All Together Now

We made it! We made it to the end of the year! I'm currently trying to not mope about how this time last year I was waking up in Amsterdam instead of Atlanta. (go on, relive all of the Kasey Goes To Europe posts with me) and what better way to do that then hashtagging away?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company
I have never been secretive about my obsession with The Beatles so now that their entire catalog is streaming, I literally haven't listened to anything else by choice. My dad also got me a Sonos speaker to turn my apartment into a concert hall, so, yeah. You know that girl who cried about how much she loved cats? I could cry about how much I love The Beatles. #LoveIsAllYouNeed #AllYouNeedIsLove #NAnanananananaHEYJUDE #sorrynotsorry
the bestttttt
I have been having some serious technical difficulties with my poor little iphone. I'm not mentally prepared to update to the giant one and also it's a point of pride that I've kept the one I have for as long as I have. I mean, I'm clumsy + I drop things, I never have matching socks, but I'll be damned if I break this thing! So yesterday I finally admitted I needed to go to Verizon, try to get it fixed. They told me to come home, try restoring it with iTunes, well iTunes won't recognize it long enough to restore it. It's the most frustrating because I'll get it to connect for like, a second, then I'll go to restore + it will be all later dude. #technicaldifficulties #SOS #justlivelittlephone
I keep trying to find good travel deals and subsequently talking myself out of them. I think what I really need to do is buy a one-way ticket somewhere + figure it out as I go. Then I remember that if I wanted to do that anywhere outside the US I would have to get a visa + permissions + why can't it just be like the movies? #wanderlust #travelbug #stuck
hey now hey now
Now I'm off to make coffee + try not to move anything that will upset the tenth attempt at restoring my poor little phone. What are y'all up to? What are your resolutions for 2016? I've already written five posts for January! #shutthefrontdoor

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