Ten for Tuesday

I have a quick little Tuesday for y'all, so here are the 10 things I think are super important after 30 minutes of crossfit on the elliptical, two episodes of Bones, and 6 dino chicken nuggets.

  1. That crossfit workout on the elliptical blew my mind. Y'all. I was only on there for like, 30 minutes technically only went two miles, burned over 300 calories. I believe it because my legs ache, my abs ache, and my arms ache. I'm pumped. 
  2. Only having wine & tequila in the house is probably a dangerous thing. Right now? It seems great though. 
  3. Sometimes when I leave work, or even just during the middle of the day, I realize that my face is sore. I literally smile all day long. I don't feel like I'm working incredibly long days until it's 10pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. I am in love with this opportunity.
  4. I don't think I will have Sadie the Mazda for much longer, she's just too expensive of a broad.
  5. I have got to get new sneakers, both pairs I own are not only permanently filled with infield dirt, but also have holes in them and I'm starting to completely wear out all support as well.
  6. Dino Chicken Nuggets are the best invention ever. Don't sass me about the preservatives or whatever Tyson puts in them, I love them.
  7. Apparently our fantastic, lime green, patio furniture is attracting people to loiter in the parking lot outside of my patio and have super loud conversations, I forgot what it was like to live on the first floor of an apartment. 
  8. I've decided I'm not actually an adult until I start buying wine based on something other than it being under $10 and having a name that makes me giggle. (see, Naked Grape or Ass Kisser)
  9. City drivers suck, but not as much as the cops who pull people over for minor shit between the hours of 8-10 and 4-6:30. 
  10. Beauty and the Beast is playing the theme music over and over enticing me to go to sleep, so I shall obey.

New New New!

New job, new apartment, new CITY, new everything. There are so many things happening in my life right now I don't even know how to go about explaining them all. I don't even have pins for it! That's how crazy everything is.

New JOB.
This job is amazing, I love it, I'm so excited to see what doors may open and what I will get to learn. So far, I've learned that school board websites are super helpful, always to go to the fastest exit in case of an emergency, that if I can see the city from where I am at the ballpark, I'm facing North, that I can only take the service elevator during games, and that my voice carries even more than usual in cubeland.

My parents decided to clean out the barn and my little brother's old room so now, somehow, I have an apartment full of furniture. I'll share pictures once the whole thing is decorated and set up - BUT I definitely turned a cheap piece of furniture into a super chic, faux-antique dresser, and some really drab & dull wicker furniture into very Highlands appropriate patio furniture. Obviously, tons of pictures will appear soon. I've even kept the whole thing clean for the first week and a little bit we've lived here - so here's hoping that keeps up!

Y'all. I live in Atlanta now. THE REAL ATLANTA. If we weren't on the first floor we'd have a pretty nice view of the skyline. We're literally 10 minutes from everything we could ever want. Downtown? Midtown? Little Five? Buckhead? Lenox Mall? All just like, a couple of miles up the road. It. Is. Amazing. Literally everything I've ever imagined and then some.

Here's hoping the next 11 months are amazing and that I am able to soak up all of the knowledge I could possibly hope to gain. I am so excited for this adventure!

20 Things You Should Know About Me!

I was reading the ever adorable Kym's blog earlier today, and I thought I'd share 20 things that make me, me! At least, I'm hoping I can come up with 20 things about myself..

this is me, as an adorable bunny child. 

  1. I am totally afraid of the dark. I have to fall asleep with the TV on.
  2. I watch Disney movies, like constantly. I like them more than movies that are more "age appropriate" 
  3. Still have a teddy bear, and I'm starting to realize all of my facts have been about how I'm really still a child, I'll try to move on. 
  4. If I don't have a specific time to be somewhere, I really don't mind sitting in traffic, because I love to dance and sing in my car. (I also love to watch the people's reactions to me dancing and singing. 
  5. I have two little brothers, one is in the Air Force and the other one is 11 years old, so he's just in the fifth grade..
  6. I am a huge baseball fan, but I love everything about the sport. My favorite level of baseball is that level of little league where the kids first start to pitch. (Well that and pre-tee-ball) 
  7. I hate hate hate painting my own fingernails. I also hate when they're not covered in polish, so really we're at an impasse. 
    • on that note, during the baseball season I'm the queen of half painted nails. 
  8. I miss my old pathfinder, it was an awesome car. Now I have one with all of the bells and whistles and it's just not the same. 
  9. I still have all of my prom dresses, you know just in case I ever need to go to a ball of some sorts, I can't bare to part with them (especially since I can still wear them..)
  10. I just moved to Atlanta. Like. Just. We're talking hours ago and I am SO SO PUMPED. Like, I got excited when I sat in my first traffic jam as an Atlanta resident today. It's the little things.
  11. Speaking of little things getting me excited, I have an internship with the Atlanta Braves, and it's the biggest and most amazing opportunity I could have ever asked for - I'm going to make the best of it, and probably go on and on about it here. Just a heads up. 
  12. My closet is organized by season, then color, about 75% of the time. The other 25% it's organized by "clean" and "dirty" 
  13. During the summer I have a permanent tan line from khaki shorts and polos. No matter how hard I try, even when I get tan at the pool, it's still there. It lasts all the way to about Halloween too. 
  14. I love love drinking holidays: Halloween, NYE, St. Patrick's, Valentines, and the 4th of July. I realize a couple have legit meaning, but for me the 4th is about family, fireworks, and festive draaanking. 
  15. I am Delta Gam born and Delta Gam bred and when I die I'll be Delta Gam dead. 
  16. I color code everything. I'm a very visual person, so I like to write things more than once, and in different colors. (and also it's pretty.)
  17. I like to have like, a minimum, of 6 pillows on my bed. 
  18. I am always cold. If it's below 78? I have on a jacket.
  19. My socks never match. 
  20. I do not have anything close to an inside voice. Not. Even. Close.
There you have it! Twenty ridiculous things about me. 

2012 in Pictures..

I thought a little 2012 review would be nice. At least for me. A ton of big things happened, and we did a terrible, terrible job of taking pictures, but it's okay.

First of all, I kicked off the new year with my favorite married couple. 

Then Mom & I explored Dallas, saw where Kennedy was shot, and stayed in a super ritzy hotel..

Then I managed to get everyone to dress up as Star Wars characters for May the Fourth Be With You..


And lots of Ten Cent Tuesday Shenanigans..

A few baseball related adventures..

Oh and a couple of trips to Austin to see this pretty lady..

Then I finally got to go back to the Classic City, tailgate like I was still in college, and see my boys play...

Then a monumental move home, and a JOB. A JOB with the Atlanta Braves. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present. I've never been so excited and thankful to have to go to work. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity, it took three years and five interviews to get here. I cannot wait to start. 

Then last, but certainly not least, I rang in the New Year [for the first time EVER] with my favorite.

Happy, happy new year, y'all!! 

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy New Year, y'all! I'm super, super pumped for 2013, which is weird given how superstitious I am... 

Anyways! Let's start of with Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!

Source: buzzfeed.com via Kasey on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Kasey on Pinterest