The One About Bad Grapes

Okay. So, it's no secret that I like wine (can we pause for a moment + deal with the fact that up to Wednesday night, October 21st 2015, I have instagrammed THIRTY FIVE PICTURES OF WINE?) So I wanted to share about my favorite kind of wine because every time I drink it at a "fancy" place someone feels the need to tell me "did you know that means 'bad grape' in French" (it doesn't actually.)

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I love that it makes me sound fancy, oh, I'll have the malbec please! It's a red wine that is super yummy + full bodied + you really need to try it. Here's the lowdown on Malbec from someone who is a certified wine geek (where do I go to become a certified wine geek?) That has lots of big words + things I don't understand like "tannins" + some French stuff.
Here's what I know: it's tasty, it's kind of spicy, the bartender thinks you're dumb if you ask "does it only come from Argentina like you can't call it champagne unless it's from that part of France or you can't make tequila outside of Mexico?" it's better if you have cheese to go with it, and it's best a little chilled. Moral of the story? Try a glass  (or bottle) today + then send me one + also if you would like to sponsor me to become a certified wine geek or to go to Argentina + learn more? Serious question: how can I get paid to blog about wine? 

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