A Day Late + A Dollar Short

So. I was sitting at work today and I got a notification from twitter that multiple people were tweeting about humpday and I go OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO BLOG THAT'S MY GO TO POST. So, this post brought to you by crying hysterically in the ladies room at work reaaaady go! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloAlanna & Company

I watch all of those "Tasty" videos on facebook + think "oh I should make that pizza monkey bread for dinner!" then I come home + order a pizza instead. #buthowgooddothoselook #SOYUMMY #maybenextweek 
the boys next door bought us wine for taking care of their dog, and apparently it's a fancy wine. It's definitely my first time with Chianti, but I can't tell the difference. it just tastes like red wine to me. so for future reference, you apparently don't have to splurge on the fancy wine.. #lemmewineaboutit #winenot #butseriously #buymore #insteadoffancy #economics
I ordered some jammies from VS. You know, because I needed matching jammies. (they have champagne glasses on them. because obviously) I don't look like a VS model in them, but I'm pretty obsessed with them. if that makes me a gramma, so be it. #pajamamama #cheers #theycamewithslippers #becausethosearenecessarytoo
jess is me, I am jess
I was tempted to wrap empty boxes + put them under my Christmas tree for two reasons. 1. I haven't done any Christmas shopping 2. it looks lonely without packages. #butstillsopretty #canIleaveitupallyear #prettyplease 
I was watching Christmas Vacation the other day + came to the conclusion that my perfect husband would be a combination of Clark Griswold and Phil Dunphy. do we all agree? I think we do. #isrustystillinthenavy #GriswoldfamilyChristmas #funnies #dadjokes
<3 <3
OKAY SO I HAVE A PLAN. My new goal is to blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! right? Obviously starting the week after Christmas. I can do that right? Right! What do you have to confess?

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