Unconditional Love + The University of Georgia Football Program

So. I was sitting in the pouring rain, watching the University of Georgia football team do what they always seem to do in the big game -- break my heart. Every time. I was sitting there, watching the exodus, thinking all the mean time we could totally pull this out. I don't like to leave early. So I stayed, soaking wet, until the very last second. I sat there, and all I could think was I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed. Then I thought, that's what my parents always said to me. 
It was that moment that I realized I loved this damn football team unconditionally. Then I said that out loud and I felt absolutely ridiculous. Then slightly less ridiculous because you know what? It's important to know that kind of love is possible, even if it's for a big bunch of boys who can never get their act together on the big games -- that I can always be optimistic for the next week. There's always next year. There's always next week. There's always next time. There's always tomorrow. 

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