New New New!

New job, new apartment, new CITY, new everything. There are so many things happening in my life right now I don't even know how to go about explaining them all. I don't even have pins for it! That's how crazy everything is.

New JOB.
This job is amazing, I love it, I'm so excited to see what doors may open and what I will get to learn. So far, I've learned that school board websites are super helpful, always to go to the fastest exit in case of an emergency, that if I can see the city from where I am at the ballpark, I'm facing North, that I can only take the service elevator during games, and that my voice carries even more than usual in cubeland.

My parents decided to clean out the barn and my little brother's old room so now, somehow, I have an apartment full of furniture. I'll share pictures once the whole thing is decorated and set up - BUT I definitely turned a cheap piece of furniture into a super chic, faux-antique dresser, and some really drab & dull wicker furniture into very Highlands appropriate patio furniture. Obviously, tons of pictures will appear soon. I've even kept the whole thing clean for the first week and a little bit we've lived here - so here's hoping that keeps up!

Y'all. I live in Atlanta now. THE REAL ATLANTA. If we weren't on the first floor we'd have a pretty nice view of the skyline. We're literally 10 minutes from everything we could ever want. Downtown? Midtown? Little Five? Buckhead? Lenox Mall? All just like, a couple of miles up the road. It. Is. Amazing. Literally everything I've ever imagined and then some.

Here's hoping the next 11 months are amazing and that I am able to soak up all of the knowledge I could possibly hope to gain. I am so excited for this adventure!

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