7th Inning Stretch

Guys. We've made it to the end of the saddest link up I have been responsible for + I am sorry. I really did think it was this week. Which has been the case all the times. Why am I so bad at numbers? I'm sorry for being bad at numbers. One day. One day I'll be good at math. I promise. 


  • write about baseball on the third Thursday of every month this season. if you're stumped, check out our prompts. if you're not stumped, we wanna read what you have too! 
  • use the button! or just link back to me + Allison (WE CAN DO ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIAS TOO!)
  • link up!

  • 7th Inning Stretch Link Up
  • make new friends who like baseball!
  • have a cold beer.
okay, that last step is optional, but I mean, I'm gonna do it. SO. Here are our suggestions (I use 'our' lightly, they're 100% Allison's idea.. lalalalaaa)
  • April 16th : pick your pretend fantasy team! 
    • Only pick players who are currently on a major league roster
    • Choose 8 players for your starting lineup, 5 starting pitchers, and 2-3 relievers??
    • I believe there should be a constitutional amendment against the Designated Hitter (name that movie for bonus points..) so just don't draft them. or lose points at a position. #sorryboutcha AL.
    • the rules are made up + the points don't matter
  • May 21stfavorite ballpark(s)? Why? 
  • June 18th : All-Star picks and predictions 
  • July 16th : best promotions and theme nights, or what promos/themes would you plan for your team?
  • August 20th : if I was commissioner...
  • September 17th : favorite baseball books + movies (I can't promise I'll like you more if you pick Casey at the Bat..... but I can't promise you I won't.....)
  • October 15th : recap your fantasy team, share favorite moments, season highlights, fun stories, update your World Series Predictions. 
In case you were wondering? My fantasy team did about as well as my real team. Except maybe we're in second place because I don't know who else kept up with theirs. But we all know second place is just first place loser.
if you ain't first you're last
Also you know what? I still pick the Braves in 7 to win the series. because you know, I'm the least stubborn person who ever there was! Who ya got? 

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