from a lifetime collection of Barbie Christmas tree ornaments... #lookslikeitscrafttime #COOKIES #SANTA
what did I sing to you on your birthday last year?
I have SERIOUS serious hair envy -- don't judge me -- for Merida on Once Upon a Time. I'm thinking maybe a perm? I want curls and I really want the red. (side note, can we talk about all the badass women on the show this season? #girlpower) #princesshair #ALLtheOUATHAIR #gimme 
Stay tuned, maybe I'll get my act together + be back again this week! If not, tell me about all of your adventures and lives and confessions and anything else you wanna talk about pleeeease!! 

The Time Change Makes Me Cry + Other Confessions

Hello, my name is Kasey + I'm a bad blogger. Maybe that should be confession numba one #exceptyaalreadyknewthat #sotheresnosurprisethere  
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company
On Monday AND Tuesday it was middle of the night dark when we left the office MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT DARK I TELL YOU. I only cried a couple times Monday, and once Tuesday. I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. #damnitbenfranklin #SODUMB #whatevenisthesun
what TIME is it?
I'm 0-4 at the Georgia Florida game, so I specifically didn't go this year (it didn't help so it's not my fault!) instead we went to Helen for Oktoberfest! There was a lot of polka dancing and shouting "DAS BOOT!" even though we never found one of those glasses. #DASBOOT #beerfest #bierheeeereee
e = mc HAMMERED!
I always want these posts to be longer but I ALWAYS HAVE SO MANY ISSUES WITH MY GIF SEARCHES, so I'm going to leave you with this one, I don't get the Highlight Bling thing. I don't understand why it's funny or why the internet lost their marbles over it or WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING. so. #oldladystatus #IDKmyBFFjill? #isthatrelevant? #HALP

so. what's up with y'all? any confessions?

The One About Bad Grapes

Okay. So, it's no secret that I like wine (can we pause for a moment + deal with the fact that up to Wednesday night, October 21st 2015, I have instagrammed THIRTY FIVE PICTURES OF WINE?) So I wanted to share about my favorite kind of wine because every time I drink it at a "fancy" place someone feels the need to tell me "did you know that means 'bad grape' in French" (it doesn't actually.)

A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on

I love that it makes me sound fancy, oh, I'll have the malbec please! It's a red wine that is super yummy + full bodied + you really need to try it. Here's the lowdown on Malbec from someone who is a certified wine geek (where do I go to become a certified wine geek?) That has lots of big words + things I don't understand like "tannins" + some French stuff.
Here's what I know: it's tasty, it's kind of spicy, the bartender thinks you're dumb if you ask "does it only come from Argentina like you can't call it champagne unless it's from that part of France or you can't make tequila outside of Mexico?" it's better if you have cheese to go with it, and it's best a little chilled. Moral of the story? Try a glass  (or bottle) today + then send me one + also if you would like to sponsor me to become a certified wine geek or to go to Argentina + learn more? Serious question: how can I get paid to blog about wine? 

Better Late Than Never

I meant to be here early for #hashtaghumpday + weekly confessions + really anything this week. I honestly did. I don't even have a good REASON guys. I need a kick in the booty to get it together. So here's a late night Wednesday post brought to you by the Cubs Mets game. 

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company
I confess that I made breakfast for dinner tonight + didn't take a single picture of it. WE ATE ALL OF IT because it was so tasty. #picsoritdidnthappen #eatfast
We finally had to turn the heat on, because it was BAD guys. You know. Cause I'm always cold. I TRIED TO ORDER A NEW DOWN COMFORTER (because apparently 8 years was the lifetime of mine) AND THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS #Ineedanadult #threadcount #downalternative #SOMANYCHOICES
I might have confessed this before, but I turned off the e-mail notifications on my phone so I'm scared to login to gmail because I have like 78 unread messages. #makeitstop #whatevenareemails #typea #orwhatever
me irl
I haven't instagrammed in THREE DAYS. I promise I'm alive. I just. I don't do anything worth instagramming is the real issue. I wish I was doing interesting things. I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE THIS WEEKEND THOUGH. #instagramALLTHETHINGS!
when this boy meeeeets world
Anyone who doesn't think that having to wash your hair isn't a good reason to not do something is obviously a man. I have to plan when I'm going to wash my hair + it usually revolves around not having to dry it or style it or anything #longhairproblems #itsaprocess #aLENGTHYprocess
confession: I'm jealous of Merida's hair.
On that note, I have to go wash my hair. HAPPY Wednesday night everyone! We made it. Two more days until the weekend. What's up with y'all?