Hashtag Humpday September Is Here!

One day, I'm going to pop up + not start a post with hey, remember me? The girl who's kinda funny, makes a mean cocktail, and apparently pops up once a week now to tell you a ridiculous story? I swear. That day is NOT TODAY! Today is a day for ridiculous things that happen accompanied with ridiculous made up hashtags because I love to hashtag the Schmidt out of things!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
Hello, my name is Kasey and I'm an instagram stalker. Some days, I'm all over the insta.  Other days I'm a space cadet + don't check it at all. Here's the thing. If I see your picture, I'm going to like it (hey, ItWorks! distributors, stop tricking me. I don't want to buy a wrap to make me skinnier. ) If you're interacting with me all the time + I realize I've been a space cadet, I'm going to go to your profile + make sure I catch up on my likes. I'm not sorry. We may not hang out all the time in real life, but I care about you + friends like each  other's instagram pictures. #sorrynotsorry #thatisaparagraph #HEARTSFORDAYS
me, anytime someone likes my insta posts.
I got these awesome earrings in my most recent RocksBox (ps, if you're not already signed up you can totes use my code "kathleenbff118" for a free first month!) that I want to keep forever. But I don't want to pay the $35 for because I'm irresponsible with earrings. but I've kept them for long enough to where technically I've spent $40. #BadAtMath #INEEDthem #thatsalotforearrings
it took me seven times to get this in the right place. #thatswhatshesaid
I've found that bottled wine makes me a more responsible person. You know, because you have to think about what pinterest project you're gonna attempt to make sure nothing goes to waste. #SOMANYCORKPROJECTS #icantotallycutglasswithfire #candleholders?
I had a source for this the first time I wrote this
I haven't had a pumpkin spice latte yet and IT'S ALREADY SEPTEMBER 9TH! Please don't kick me out of the blogger club. There's not a starbucks with a drive thru on my way to work. It's an issue. #PSL #AllTheFallThings #GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEGIMME
I am SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND. I'm going to visit Jen + go to a game at Camden Yards! So this month's 7th Inning Stretch linkup is gonna be a good one! #soprepared #spoileralert #whoops 
That's all I have for now! By now I mean between last Tuesday + this Tuesday because last week the internet was dumb and wouldn't let me do things. What's up with everyone else?! How's life?! Tell me about you! I've missed you alllllllll so very much!

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