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HOLY CANOLI. How did we get here? Wasn't it May like. yesterday? I was going on + on about it being my birthday month next month the other day? And then someone goes, "how old will you be this year?" I got halfway through 27 before I burst into tears. I'd be lying if I told you guys I thought I'd survive a day past 22. It's really a Christmas miracle every year.. and now for an airing of grievances! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

Saturday I made a "quick" target run that I immediately regretted. FIRST OF ALL it didn't occur to me that the target parking lot that is always a nightmare would be infinitely worse because Christmas. SECOND OF ALL it's very rare that I do anything productive on Saturdays, they're almost exclusively reserved for bottomless mimosas and football. So I get there, the pet store next door has puppies outside for adoption, and the entire population of Atlanta is in target ignoring the possibility that anyone could need to be there. Guys. I went to target for a toothbrush, shampoo + conditioner, antifreeze for my car, picture frames, and wine (because I always forget that particular target doesn't have booze) do you know what? I walked out with Star Wars jammies. THAT. WAS. IT. #ineedanadult #targetunsupervised #itwasawful #imighthavecried 
I used vacation time for today + tomorrow to come work for my dad. You know, no rest for the broke bitches. The perk is that I can sit up here in the office in my jammies because no one is here, the downfall to that is that the UPS man just came into the office and I was in my jammies. He just kinda looked at me.. #sorrynotsorry #hotmessexpress #baileysinmycoffee 
like ever.
okay so I use Waze to avoid traffic, it's not always the best honestly but it makes me feel like I'm being more efficient. BUT I JUST REALIZED YOU CAN PUT IT IN C-3PO's VOICE and it is the best. Whenever there's a hazard it says "we will surely be destroyed! this is madness!" makes me giggle EVERY. TIME. #kindlyturnleftmaster #wemustfindR2 #suchanerd 
drama droid
Speaking of Star Wars. I haven't seen it yet. I think this whole "no Star Wars spoilers on social media" is the most impressive thing I've seen in a while. Good job everyone. #nospoilers #yougoglencoco 
move along

I swear I come up with things through the week that should be in this post then I spend so much time trying to find the right .gif I get distracted and totally forget what I was going to write. Next time I'm going to write them all out then find the perfect .gif. #problemsolving #buthegifsaremyfavoritepart #tiedwiththefakehashtags #imobnoxious
That's all I have for today! HAPPY FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US EVERYONE! What are your holiday plans? HAVE YOU SEEN STAR WARS YET? Am I unreasonably excited for that? I have a lot of questions. 

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